huddling cats

“How do you feel about getting a cat?”

“A cat?” Andrew knows his tone is incredulous but even before Neil answers, he’s second-guessing himself.

On one hand, a cat is difficult to train, difficult to set boundaries with, and could end up a disaster for someone like Andrew. On the other, cats are independent creatures, don’t demand attention as much as dogs do, and wouldn’t take up too much of their time.

“You don’t have to give me an answer now,” says Neil, holding out the leaflet he’d picked up from a shelter that afternoon. “I just thought it could be something to consider.”

Andrew hums, takes the leaflet, and retreats to the lounge to read it. “It’s not a no,” he says.

A month later, Andrew is still undecided. He’s visited multiple shelters and spent time with the feline residents, but nothing’s clicked yet. He scrolls through pictures of people’s cats on Instagram from time to time and wonders what it would be like to own one, but it seems superficial to go out and choose one like he would a book from a store.

He’s startled from his thoughts by the sound of the door latch clicking. Neil had gone out to pick up ice cream a while ago, and Andrew was beginning to worry about it melting. He wasn’t worried about Neil, of course. He can take care of himself.

Nevertheless, Andrew jumps up from the sofa to check on him and is surprised to find him struggling with a sodden cardboard box. In fact, Neil is soaked through himself, his usually bouncy auburn curls drooping sadly and plastered to his forehead. Andrew almost reaches out to brush them aside, but is distracted by a scraping noise emerging from the box.

He narrows his eyes as Neil sets the box onto the floor and opens it. Two bedraggled cats are huddled inside, mewling pitifully. They’re caked in mud, and Andrew’s first thought is to keep them away from the furniture.

“They were hiding under the car when I got out of the store,” explains Neil, a fond smile on his face. “I think they were trying to find some warmth. I was going to take them to the vets but they were closed. I didn’t want to drop them at the shelter in the state they’re in.”

Andrew heaves the box into his own arms without a word and sets off for the bathroom, trying not to jostle the animals too much.

“They’re staying in here tonight,” he says firmly, filling the sink with tepid water and grabbing a cloth. “I’m not letting them get fleas all over the furniture. We’ll take them to the vets tomorrow.”

“Okay,” agrees Neil easily, lifting one of the cats out of the box carefully so Andrew can begin cleaning it. “Is there still some leftover chicken in the fridge? I’ll fix something up for them to eat.”

Andrew nods, distracted by the already sopping wet cat trying to wriggle away from the clean, soapy water. He huffs in a mixture of exasperation and amusement.

By the time Neil comes back, both cats are clean and shivering in a corner while Andrew attempts to coax them onto a towel. He can tell that they’re nervous, not to mention shaken from their bathing experience, so he’s trying to be mindful, but he still scowls at the soft look Neil sends him.

“Stop it,” he says, but since he’s trying not to startle the cats further it comes out too gently to be an effective warning.

Neil kneels down next to Andrew and holds out a piece of poached chicken. It’s on their contractually-binding diet plan, but Andrew tends to dump most of it in the fridge after a meal. He looks at the cats thoughtfully as they edge forwards to chew on the meat scraps.

“What if we keep them?” he asks suddenly, ignoring the way Neil’s head whips around to look at him.

There’s silence for a minute, broken only by the soft purring now emanating from the cats. Now that they’re drying, Andrew can see that one of them is fuzzy and tortoiseshell and the other is fluffier and grey. He’s sure they must have been strays for a while because even the bulk of their fur can’t hide the sharpness of their shoulders and spines as they crouch on the floor.

“I wouldn’t object,” replies Neil finally, still staring at Andrew, who reaches out slowly to let one of the cats nudge its face against his hand.

“Okay,” he says, and that’s that.

(part two)

