huddling cats

Chapter Twenty-Seven

The hag moved quickly, passing through the bushes of the forest without pausing or slowing down. Firepaw tried to follow her path but nearly gave himself away by rustling a few ferns, so he took the cleanest trail and kept track of her by scent as they went in a straight line for the road.

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For the Love of Fluffy


Prompt Rating: M/E

Note: Requests are open again so please see [this] post for rules if you’d like to make one! As tumblr is the only site that will let me list an individual rating per chapter I’ll rate them as content demands. However the larger compilation on both FFN and AO3 are rated M.

Thank you to @ahumanintraining I hope this is what you wanted because I took forever working it out in my head haha! My shame is evident in your Christmas theme. Whoops.

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  • Neil doesn’t find the first cat, the first cat finds him. For several mornings on his daily run, a giant orange cat with bright blue eyes follows him. He is quite possibly the biggest cat Neil has even seen. This cat could win the World Record for biggest cat ever born.
  • Neil grows concerned when Biggest Cat Ever seems to be losing weight. Does Biggest Cat Ever not have a family to feed him anymore?? With slight hesitance, Neil brings the cat home.
  • Andrew says nothing. Biggest Cat Ever is introduced to the rest of the Fox family. Nicky offers up two suggestions to name Biggest Cat Ever: King Fluffkins and Sir Fat Cat McCatterson. (Neil decides upon King Fluffkins because what the fuck, Nicky?? how is Sir Fat Cat McCatterson any better than Biggest Cat Ever?)
  • King Fluffkins is also the sweetest cat ever. He loves to cuddle, purr, lick, and sometimes even follow Neil on his morning jog.
  • Andrew says they’ve gotten a weirdly shaped dog instead of a cat. (He doesn’t protest when King Fluffkins sleeps in his lap though. He also pays for the most expensive cat food, treats, toys, and everything else.)
  • Three weeks later Andrew comes home with a cat. This cat is nothing like King Fluffkins. He’s small, hairless, and missing his left eye. His ears are possibly the biggest thing about him.
  • Neil stares at the cat, who hisses at him when he comes too close. Andrew stares at him blankly and says “his name is Sir Fat Cat McCatterson.”
  • Neil doesn’t protest. (Actually he immediately falls in love with Sir Fat Cat, Neil is weak to Andrew holding tiny ugly animals with such love and care.)
  • King Fluffkins LOVES Sir Fat Cat McCatterson, but keeps his distance at Sir Far Cat’s hissing request. He’ll sleep close by, but not touch him. He let’s Sir Fat Cat eat first, and sometimes even throws his food at the other cat. He gives his toys to Sir Fat Cat.
  • One morning Neil comes out into the living room to find Sir Fat Cat (who Nicky tried to rename to something more “appropriate” but Andrew absolutely refused) sleeping on top of King Fluffkins. Neil smiles.
  • Andrew comes out to Neil curled around the cats, who’ve huddled closer to Neil’s chest.
  • Andrew stares for longer than he cares to admit, before going over to join them. When he comes closer he hears not only King Fluffkins purring but Sir Fat Cat as well.
The Importance of Pancakes

Based on the prompt: “I would like a cute Alec and Magnus day in where they cuddle and talk a bit about the future and a second scene where it’s the future and they have their two sons”

Written for the SH Summertime Gift Fest.

It’s basically Lightwood-Bane Family Fluff. Fair warning: IT’S VERY FLUFFY.

Available on Ao3 here.

Magnus hums a Lady Gaga song quietly under his breath as he flips pancakes in the pan, only half attuned to the sound of Alec setting up plates on the table behind him. It is a quiet morning, the first one they’ve been able to get together in weeks and the sun is shining through the windows of the apartment’s kitchen, bathing the room in light and warmth.

And yet, nothing is as warm as the presence of Alec behind Magnus’ back as he slides his arms around Magnus’ waist, peeking over his shoulder to get a look at the food.

“That smells amazing,” Alec mumbles, burying his head in Magnus’ neck to drop a kiss against his pulse point, sending a wave of shivers down his spine.

“Are you talking about the food, Alexander?” Magnus teases lightheartedly.

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Rol2 & Ca$h

Originally posted by huckleberryb

Not getting attention from Rol2, Ca$h and gf

You groaned once you saw Rol2 playing with the vase near the front door again. You could practically feel the impending doom of yet another vase at the hand-paws of your boyfriend’s precious cat. You turned around and saw Joon Kyung in his studio with the sliding door closed playing with his phone. You were lying down on your stomach on the floor in his living room, reading your book; too lazy to move and get Rol2.

‘Joon Kyung look at Rol2 please.’ You called for your boyfriend and looked at him through your shoulder. You heard him replied a ‘yeah’ so you went back to reading your book, your chin on top of your folded hands. After a few minutes, you could hear Rol2 still playing with the vase, trying to pull the flowers inside. 'Joon Kyung.’ You whined out his name loudly, irritated that he wasn’t moving.

