hudson night

Sherlock: We’ve got lightly fried fish fillets for dinner.

John: Sherlock, it’s 1:15 a.m., what the bloody hell?

Sherlock: Do you want the lightly fried fish fillets or not?

John: Well, I mean, yeah.

Sherlock: Mhm, thought so. Come over and get them, they’re still warm.

John: Wait, what? Did you just make them?

Sherlock: Yeah, I wasn’t feeling tired, so I went and made some lightly fried fish fillets.

John: Say “lightly fried fish fillets” one more time.

when they’re just home loungin around, Sherlock makes a habit of walking up behind John and just draping his body against him. while John’s cooking, or brushing his teeth, or waiting for toast, or shaving, and John doesn’t mind. in fact he likes it. (sometimes, he can even feel sherlocks heartbeat just faintly)

one night mrs hudson stops by to say hello and John is making dinner and Sherlock is just draped along the back of him again with his chin resting on his shoulder and mrs hudson is like “?? John doesn’t that make it a bit difficult to cook?” and John let’s out a soft ‘hm?’ Because he doesn’t even know what she’s referring to and then he realises and he’s like “ah- no” and smiles “actually I think it makes it a bit easier”

Poorly describing Ghostbusters characters to a coworker who worked on the film with me:

Erin Gilbert: the awkward one with bangs and bad tweed suits

Jillian Holtzmann: the weird blonde one with the goggles

Abby Yates: the angry one with glasses and a ponytail

Patty Tolan: our lady and saviour Leslie Jones

…oh my god, the not white one. Go watch SNL, you heathen.

Kevin Beckman: not Chris Pine, the other Chris, no, the OTHER Chris… yes, Thor Chris.

Phil Hudson: the gross guy we saw in early footage that we threw out


I think I need some shade. Would you like to come under my parasol?


SNL - Sherlock Holmes Surprise Party (Jeremy Irons) - 1991

[At 3:AM, Sebastian gets a phone call.]

Jim: Do you think horses get songs stuck in their heads? 

Sebastian: Oh my god, Jim, I don’t know. Go to sleep. 

Jim: Do pigeons feel love, though? 

Seb: You have five seconds.


Happy International Women’s Day! (March 8)
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Smokey & Doc centric, with a helping of McQueen and dash of Sally

Inspired by Doc’s letters

Smokey leans forward in the bar seat, straining his eyes. The camera makes a quick pan over the pit crews before cutting back to McQueen, who was making headway. A glint of navy and a familiar outline parked next to the crew chief stand has his head spinning, and he unconsciously rises out of his chair to get a closer look.

Feeling slightly dazed, he begins.

“Hey, did that look like-”

Before he can finish his sentence, the image cuts to an overview of McQueen’s pit crew, finally landing on a close up of his new crew chief. Gray haired and stern faced, barking instructions into the head piece.

The announcer cuts him off.

“Darrell, it appears McQueen has got himself a pit crew, and look who he has for a crew chief.”

The crowd gives a vicious roar, and the figure on screen glances briefly at the screen, blinking when he sees an image of himself. He makes eye contact with a camera, giving it an entirely unimpressed look before turning his attention to the race.

It can’t be, Smokey thinks, eyes glued to the scream. Louise has his arm in a vice grip. He can feel the crescents of her nails digging into his skin.

“Wow, this is history in the making! Nobody has seen the racing legend in over fifty years!”

For a moment the entire bar goes dead quiet, and Smokey’s mind goes blank.

or; The first letter arrives on a Tuesday

DJ Snake’s Here Comes The Night, featuring Mr. Hudson, is at the receiving end of some spectacular re-imaginings by major production heavy weights. The Grammy nominated producer has even enlisted ever incredible NGHTMRE for an edit, who gives us a surprisingly chill and melodic version of the song. We embark on a cosmic waltz underneath a twilight sky to NGHTMRE’s brassy prismatic future trap dalliance. The new remix pack for DJ Snake’s Here Comes The Night also features an acoustic version and edits by Crankdat, Junkie Kid, and Shockone. You can stream them all on DJ Snake’s Soundcloud, here.

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