Cafe Daniel Au

- Admin Xion 🍡

Originally posted by ong-wu

- so you went to this cat cafe by yourself
- to celebrate how you passed your SATs with one of the highests scores
- you extremly adored cats to the tea
- and you really were craving some black tea to calm your nerves down from all the stress built up the exam
- as you entered, you were greeted by flUFFY cats and a warm atmosphere
- “welcome!” a male voice spoke happily as youre attention went towards the male with broad shoulders and brown hair in which looked familuar to you
- a small smile creeped up on his face as you gazed off
- his eyes formed slightly as you could see some of his teeth poke out
- “have a seat,” he warmly said. the cafe had a few couples in and it was quite warm and cozy with semi-cafe talk in the air
- you sat down to a table for 2 as the male helped you to the menus
- “you can pet the cats and play with them, just don’t do anything mean to hurt them and if you’d like to see their names its all on the wall over there,” he spoke
- you thanked him as he went off
- you looked at the menu filled with pasteries and cakes that made you drool
- and the drink selection looked so good too
- you wanted to order everything
- but you were only limited to so much money
- you glanced around and saw two cats playing around with each other
- and your eyes landed on the same male with the name tag ‘daniel’
- he looked pretty cute in your eyes
- but his smile kept on repeating inside your head
- it seemed so soft and
- attractive
- he caught you staring at him as a soft chuckle escaped from his lips
- lips in which you watched form into a small grin
- he approached you
- “ready to take your order?” he asked as he had a notepad in his hand
- “mmhm, i’d like combo number 72” you spoke. it was a strawberry icecream cheesecake with pound cake pieces inside, that also came with a matcha latte and the foam is a cat shape!
- he softly smiled
- and my god
- his smile made your heart melt
- and despite you guys just met 85 seconds ago
- you didn’t wanna get into a relationship that quickly
- even if you had the chance
- but you doubted it
- a few minutes later the same male came back with your order
- you thanked him as you ate away

- later on you decided to look at the cats, leaving your seat
- two certain cats caught your attention
- they instantly hopped onto your lap as you were overwhelmed by their licks
- a small laugh escaped from yours lips as suddenly daniel approached you
- “they’re usually not friendly,” he spoke as one of the cats hopped onto his shoulder as smol giggles escaped from his lips
- “rooney that tICKLes” he claimed as he laughed
- “someone’s ticklish,” you teased as suddenly the cat huddling om your lap hopped down to your leg and began rubbing their fur against your bare leg
- you began laughing becaUSE YOU WERE ALSO TICKLISH
- “and someone’s teasing me because im ticklish,” daniel spoke in a giddy tone
- “are you the only one working here?” you asked
- “nah, my managers in which are a cute married couple are here working in the back, but they’re extremly chill,” he spoke as he began to gently scratch the rooney
- “so, what brings a beautiful lady like you here all alone?” he questions as he raises an eyebrow
- “just a small celebration for having a high score on my SATs,” you softly said
- “i like your type of celebrations,” daniel spoke as he pulled up the chair and sat beside you
- “so, if you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?” you asked
- “guess,”
- “sophmore year,”
- “correcto mundo, and how about you?” he questioned
- “same as you,” you replied
- his voice is something that echoed inside your head like a record trying to find the music within itself
- it reminded you of something but that something was a blur like a whole part of your memory has gone to a piano slur [aNGSTY WRITTING TIME WITH XION]
- [but nahh i had the oppertunity to make it a deep moment baCk to fluffy shit]
- “so, do you have a boyfriend?” he asks
- “what a straight forward question,” you said with a smile
- “nope, and even if i did i wouldn’t kiss him. when i was eight i met this dude who owned three cats. one of them died and i remember us crying until the sun rised. but- we made a promise. we both liked each other but we promised we’d lose our first kiss to each other when we’re in sophmore year. and even if he broke that promise, i still wouldn’t care,” you drabbled off speaking your opinion and getting lost in your own thoughts
- “oh shit- sorry for venting,” you blurted
- “no problem,” he replied with a soft smile that you couldn’t help but stare at
- you and daniel kept on talking as the two cats didnt seem to get bored of you both
- sometimes you’d doze off and you wouldn’t notice how much time has passed
- “anyways, i should get going. do you want me to pack that up for you?” he suggests as you look at the time
- damn, 3 hours of just talking
- you nodded as he took your plate
- you patiently waited as he came back with a box in a plastic bag
- you smiled as you paid for everything then left, saying goodbye
- you were at home as you were craving some of the leftover cake
- you opened went through the plastic bag as you took out the white box
- it had a sticky note with daniel’s phone number on it as you chuckled
- you removed the sticky note as on the back of it you saw something folded
- you took the folded piece as you unfolded it which
- revealed a picture of you when you were a kid beside that same boy you promised to lose your first kiss too as the two same cats from the cafe were there
- “kang daniel,
- no wonder why your name sounded so familuar,”

Jisung | Sungwoon | Minhyun | Seongwoo | Jaehwan | Jihoon | Woojin | Jinyoung | Daehwi | Guanlin

do you remember?

Summary: It’s the night before their wedding. Izuku and Shouto did a little throwback. 