He didn’t reply and so you took your phone that was lying down next to you and texted your boyfriend. 'I swear to god if Rol2 breaks another vase I’m throwing all your shoes out!!’

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anonymous asked:

Can you please write Adam Raki x Le Chiffre please. Maybe they are cats and Le Chiffre finds on his daily outings a little cat who's very cold and wet and he brings him home oh and it's omegaverse and Adam is and omega and Jean is an alpha.

There is a cat that likes to follow him.

Jean has seen it in his periphery more than once on this walk to his car, lurking just out of vision and seeming interested though not approaching.

He knows the rule of thumb about cats. You don’t approach even if they’re interested. Gaining their attention is a feat in and of itself.

The following lasts a week until one evening he doesn’t see it, hear it, and is surprised to feel a sense of loss at something that could’ve been interesting.

Cats made lovely mates he’s heard, loyal and almost crazily smart. They were also extremely fertile for half breeds.

They also rarely got interested in humans. This one must have been mistaken in it’s interest.

He’s headed through the parking garage when he hears it: a low meowing that goes right to his alpha sense of protection.

Jean rarely has a moment where his alpha instincts kick in for anything other than aggression or anger but this is fear.

He finds the cat huddled under the dumpster outside the garage, swatting at another cat and growling an inhuman growl that makes his lips curl back as he lets out one of his own.

The other cat runs off and his cat walks out slowly as if worried he’s going to attack as well.

He leans down and holds out his hand. “You called for me, little one.”

The cat comes closer, rubbing on him and even leaning up on its hind legs to stare even in the rain that beats down on them.

The transformation is so quick he can barely register.

“You smell good,” the cat says simply, leaning in to sniff at his neck, “Alpha, you smell like….”


The cat looks up at him with a smile.

“Yes. I’m Adam.”

He touches Adam’s cheek, the dirt there somehow pretty on him.


They stand and he takes off his coat, not caring but wanting to hide his treasure from anyone who might see.

“Warm,” Adam says, sniffing.

“I’ll protect you.”

Adam heads right for his vehicle, eyes flashing at Jean when he goes to open the door.

“No, Alpha. I will protect you.”

Jean touches his ears, the pointed ends so lovely even in the horrid light of the parking garage. “Yes. I suppose you will.”

a night in town

@un-petit-papillon hellooooooo!!! :D I am your secret ml valentine

Summary: based on @piku-chan‘s cinderella! au (marichat)

also thank you to @true-spirit-spear-chastiefol for beta-ing!

Marinette shivered. She stood at the entrance of the festival, taking in the bright lights and laughs that it had to offer. She stood nervously, her palms were sweaty and she kept shifting back to keep her mind busy.

Marinette glanced at the shadows, waiting for a young blonde masked man to appear.

“I am sorry for keeping you waiting, Purr-incess!”

Marinette almost shrieked as she turned around to face her date for the evening, Chat Noir. His arms outstretched, as if he was presenting himself. He grinned at her scared expression and laughed when he gave her his arm.

“I hope you’re ready for a night of carnival games!” He said excitedly. Marinette smiled at the child-like joy that was radiating from Chat’s face.

“Sure,” she said “Let’s go!”

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72 Supercat?

72. “I will knock you on your ass if you even think about it.”

Kara’s sure that Cat is doing this just to taunt her.

And Rao, it’s working.

There are several things that Kara has never quite been able to resist: donuts, is one. Puppies, another (even though she’ll never trust herself to own one, lest she inadvertently hurt it thanks to those pesky superpowers of hers).

The third thing is cupcakes from her favourite bakery in National City, the one that’s expensive enough for her to only be able to justify buying from there on very special occasions, and the fourth thing?

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First Hollstein Fanfic

Summary: All Carmilla wants is to have a peaceful night for once, Laura’s nightmares are preventing her from having one. Carmilla decides to do something about it. Not because she cares of course, she just wants to be able to read without hearing Laura tossing and turning. No other reason.

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Thunder- Calum


You woke up with a start, staring at the darkness of your room. You sighed as you heard the rain hit your window with harsh taps. You had always been scared of storms, especially the thunder. Something about the loud crashing sounds and the flashing lights put you on edge.

Normally, you would have your ex boyfriend Daren with you but he had left you almost a year ago. Since then you had gotten together with your best guy friend Calum, but you had barely been dating over a month.

You sat in bed nervously, yours eyes darting around the dark room. You thought you had completely calmed down and laid back down to sleep. But as soon as you closed your eyes another crash sounded causing you to yelp in fear. Hastily you grabbed your cell phone, completely ignoring the fact that it was one forty five in the morning. You tapped Calum’s contact and sighed as the phone rang. You tapped your foot anxiously as it rang, your heart beating way too fast.

“Y/n?” You heard a groggy Calum on the other side his voice deep and gruff.

“Calum it’s thunderstorming,” You said nervously, biting your lip as another round of thunder rang through the night.

“Yeah it is…” Calum trailed off, confused.

