hudson blanket

I still cry at A Study in Pink when this happens:
  • Sherlock: if you'd been murdered, in your very last few seconds what would you say?
  • John: Please God let me live.
  • Sherlock: Oh use your imagination!
  • John: I don't have to.
I’ll play Mrs. Hudson, then.

*puts blanket around fandom’s shoulders*

…Alright, there we go! Now, how about we relax with a nice hot cup of ‘Yuri On Ice’ to feel better, hm? That’ll cheer you right up! <3

sherlock and johns favorite nights are when they watch old movies on tv and get take out and cuddle under a fuzzy blanket mrs. hudson gave them, and they always accidentally fall asleep and john will wake up disoriented to find sherlock gently snoring, face tucked into johns neck, and he’ll wake sherlock up with kisses and theyre both the happiest men in the entire world

get to know me

i was tagged by @blinded-by-fairy-lights

Name: Zoe

Nickname: Zo

Gender: female

Star sign: aries 

Height: i’m a 5'3 (I’m pretty proud)

Sexual orientation: bi

Hogwarts house: slytherin

Fav color: right now probably blue or green

Average hours of sleep: eh about 4 to 5 hours

Cat or dog person: DOGGO

Favorite fictional person: I mean gotta love Ms. Hudson 

# of blankets I sleep with: Two or three. But like only on one half of my body

Fav singer/band: Have you heard of Twenty One Pilots? cause they are pretty chill

Dream trip: Somewhere far away with my tyler

Dream job: Probs a singer (I know usual) Or a teacher 

When was your blog created: sometime in the summer of 2014 I think 

Current # of followers: 346

What made you create a tumblr: My friend was like whoa man look at this site you need to get an account its great.  (still not sure if she was right)

Tag people you want to get to know better: @spookyjimrippedmas @strawberryslurper @saturday-night-sadness @thedevilsbestie

A Canadian hunter packs up camp and his Hudson’s Bay point blanket  in “Unloaded!”, the cover illustration for the November, 1921 issue of The Beaver, the Hudson’s Bay Company magazine for employees.

Beauty & The Beast - the movie

Can’t say enough about the moody production design and in particular, that lovely shade of Louis XIV blue used on the talking wardrobe, which I hope to copy when I repaint the trim on my house.  Too bad the movie itself was a big fat fucking yawn.  Let’s start with the fact that it was a literal transcription of the musical that my prosthodontist could have pulled off more artfully.  Thoroughly uninspired directing by Bill Condon, feckless screenwriting by Stephen Chbosky and Evan Spiliotopoulos, and the entire lame producing team deserves a serious spanking for making sure this iconic tale falls flat on its forgettable ass.  And don’t even talk to me about the DULL performances of EVERYBODY.  Emma Watson as Belle was clearly zonked out on Xanax; Luke Evans and Josh Gad as Gaston and LeFou had less pretend-gay chemistry than the Smurfs in the preview; and the Beast, played by Dan Stevens (familiar as the fleshy Matthew from Downton Abbey), was about as menacing as my Hudson Bay blanket after our maid accidentally threw it in the dryer.  (He even wore what looked like a half-zip Patagonia Fleecie in one scene.)  As for Kevin Kline… let’s just pause a moment and remember how great he was in A Fish Called Wanda.  ‘Nuff said.  At the end of this $160 million circle jerk, Emma Thompson makes a brief and sparkling appearance, and I wistfully found myself wishing she’d been in the rest of the movie (why not as Belle? I guarantee that even at age 57 she’d make a more appealing country lass than Watson).  Otherwise, the strongest performance in the film belonged to Kevin’s Kline’s horse. For me, the dramatic “lowest point” came when Belle failed to give the poor pony more than a quick drink of water between his arriving home at a full gallop after fleeing the Beast’s castle AND her riding him in a mad lather right back again.  Couldn’t she have spared one lousy fucking carrot?