Tags: Dating, Dates Gone Wrong, Fluff, Pure fluff, Late night talk, wedding, big day, proposal

Note: This is to make up for yesterday angst. A prequel to Shoe Game@tododeku-week Day 6 | memories | quote


‘Do you remember our first date?’ Izuku’s soft murmur broke the silence of the night.

Shouto, who was starting to drift off to sleep at the lull of the conversation, blushed crimson on reflex. He always blushed whenever Izuku mentioned dates.

'The official one or the first first one?’ He asked. Because Uraraka and Tsuyu had told them first thing when they started dating for real that it felt like they had been dating for ages, with how many times they did things with just the two of them.

'The official one,’ Izuku replied fondly. It was too dark to see but Shouto was certain Izuku was smiling softly.

'Yeah. Why?’ He answered. Looks like he was not going to sleep early tonight.

'Do you remember the movie we watched?’

'Yes, yes I do.’ It was a special outdoor showing of Jaws. Widescreen on the bank of a lake at the dark of the night. They were taken out to the middle of the lake on a rickety old wooden boat to enjoy the movie. The movie was old, 19070s old, but it was surprisingly engaging. Izuku languidly dipped his arm elbow deep into the lake, not really watching the movie, but watching Shouto watch the movie. His left arm, which was thankfully dry, made an excellent head rest for Shouto.

That would have been a perfect night out if it had been a normal, innocent show.

As it was, there were people swimming around, grabbing arms and legs and scaring people out of their wits as the climax hit.

Shouto didn’t know about that. Neither did Izuku.

When the scene with the shark dragging itself up the half-submerged boat rolled around, Izuku let loose a terrified scream. Shouto, already on edge, was startled enough to set himself on fire and burn the wooden plank underneath him.

Izuku jumped onto him and clutched at his neck, face bleached white in fear.

Their combined weight on one side of the boat sent them both toppling over into the dark water.

'You climbed onto my head and refused to climb down while I swam us back to shore.’ Shouto deadpanned, looking at the luminous stars and galaxy painted on the ceiling. Luckily it was a warm night so he had hardly any difficulty guiding himself and Izuku the deadweight to the shore.

Izuku sputtered near his head, rustling about in the blanket.

'I did not!’ He protested indignantly.

'And you were convinced that there were sharks. In a sealed off fresh water lake. One hundred kilometre inland.’

'There are fresh water sharks!’

'Not native to Japan.’

Izuku huffed in annoyance as he had no comeback for that.

'Well, at least I don’t fall asleep in an IKEA wardrobe.’ He steered the conversation in a completely different direction. Shouto didn’t need to turn around to see how madly Izuku’s eyes were twinkling.

They had agreed to never talk about that again.

‘We had an agreement.’ Shouto reminded, a bit peeved but mostly embarrassed.

There was a reason why they never mentioned that.

Dripping wet and soaked to the bones, they left the movie unfinished to hunt for new clothes. The nearest store they could get clothes from was a thrift shop, which had them some rather interesting choices.

Within five minutes, Shouto picked a white polo shirt and a pair of surprisingly comfortable black jeans. Not much different from his initial clothes.

Izuku, on the other hand…

His eyes literally lit up when Shouto drove them into the parking lot of the shop and he was out before Shouto even released his own seatbelt. It took him nearly ten minutes to locate Izuku, standing in front of a bookshelf, head bent a 90 degree to look at the title on the back of the books. Water made a pool at his feet. He looked so much like a downed rat, hair plastered to his head, clothes stuck onto his lean muscular frame. Shouto was probably not much better but it was so endearing to see Izuku like this. He had to physically drag Izuku away from the books to search for clothes.

(He made a mental note to have one of the biggest bookshelves and most comfortable reading nooks installed when they moved into a bigger apartment. If his room was smaller because of that, then so be it; as long as he could see Izuku’s dopey smile all the time, any sacrifice was worth it.)

Izuku was too distracted to pick his own clothes so Shouto had to do it. And he did it well. Izuku offered no objection whatsoever, still too distracted, so Shouto believed it was a job well-done.

His boyfriend only paid attention to what he was wearing when they were driving away from the thrift shop.

‘Shouto, what am I wearing? Why am I wearing All Might merch? Oh my god I’m not 10 anymore! Wait, why are we at IKEA? What are we doing at IKEA?’ His voice was an octave higher than it had been in the beginning, face flushing crimson.

‘I am hungry.’ I want to check out the bookshelves.

‘We can eat somewhere else,’ Izuku nearly begged.

‘They’re too far,’ Shouto said. ‘I’ll be quick.’

‘Can I just stay in the car?’ Izuku changed tactic when begging didn’t work.