You had never told him of your fear of thunderstorms, you had always been to embarrassed. You sat awkwardly trying to figure out a way to tell him, when you heard a weird crack from outside followed by thunder. You screamed and fell off your bed with a thud, causing your phone to fly onto the floor. You scrambled over to pick it up, but when you did you were met with a blue screen and shattered glass. You sighed in frustration. Now you were stuck alone the whole night with the thunder and you were pretty sure the lightning just snapped a tree outside your house.

You decided the best approach was to go camp out on the living room couches with your cat, since there were the least amount of windows in the living room. You quickly grabbed your cat off the bed and some blankets and sprinted the to the living room. You made sure all the blinds were closed before building the small fort and huddling inside. Your teeth chattered from being cold, since it was a cold night and you were in a tank top and short shorts.You were too scared to move and get warm clothes though, so you just huddled near your cat in fear.

You had blocked out the sound of the rain by playing Blink 182 softly. Your eyes became to droop as your head rested on your soft cat, when you heard a loud knocking on your door. You sat abruptly, holding your cat protectively to your chest. The knocking continued and you freaked out, almost one thousand percent positive someone was here to murder you.

You slowly crept out of the living room and into the hall, where your front door was. You reached the door, but the knocking had stopped. You peered through the side of the door and saw a dark tall man standing in the rain. He was sopping wet, but he stood standing there unmoving. You sighed reaching to unlock the door. If he wasn’t going away you decided it would be best to just see what he wanted.

You counted to three in your head then swung the door open.

You screeched and threw your cat at the figure before rushing out, “PLEASE DON’T MURDER ME.”

You heard deep chuckling mixed with teeth chattering from your supposed murderer.

“Y/n it’s just me, Calum”


“Well now it’s Calum and cat  because you threw it at me,” He chucked lightly, stepping into your house.

You looked at him in the dimly lit hallway, and noticed he was soaking wet. He was shaking a bit, a timid smile on his face as he took off his wet shoes.

“Wait why are you here?” You questioned confused, but happy he showed.

“Well, we were having an ever so riveting conversation at one am and then I heard a crash and the line went dead,” Calum blushed a little bit as he continued, “When I called and you didn’t respond and I got worried so I came over…well I walked– it’s really cold outside by the way.”

Calum smiled awkwardly, his body shaking. You quickly went and brought him some of his clothes he had left before back before you two were dating. Once he was changed and warm you brought him into a tight hug, practically tackling him.

“You are the sweetest little asian boy out there,” You giggled as you hugged him.

Calum pulled back, his eyebrow raised.

“How many times do I have to tell you, I’m not asian!”

“Are too”

“Am not”

“Are too”

“Am not!”

“Ar–” You were cut off by loud thunder which made you squeal loudly and jump into Calum’s arms.

Calum chuckled as your gripped him, bury your face in his chest.

“Scared of storms now are we?” He asked softly, holding you tightly.

You just hummed and let him hold you until the flashing of the lightning died down. He let go after the storm had somewhat passed, and you blushed not meeting his eyes.

“Storms sort of…reallyfreakmeout,” You rushed at the end, nervous to see Calum’s reaction.

“Awww babe,” Calum cooed, pouting his lips slightly, “don’t worry I’ll protect you.”

You smiled faintly, before grabbing his hand and leading him to the little fort you had made. Calum laughed as he crouched down and entered it, his tall body barely fitting under the blanket roof. You both cuddled on the floor, your cat laying at your feet. You continued listening to Blink 182 music and talked softly, about any and everything.

After a while your eyes started to droop and Calum’s voice was getting groggy again.

You turned over and cuddle into him before whispering, “Night Calum, I love you.”

As soon as you said it Calum tensed up underneath you.

“Did you just say you loved me?” He asked, his voice more alert than before.

You still felt sleepy and nodded tiredly thinking nothing of it.

You sighed before drifting off, but not before hearing Calum’s low voice whispering back.

“I love you too.”

Title: Cats don’t like the Rain
Rating: K+
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Summary:  On one rainy day, Ladybug was supposed to be going on their scheduled nightly patrol with her partner. However, her partner-in-crime, Chat Noir doesn’t show up. She goes to look for him and finds out a weakness she didn’t know her catty friend had.

A/N:  I’ve been hooked on another children’s show ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Based on a headcanon that Chat Noir doesn’t do well in water ^^

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[Lucy is laying on the ground, a blonde Pomeranian licking one of her cheeks and her other dog laying across her stomach. her three cats huddled against her sides.

Why is she one the floor? I don’t know either.]

no dave is okay i had to pack him up and take him to jesse’s for the night and he fought and was REALLY UPSET and i got this terrible case of guilt for putting him through it

i am so ashamed of myself as a human being because i can’t transport a cat 2 miles without the theme from Schindler’s List playing in my head

the hight point of the evening is literally that the auto body shop doesn’t have an answering machine so when i butt dialed my mechanic they won’t actually hear 3 minutes of me huffing and gasping and whispering “I’m so sorry Dave, I’m so sorry” as I moved furniture to get at my terrified, huddled little cat, who I was convinced would never forgive me ever.