hudson castle

  • Sherlock: Alright, so you and I are married.
  • Molly: We are not married.
  • Sherlock: Relax, it’s just pretend.
  • Molly: I don’t want to pretend.
  • Sherlock: Scared you’ll like it?
  • Molly: Okay, if we’re married, I want a divorce.
  • Irene: Are you two like this all the time?
  • Mary & John: [in unison] Yes.

Both John and Mary looked at the ceiling as the shouting started again. Mrs. Hudson just sighed and shook her head. They were trying to enjoy a cuppa and talk like adults, but the man-child upstairs wasn’t cooperating.

“He’s been like that all morning. I thought Molly’s presence would mean he would be more… normal today, but not even twenty minutes after she arrived the shouting began. He’s supposed to be resting, that knife nicked him pretty bad.” the landlady explained to the confused couple.

“Are they arguing?” John asked. He saw the effect Molly Hooper had on Sherlock, the woman could silence him with a single look. This was highly unusual.

“That’s the thing, John. I haven’t heard her at all. Only Sherlock.”

Moments later a long tirade about upper body strength and quality of Velcro.

“What in the world is going on up there?” Mary asked, before deciding to just to upstairs and see for herself.

Mrs. Hudson stood up as well, and followed them to the hallway and up the stairs, “Right before you two arrived he was ranting about probability and speed. And velocity.”

John paused at the suspiciously closed door of the flat. He was pretty certain he heard more voices than just Sherlock, and said voices were speaking… Japanese?

Without knocking the doctor pushed the door open and entered, his wife on his heels, while Mrs. Hudson remained standing at the doorway. All three of them were quite surprised at the sight of Molly Hooper sitting on the couch, her face partially obscured by the pillow she was obviously using to silence her hysterical laughter. And Sherlock…

Sherlock was sitting on his armchair and watching the TV. He was frowning most of the time, and sighing. And when the visitors turned to see what in the world got him in this state they saw Molly’s laptop hooked up to the TV and an odd game show playing on the screen. Seconds later, when a contestant supposed to pole vault himself from a raised platform onto a small square island but failed and landed in muddy water, Sherlock started to mutter about grip and angle.

“What the hell?” John asked, now even more confused.

Mary on the other hand snickered and moved to sit next to Molly. Two women shared a look before focusing on the screen. John looked at them in confusion.

“I’m supposed to keep him occupied. Since shagging is out of the picture cause he’s injured I had to improvise.” Molly said honestly, making John blush.

Mary snorted at her husband’s reaction. She loved him, and she loved how easy it was to get him all flustered. She also loved Molly’s idea.

“God, I haven’t watched Takeshi’s castle in years. My favorite task were the Skipping stones.”

Molly nodded in agreement, “Honeycomb maze was also great. I remember one contestant actually climbed on top of the wall and completed the challenge that way.”

“So, you’re staying here?” John finally asked his wife after realizing she’s not planing on getting up. In fact she took off her shoes and got comfortable on the couch next to Molly. And Mrs. Hudson took a seat on the pathologist’s other side.

She nodded and pointed on, what is still considered, his armchair, “Grab a seat, John. They are about to slide down the hill in a rice bowl.”

Thomas Cole (1801-1848)
“The Fountain of Vaucluse” (1841)
Oil on canvas
Located in the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, Dallas, Texas, United States

Vaucluse, which is in the southern French region of Provence, was the final home of the Italian poet Petrarch, one of the first great Renaissance writers. In 1841, on his second European tour, Cole memorialized Petrarch’s home in this painting, complteted in Rome from sketches done on-site. Once in the studio, he exaggerated the scale of the cliffs in this scene to magnify the drama, and he reconstructed Petrarch’s castle, which in actuality lay in ruins.

Castles, Balloons and New Beginnings
  • Finn:
  • Finn Hudson lived a pretty busy life. By day, he was an actor and by night, he was a drummer for the band Endless Summer. By 29, Finn knew he had the life most people could only dream about. He was a Hollywood heart throb and even though it seemed like he had his life together, the truth was, he didn’t.
  • Growing up in Vancouver, Canada, Finn didn’t have it easy. Up until he was 16, he only had his mother to depend on and at times, things were rough but when his mom married his step dad, things finally fell into place. His step dad came him a job working for his mechanic shop and it was there that his step dad encouraged him to pursue things that he loved. Drumming being one of them.
  • At twenty one years old, Finn’s band got picked up by a label. They may not have been a house hold name but it was enough to open other doors for Finn. As years passed, he made the move to Los Angeles, opened up his own recording studio and label before a director crossed his path. He had never thought of acting before but after staring in a couple of movies, Finn didn’t want to look back.
  • With the past few years being busy, the guys he grew up with who were also in the band decided they all needed a guys trip. Expecting it to be at a cabin up at Bear Lake like they were used to, Justin (Finn’s closest friend) suggested one place they all never thought about, Disneyworld in Florida. Fast forward to today, a very humid day where the sun was shining and laughter of everyone around filled the streets, Finn couldn’t help but smile.
  • Some holiday he thought as he looked to his friends. It was just after mid day when the guys lined up for a ride, breaking off into pairs, Finn seemed to be the odd one out. With the guys chuckling at him, Finn just shrugged his shoulders and said, “Oh well, more room for me, ey?”

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Castle changed my life.

I’ve met so many life long friends and have so many wonderful memories. Thanks for 8 seasons of Castle, I’m proud to be your fan. Alwasy and forever in my heart ❤️

You’ll be missed!

Series 4 prediction: Moriarty is alive and spends the whole three episodes chasing Sherlock around with a blowtorch trying to literally burn his heart out but surprise, Sherlock already gave his heart to a fire demon before the series began and it had been living as Mrs. Hudson this whole time (which is the real reason she can’t leave Baker Street). Moriarty is so pissed that he shoots himself in the head again but for real this time and Mrs. Hudson gives Sherlock his heart back so he and John can kiss and she turns into a shooting star and lives happily ever after zooming through space. Also the baby is fake and Mary was dead the whole time.