Shouto merely shook his head.

He didn’t understand. They wore each other’s merch all the time. An All Might hood T-shirt and matching pants were not as outrageous as Izuku made them to be. And how could his boyfriend not see how cute he was in those? The yellow things sticking out from the hood would be absolutely adorable if Izuku decided to pull the hood up.

‘I have an image to uphold!’ Izuku whispered into his ears scandalously, trying in vain to hide behind Shouto as they walked to the restaurant section of IKEA.

‘There are few people around. They won’t pay attention,’ He said while prying Izuku’s hand away from his shirt so he could take it in his own hand. ‘You look cute in them.’

Shouto would never get bored of watching Izuku’s face flame up. So, he pushed the hood over Izuku’s face and pressed a soft kiss on his covered head. Izuku’s hand felt hot in his hold but he didn’t try to push the hood down so Shouto took that as a win.

He left Izuku alone for a few minutes at the restaurant with the pretense of looking for doormat since theirs showed wear of time while in reality, he meandered over to the bookshelf section.

Then he got distracted and lost track of time.

He found an interesting wardrobe. Wooden, tall, mystical. Kind of like the one in Narnia movie.

The inside was equally Narnia-inspired with demo woollen sweeping-the-floor coats and off white fluffy carpet. It was also big enough for him to sit comfortably. A little bit too comfy as he felt his eyes start to droop and he lost the fight against sleep.

When he woke up again, it was to Izuku’s half-panic, half-dying-of-laughter face.

‘I almost called for a hero agency before I realised I was a hero. And I did a spy move to get away from the security guy while running around searching for you. We actually spent a night in IKEA. I was having a panic attack and you were sleeping away in a wardrobe!’ Izuku howled uncontrollaby, shaking so badly the bed shook with him.

Shouto endured the embarrassment as Izuku laughed himself to a coughing fit. He half-heartedly pounded on Izuku’s back to ease it.

‘I will not mention Jaws night again if you never bring up IKEA wardrobe in the future,’ Shouto bargained.

‘Deal,’ Izuku agreed easily, shaking his hand once before going back to giggling.

What a load of dung. They both knew they would bring those up again at any given chance.  

They lapsed back into silence, broken only by Izuku’s intermittent snorts. The luminous stars on the ceiling shone brightly, almost heavenly in the absolute darkness of their room.

‘Do you remember the time we danced in the rain?’ Izuku gently snuggled up to his side, whispering into his ear.  

‘Of course.’ How could he not? It was the first time he ever felt so alive. He hadn’t smiled and laughed so much since ever.

A visit to cat island. Sun shower. Before Shouto could run to the eaves of a nearby house, Izuku yanked at their joined hand and swung him around.

It was not much of a dance since they were just doing whatever moves they felt like doing. Moonwalk, robot, tap-dancing, arm-waving. At one point, they held hands and swung themselves in circles, until they both could not stand up straight. Izuku straight up lay flat back on the middle of the road. Shouto leant onto the lamp pole a tad too far.

Luckily for them, there was no one watching, only a band of ten or so cats all huddling together on the porch of a house, eyeing them attentively.

Which somehow reminded him of something completely unrelated.

‘Do you remember when you proposed?’ Shouto turned the silver band on his left hand around.

‘How can I forget?’ Izuku chuckled. ‘Our moms are our best fans.’

‘Your mom said, what, ‘there are two beautiful engagement rings in your bedroom, Izuku. Do you mind if I show them to Shouto?’’

‘Exactly that. And I almost choked to death.’ Izuku laughed. ‘I bet your mom planned that too. She kept eyeing my mom with a smile throughout dinner.’

‘You went so red that a ripe tomato cannot be any redder.’ Shouto recalled fondly.

‘As if you were any better.’ Izuku placed his head on his chest to stick his tongue out at him.

‘You popped the question right then and there.’

‘And you said yes.’ Izuku dragged his arm across Shouto’s chest to stare at the ring on his left hand. Shouto pulled his arm out from under the blanket and placed his left hand next to Izuku’s. ‘Best day of my life.’ Izuku intertwined their fingers and kissed them gently.

Shouto ran his right hand through Izuku’s fluffy hair rhythmically. He felt Izuku’s breath deepened.

‘We should sleep. There’s a big day ahead of us.’

‘Uhm, good night Shouto. I love you.’

‘Good night Izuku. I love you too.’

