This gif has been the death of me. For some reason this has been the hardest frame of the scene to animate. I’m posting it alone because I’m so happy I’m finally done with it!

But look, I did manage to redecorate Loki’s apartment!

Haha My model is spinig :Q Kinda feel so dizzy

Look how the skirt comes so flower, when you spin :D

Butter cup paly~

“Little women” with two-hudred pintucks is comming soon on Haenuli -Royal Label design. 
Colorway :Black / Wine / Blue / Ivory white
Reservation open : April 6th

I’m telling ya’ll, there’s probably hudreds maybe thousands of white folks or peeps in general eyeing our shit, what we talk about, how we do it, about who, so they can capitalize on it without so much as leaving a cent to the originators smh. and I said it before there’s even more media execs and employees feeding off of us while we out here broke as hell barely able to maintain a home like wtf kinda capitalist shit is that. i been on times, buzzfeed and who knows where the fuck else but aint seen a penny for em even using my shit..