huddling cats

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Okay so not a ship but like, Bomb King's newest subject is a young cat he found just as the match was ending?

Bomb King flung bomb after bomb onto the point followed by a Grumpy Bomb, driving away the enemy team from getting near the cap point. Triumphantly, he leapt onto the point to help Torvald and Androxus cap it, but Drogoz and Sha Lin pushing in from the side forced him to leave the point and deal with them.

A few good bombs sent them back to the other base on the other side of the map and he was ready to return to the point for the final push, but a meowing caught him. Curious, he went looking for the source of the meow, finding a frightened cat huddled behind a flowerpot. 

“Come here, kitty!” Bomb King scooped the cat up and held it close. “What are you doing here, little cat? I don’t think they added a cat as a Paladin now did they?”

Absolutely distracted now, he wandered off somewhere safer instead of heading back to the point. This made it harder for Torvald and Androxus to drive the enemy off the point, but a hard last push joined by Grohk and Kinessa helped them secure the point.

Androxus quickly noticed Bomb King’s absence and went looking for him, finding that he was strolling back to base with something. “What the hell are you doing?” Androxus hissed. Bomb King spun around and extended the cat to him. Utterly confused, the Godslayer pushed it away. “And what is that?”

“It’s a cat! And it’s mine now. I’m calling him Bombshell.”

my mom, looking at the 3 stray cats huddled on our lawn: idk why they keep coming back to our house its not like we feed them…
me, who earlier that day stuffed cat treats into my bathrobe pocket and snuck outside to try and win their affection: yea haha idk :-)

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laughter, balloons!

Laughter: List 5 things that make you happy.
1. getting coffee with friends and talking for hours
2. doing floral arrangements at work
3. spending extra time on my makeup
4. waking up with both my cats huddled up with me
5. airports and everything to do with flying

Balloons: When do you feel most like yourself?
i feel most myself when i’m on bike rides. just kinda riding along and not thinking about bullshit

(thank you ~)