Cats Day 12

Summary: You and your son, Frerin II, accidentally turn Thorin, Kili, Fili, Dwalin, Balin and Gandalf into cats and this is the result (Spin off of The Elf and The Dwarf)

Chapter Summary
: Bilbo introduces you to a dam and brings home cat toys.

Master List - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 13

A/n: I needed a little pick me up after watching BOTFA all the way through so here it is! Once again: REQUESTS are OPEN; I will not be completing any of them until all requests are in!

You sneeze, pulling the blanket tighter around you.

Ever since you chose the mortal life, everyday after the first snowfall, you became sick. This year was the exact same. Thorin always told you to stop going outside during the first snowfall, but you would not deny your child his happiness.

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For the Love of Fluffy


Prompt Rating: M/E

Note: Requests are open again so please see [this] post for rules if you’d like to make one! As tumblr is the only site that will let me list an individual rating per chapter I’ll rate them as content demands. However the larger compilation on both FFN and AO3 are rated M.

Thank you to @ahumanintraining I hope this is what you wanted because I took forever working it out in my head haha! My shame is evident in your Christmas theme. Whoops.

Also posted here:



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Rol2 & Ca$h

Originally posted by huckleberryb

Not getting attention from Rol2, Ca$h and gf

You groaned once you saw Rol2 playing with the vase near the front door again. You could practically feel the impending doom of yet another vase at the hand-paws of your boyfriend’s precious cat. You turned around and saw Joon Kyung in his studio with the sliding door closed playing with his phone. You were lying down on your stomach on the floor in his living room, reading your book; too lazy to move and get Rol2.

‘Joon Kyung look at Rol2 please.’ You called for your boyfriend and looked at him through your shoulder. You heard him replied a ‘yeah’ so you went back to reading your book, your chin on top of your folded hands. After a few minutes, you could hear Rol2 still playing with the vase, trying to pull the flowers inside. 'Joon Kyung.’ You whined out his name loudly, irritated that he wasn’t moving.

He didn’t reply and so you took your phone that was lying down next to you and texted your boyfriend. 'I swear to god if Rol2 breaks another vase I’m throwing all your shoes out!!’

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  • Neil doesn’t find the first cat, the first cat finds him. For several mornings on his daily run, a giant orange cat with bright blue eyes follows him. He is quite possibly the biggest cat Neil has even seen. This cat could win the World Record for biggest cat ever born.
  • Neil grows concerned when Biggest Cat Ever seems to be losing weight. Does Biggest Cat Ever not have a family to feed him anymore?? With slight hesitance, Neil brings the cat home.
  • Andrew says nothing. Biggest Cat Ever is introduced to the rest of the Fox family. Nicky offers up two suggestions to name Biggest Cat Ever: King Fluffkins and Sir Fat Cat McCatterson. (Neil decides upon King Fluffkins because what the fuck, Nicky?? how is Sir Fat Cat McCatterson any better than Biggest Cat Ever?)
  • King Fluffkins is also the sweetest cat ever. He loves to cuddle, purr, lick, and sometimes even follow Neil on his morning jog.
  • Andrew says they’ve gotten a weirdly shaped dog instead of a cat. (He doesn’t protest when King Fluffkins sleeps in his lap though. He also pays for the most expensive cat food, treats, toys, and everything else.)
  • Three weeks later Andrew comes home with a cat. This cat is nothing like King Fluffkins. He’s small, hairless, and missing his left eye. His ears are possibly the biggest thing about him.
  • Neil stares at the cat, who hisses at him when he comes too close. Andrew stares at him blankly and says “his name is Sir Fat Cat McCatterson.”
  • Neil doesn’t protest. (Actually he immediately falls in love with Sir Fat Cat, Neil is weak to Andrew holding tiny ugly animals with such love and care.)
  • King Fluffkins LOVES Sir Fat Cat McCatterson, but keeps his distance at Sir Far Cat’s hissing request. He’ll sleep close by, but not touch him. He let’s Sir Fat Cat eat first, and sometimes even throws his food at the other cat. He gives his toys to Sir Fat Cat.
  • One morning Neil comes out into the living room to find Sir Fat Cat (who Nicky tried to rename to something more “appropriate” but Andrew absolutely refused) sleeping on top of King Fluffkins. Neil smiles.
  • Andrew comes out to Neil curled around the cats, who’ve huddled closer to Neil’s chest.
  • Andrew stares for longer than he cares to admit, before going over to join them. When he comes closer he hears not only King Fluffkins purring but Sir Fat Cat as well.
The Importance of Pancakes

Based on the prompt: “I would like a cute Alec and Magnus day in where they cuddle and talk a bit about the future and a second scene where it’s the future and they have their two sons”

Written for the SH Summertime Gift Fest.

