hudson ave


November 10, 2017


By Alfredo de Batuc

As the first major female Latin American crossover star Dolores del Río was considered by some as sort of a female Rudolph Valentino. Following her Hollywood success of the 20s and 30s she returned to Mexico in the 1940s at the peak of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema. A few years after del Rio’s passing in 1983, her countryman Alfredo de Batuc responded to a Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC) call for proposals for a Neighborhood Pride mural. As part of a sizable Mexican community living in Hollywood his del Río proposal squarely addressed the dearth of information at the time about the importance of Mexicans in Hollywood and his resulting work at Hudson Ave. and Hollywood Blvd. celebrates both the glamour that del Río brought to the silver screen and the rich breadth of roles performed on both sides of the border. @alfredo_de_batuc @sparcinla 


Another reason why saying that “Sherlock treats Molly like trash” is not a valid argument against Sherlolly, is that Sherlock actually makes an effort to be nice with Molly, unlike with other people.

So I don’t think that argument is well thought over anyway. Sherlock isn’t a kind and lovely person to anyone. The nicest we have seen him is with Molly, Mary and Mrs. Hudson.