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Interested in self-publishing your book?

As you guys know, my first book The Cherry on Top will be released this Tuesday!

In honor of that, I thought I’d offer up my experiences with the process. So, ask me questions! What are your concerns? What do you want to know about writing, formatting, editing a book? Do you have questions on how much advice to take from your beta readers? Questions on marketing? 

Or, maybe you have content questions. How to write a tasteful love scene or the different ways to describe a kiss!

For the next week, I am open and ready for questions. Better to ask me now that the process is still fresh in my head!

Just know that I will answer questions publicly, so that every one can see your questions, so follow the blog to be sure you get your answers. I will also tag people who use their username so that you’re sure to see my responses!

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