It’s basically Lightwood-Bane Family Fluff. Fair warning: IT’S VERY FLUFFY.

Available on Ao3 here.

Magnus hums a Lady Gaga song quietly under his breath as he flips pancakes in the pan, only half attuned to the sound of Alec setting up plates on the table behind him. It is a quiet morning, the first one they’ve been able to get together in weeks and the sun is shining through the windows of the apartment’s kitchen, bathing the room in light and warmth.

And yet, nothing is as warm as the presence of Alec behind Magnus’ back as he slides his arms around Magnus’ waist, peeking over his shoulder to get a look at the food.

“That smells amazing,” Alec mumbles, burying his head in Magnus’ neck to drop a kiss against his pulse point, sending a wave of shivers down his spine.

“Are you talking about the food, Alexander?” Magnus teases lightheartedly.

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Joshler reclist

It wouldn’t be a tøp reclist if I didn’t include the ‘forest fic’ lmao. (also I tend to read quite a bit of angst, so be prepared).

Hannah’s reclist

stay in place (sing a chorus) by SoloChaos  (1/1 | 8807 | Mature)

inspired by Forest by twenty one pilots.

//abuse //suicide 

across a fragile line (hold me down) by SoloChaos   (5/5 | 31143 | Mature)

my demons are begging me to open up my mouth.
i need them; mechanically make the words come out.

Josh isn’t one to drink, so he’s nursing a coke that’s steadily making its way to lukewarm. He’s sitting at the bar and watching some local metalcore band that’s truly mediocre when some guy, maybe a little bit older than him, leans up against the bar and smiles at him.

“Buy you a drink?” the guy asks, tapping his fingers against the bar.

//rape aftermath

Losing all hope can be freedom by  angi190  (22/? | 84040 | Explicit)

Josh and Tyler have been living the dream - best friends since the day they’ve met 5 years ago they conquer the world with their band. Having number one album, sold out arena tour and loyal fanbase, everything seems to go perfectly in their lives. Until one day - when Josh decides to travel to Syria on humanitarian mission to help starving kids their lives will take a turn for the worst. Josh is being captured by a local terrorist group and his road in hell begins.

Please PLEASE read the triggers before reading this fic.

This gets quite graphic //PTSD //torture //sexual abuse //self harm //captivity //dehumanisation 

My Treehouse Is On Fire by PeriodicallyBleeding   (43/43 | 61372 | Not Rated)

Tyler’s apartment complex gets evacuated at 3am because of a fire and he ends up talking to some pink haired guy wearing a hoodie and boxers.

//suicide attempt //anxiety

Light a Match and All I’ll See is You by PastelMess   (25/25 | 132231 | Mature)

A strange vine covered building that looked abandoned but certainly wasn’t abandoned was the last thing Josh expected to find in the woods. Especially a strange vine covered building occupied by people with superpowers.

He certainly didn’t expect to find a strange man with an addictive personality and paint covered hands.

’“I’ve never seen you before,’ they spoke, and it clicked that this must be Tyler.
Tyler, the one who was screaming in the corner about not being Tyler.”

//violence //self harm

Black and Red by alex4968 (orphan_account) (1/1 | 132231 | Mature)

Josh doesn’t care about anything, and he never has. That’s what he’s known for; recklessness and carelessness that make up his life. But now he cares a little too much for someone he shouldn’t even have met.

//mentions of sex //(overall very fluffy)

I’m twisted up inside my mind by Ziall_Larryforever   (25/? | 91828 | Mature)

When Tyler wakes up in the hospital he wasn’t expecting the colored haired man sitting next to his bed to be his husband, nor that he and his husband are in a band together. And the funny thing is, he doesn’t remember any of it.

//(angsty at times but literally no triggers)

Don’t forget about me • when I doubt you by unicorntyler  (1/1 | 6862 | Mature)

Tyler Joseph is a fifteen year old boy diagnosed with a short term memory disability. He’s been homeschooled all his life until this year his parents decide he’s ready to go to catholic school, where he meets Joshua Dun. Josh as well is new to the school and he is seated beside Tyler in their first class. Tyler was writing notes so he wouldn’t forget the lesson completely and Josh offered to help him. Throughout the story Tyler’s memory gets progressively worse but the love the two share grows stronger. Good luck, I apologize in advance.

