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[Mark] Mr and Mrs Tuan (Part V)
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My hands are tied up in front of me, and I desperately try to pull on it, trying to free myself, unsuccessfully. I am on one of ISEG’s helicopter, and we’re flying across the city, towards the beach. Hudson’s sitting beside me, and two of his gunmen are in front of me, watching me impassively, holding their weapons to the ground.“ISEG doesn’t negotiate.” I say to Hudson and he smirks down at me, his grey eyes darkening. “Husbands do.” He replies. How dare he play with one’s feeling like this? Rage radiates inside of me.

“You’re going to kill me anyway. You’re just toying with me and Mark knows it, he won’t negotiate. He is going to kill you.” I articulate, hoping to make it sink into his skull, and hoping that it would be what will happen. Hudson chuckles and shakes his head. He tilts my chin up with his index. 

“With you with me, he won’t shoot a bullet.” I understand now, he’s using me as a human shield. And if Mark still loves me, then he’s right, he won’t dare to shoot, which will let Hudson enough time to kill him first. The thought makes me panic. Mark, dead? I can’t lose him, he can’t die. Another noise covers the one from our helicopter and as we all look out the window, we can see another helicopter, an ISEG helicopter, it’s Mark.

“Looks like he came to join the party.” Hudson jokes before getting up. He grabs me by the arm and sets me of my feet beside him, before sliding the door open, letting a strong breeze invade the whole machine. A short moment later, Mark opens the door of his helicopter, gliding a few feet away from me as we both head towards the sea. He’s here. He stands there, tall and strong, impassive, determined.

“Mark, what a pleasure to see you.” Hudson says sarcastically. Mark doesn’t take time to play along. “What are you trying to do, Hudson?” His voice betrays his worry. Hudson shrugs arrogantly, feigns innocence. “You’re going to shoot us anyway, whether you have the copy or not.” Mark shouts over the noises of our two helicopters.“That is what I’m going to do, that’s right. Y/N is just an insurance policy.” Hudson eyes darken as both of his gunmen come behind us and aim at Mark and the agents standing behind him. No! My heart starts to race. Their reaction is automatic, Mark and his agents pull out their weapons and aim back at Hudson. 

“Against what?” Marks asks and Hudson smirks. He pulls out a gun, that he places on my temple. I refrain a gasp and swallow. “Resistance.” Mark’s lips part and he slowly starts to lower his arms, we’re now above the sea. If he drops his weapon Hudson is going to kill him. I shake my head no, but Mark isn’t looking at me. I don’t want him to die I don’t want to lose him. There is only one way to save him, to save my love, to apologize for the words I said before, to say I love him. I jump off the helicopter.

“Y/N!” Mark calls after me and, to my horrifying surprise, jumps down to me. No, no, no! It wasn’t supposed to go like this! Mark was supposed to live. I hear gunshots from both of the helicopters, and they get smaller and smaller while Marks figure gets closer to me. My fall is long and torturing, I cry as my husband does his best to save me. It’s the end. More tears leave my eyes as I think about the last words I’ve said to him, and I’m terribly sorry. Mark comes closer and closer at the same speed at the hard surface of the sea does. Oh and my little bean, sleeping peacefully inside of me. You were just an innocent bean, torn from life. Daddy didn’t hate you, little bean. I believe it. Mark eventually comes close enough to wrap his arms around me, and then nothing, darkness.

I can’t see anything, I can’t feel anything. Suddenly I feel like choking in something. I cough.“Cough. That’s right.” I hear someone whisper, but I don’t know who. I splutter. I’m laying on something hard and cold, and I hear the sound of waves crashing on something, we’re on a beach. I cough some more and air starts to circulate again, I gasp for oxygen. I’m alive. I slowly open my eyes and see Mark towering above me, his hands on either side of my head, a worried expression painted across his face. He is completely wet, and his T-shirt smothers his torso, hugging each of his muscles, and his hair is completely drenched, covering his eyes. “Mark.” My voice is quiet, hoarse.  He closes his eyes and lets out a long breath of relief, dropping his head on my chest. “Oh, god.” He breathes. We survived? He saved me? Where are we? Tears pool at my eyes as relief radiates throughout my whole body. I am alive, he is alive, he is here. “Mark.” I bring my arms up to tangle my fingers in his hair, and I the same time I take a second to glace around: we’re in a cave, a few feet away from a deserted beach. I know this place, me and Mark had to hide there before, it’s not far from the coast. 

“They took you away from me.” I hear him snuffle and realize he’s crying. “I thought I’d lost you.” He murmurs almost to himself,  his voice barely audible. He kisses my collar bone, then the place where my neck and shoulder connect, then the crook of my neck and I let out a pleased sigh of relief of feeling him again. “I’m sorry.” I breathe before he kisses me warmly. “I thought I’d lost you.” He repeats against my lips, and is voice is vaporous and quiet. He kisses me again and the relief of him being there and the mix of all the emotions I felt today wake up a carnal desire inside of me. He kisses me more boldly, pushing his tongue inside of my mouth and pulling min into a sensual dance; I want him. I moan and he grunts in response, kissing me passionately, his hands coming up to cup and squeeze my breasts, making me moan again, the feeling traveling directly to my groin. He pulls away and leaves me breathless as his lips move down to my neck, leaving delicious kisses in their wake. “Y/N, my love.” He kisses my collar bones and hooks his fingers in the collar of my soaked tank top. “Y/N, my Y/N.” He kisses my chest and slowly rips my top apart, kissing the valley between my breasts. Oh my, he was scared. My top disintegrates and I’m panting, craving for more of his touch. He kisses me across my stomach and stops at the waistband of my jeans, and I realize my boots are gone. He undoes my jeans and hooks his fingers around the waistband of both of my pants and panties, sliding them down my legs swiftly. I am left with only my bra on, and I feel completely exposed, vulnerable, but horny. He leans over me, eyes burning with desire, and he kisses me, fueling my hunger. As he kisses me I fumble the button of his pants, but he grabs my hands and pins them down on the cold sand above my head, and I mewl. “Please.”

He unbuttons his pants himself and I hear the sharp noise of his zipper, and then he is inside of me. We both groan in union as he enters me, filling me up with love. He starts to move, slow thrusts sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. His lips are on mine, a hand on y breast as he supports himself with his elbow, all of his weigh on me, embracing me, feeling me. He thrusts away my doubts, my worries, my fear and makes me his again. And I take him, and take him, welcome him, embrace him, give myself to him until I can’t take it anymore. “Mark!” I cry out at the sweet, sweet pleasure, the delicious pleasure threatening to wash over me. “Just give it to me quick, baby.” He rasps in my ear and I let go, and he seals me with a kiss as he comes with me.