//sad ending

For Better or For Worse by  butmeltyourheadaches   (22/22 | 39279 | Mature)

Tyler Joseph was nothing. No one noticed him, and no one cared about him. And he was okay with that. Well, until that no one became a someone.

Josh Dun hated everyone, including himself. But when he meets Tyler, things change.

For better or for worse.

//mentions of suicide //self harm //past abuse

White Noise (Drown Everything Out) by Spiella   (16/? | 46544 | Teen And Up Audiences)

Josh Dun is a man with a plan. He knows exactly how he’s going to get through high school, who he’s gonna do it with, and he’s gonna have a lot of fun doing it. He’s got it all worked out, and things go so smoothly it’s like a fairytale. He has the best friends anyone could ask for, and he’s so happy with everything going for him. High school is excellent.

It’s exactly 5 weeks until the end of junior year when a kid with unruly hair and some pink shoes comes back, and it’s exactly 5 weeks until the end of junior year when Josh Dun loses his mind over a kid with unruly hair and some pink shoes.

//underage smoking //underage drinking //mentions of self harm //mentions of suicide //past abuse

unravel at the seams by SoloChaos  (1/1 | 2462  | Teen And Up Audiences)

Josh finds the cat huddled against the tire of his car, shaking in the snow. 

//mentions of abuse 


anonymous asked:

Can you please write Adam Raki x Le Chiffre please. Maybe they are cats and Le Chiffre finds on his daily outings a little cat who's very cold and wet and he brings him home oh and it's omegaverse and Adam is and omega and Jean is an alpha.

There is a cat that likes to follow him.

Jean has seen it in his periphery more than once on this walk to his car, lurking just out of vision and seeming interested though not approaching.

He knows the rule of thumb about cats. You don’t approach even if they’re interested. Gaining their attention is a feat in and of itself.

The following lasts a week until one evening he doesn’t see it, hear it, and is surprised to feel a sense of loss at something that could’ve been interesting.

Cats made lovely mates he’s heard, loyal and almost crazily smart. They were also extremely fertile for half breeds.

They also rarely got interested in humans. This one must have been mistaken in it’s interest.

He’s headed through the parking garage when he hears it: a low meowing that goes right to his alpha sense of protection.

Jean rarely has a moment where his alpha instincts kick in for anything other than aggression or anger but this is fear.

He finds the cat huddled under the dumpster outside the garage, swatting at another cat and growling an inhuman growl that makes his lips curl back as he lets out one of his own.

The other cat runs off and his cat walks out slowly as if worried he’s going to attack as well.

He leans down and holds out his hand. “You called for me, little one.”

The cat comes closer, rubbing on him and even leaning up on its hind legs to stare even in the rain that beats down on them.

The transformation is so quick he can barely register.

“You smell good,” the cat says simply, leaning in to sniff at his neck, “Alpha, you smell like….”


The cat looks up at him with a smile.

“Yes. I’m Adam.”

He touches Adam’s cheek, the dirt there somehow pretty on him.


They stand and he takes off his coat, not caring but wanting to hide his treasure from anyone who might see.

“Warm,” Adam says, sniffing.

“I’ll protect you.”

Adam heads right for his vehicle, eyes flashing at Jean when he goes to open the door.

“No, Alpha. I will protect you.”

Jean touches his ears, the pointed ends so lovely even in the horrid light of the parking garage. “Yes. I suppose you will.”

a night in town

@un-petit-papillon hellooooooo!!! :D I am your secret ml valentine

Summary: based on @piku-chan‘s cinderella! au (marichat)

also thank you to @true-spirit-spear-chastiefol for beta-ing!

Marinette shivered. She stood at the entrance of the festival, taking in the bright lights and laughs that it had to offer. She stood nervously, her palms were sweaty and she kept shifting back to keep her mind busy.

Marinette glanced at the shadows, waiting for a young blonde masked man to appear.

“I am sorry for keeping you waiting, Purr-incess!”

Marinette almost shrieked as she turned around to face her date for the evening, Chat Noir. His arms outstretched, as if he was presenting himself. He grinned at her scared expression and laughed when he gave her his arm.

“I hope you’re ready for a night of carnival games!” He said excitedly. Marinette smiled at the child-like joy that was radiating from Chat’s face.

“Sure,” she said “Let’s go!”

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72 Supercat?

72. “I will knock you on your ass if you even think about it.”

Kara’s sure that Cat is doing this just to taunt her.

And Rao, it’s working.

There are several things that Kara has never quite been able to resist: donuts, is one. Puppies, another (even though she’ll never trust herself to own one, lest she inadvertently hurt it thanks to those pesky superpowers of hers).

The third thing is cupcakes from her favourite bakery in National City, the one that’s expensive enough for her to only be able to justify buying from there on very special occasions, and the fourth thing?

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First Hollstein Fanfic

Summary: All Carmilla wants is to have a peaceful night for once, Laura’s nightmares are preventing her from having one. Carmilla decides to do something about it. Not because she cares of course, she just wants to be able to read without hearing Laura tossing and turning. No other reason.

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Thunder- Calum


You woke up with a start, staring at the darkness of your room. You sighed as you heard the rain hit your window with harsh taps. You had always been scared of storms, especially the thunder. Something about the loud crashing sounds and the flashing lights put you on edge.

Normally, you would have your ex boyfriend Daren with you but he had left you almost a year ago. Since then you had gotten together with your best guy friend Calum, but you had barely been dating over a month.

You sat in bed nervously, yours eyes darting around the dark room. You thought you had completely calmed down and laid back down to sleep. But as soon as you closed your eyes another crash sounded causing you to yelp in fear. Hastily you grabbed your cell phone, completely ignoring the fact that it was one forty five in the morning. You tapped Calum’s contact and sighed as the phone rang. You tapped your foot anxiously as it rang, your heart beating way too fast.

“Y/n?” You heard a groggy Calum on the other side his voice deep and gruff.

“Calum it’s thunderstorming,” You said nervously, biting your lip as another round of thunder rang through the night.

“Yeah it is…” Calum trailed off, confused.

You had never told him of your fear of thunderstorms, you had always been to embarrassed. You sat awkwardly trying to figure out a way to tell him, when you heard a weird crack from outside followed by thunder. You screamed and fell off your bed with a thud, causing your phone to fly onto the floor. You scrambled over to pick it up, but when you did you were met with a blue screen and shattered glass. You sighed in frustration. Now you were stuck alone the whole night with the thunder and you were pretty sure the lightning just snapped a tree outside your house.

You decided the best approach was to go camp out on the living room couches with your cat, since there were the least amount of windows in the living room. You quickly grabbed your cat off the bed and some blankets and sprinted the to the living room. You made sure all the blinds were closed before building the small fort and huddling inside. Your teeth chattered from being cold, since it was a cold night and you were in a tank top and short shorts.You were too scared to move and get warm clothes though, so you just huddled near your cat in fear.

You had blocked out the sound of the rain by playing Blink 182 softly. Your eyes became to droop as your head rested on your soft cat, when you heard a loud knocking on your door. You sat abruptly, holding your cat protectively to your chest. The knocking continued and you freaked out, almost one thousand percent positive someone was here to murder you.

You slowly crept out of the living room and into the hall, where your front door was. You reached the door, but the knocking had stopped. You peered through the side of the door and saw a dark tall man standing in the rain. He was sopping wet, but he stood standing there unmoving. You sighed reaching to unlock the door. If he wasn’t going away you decided it would be best to just see what he wanted.

You counted to three in your head then swung the door open.

You screeched and threw your cat at the figure before rushing out, “PLEASE DON’T MURDER ME.”

You heard deep chuckling mixed with teeth chattering from your supposed murderer.

“Y/n it’s just me, Calum”


“Well now it’s Calum and cat  because you threw it at me,” He chucked lightly, stepping into your house.

You looked at him in the dimly lit hallway, and noticed he was soaking wet. He was shaking a bit, a timid smile on his face as he took off his wet shoes.

“Wait why are you here?” You questioned confused, but happy he showed.

“Well, we were having an ever so riveting conversation at one am and then I heard a crash and the line went dead,” Calum blushed a little bit as he continued, “When I called and you didn’t respond and I got worried so I came over…well I walked– it’s really cold outside by the way.”

Calum smiled awkwardly, his body shaking. You quickly went and brought him some of his clothes he had left before back before you two were dating. Once he was changed and warm you brought him into a tight hug, practically tackling him.

“You are the sweetest little asian boy out there,” You giggled as you hugged him.

Calum pulled back, his eyebrow raised.

“How many times do I have to tell you, I’m not asian!”

“Are too”

“Am not”

“Are too”

“Am not!”

“Ar–” You were cut off by loud thunder which made you squeal loudly and jump into Calum’s arms.

Calum chuckled as your gripped him, bury your face in his chest.

“Scared of storms now are we?” He asked softly, holding you tightly.

You just hummed and let him hold you until the flashing of the lightning died down. He let go after the storm had somewhat passed, and you blushed not meeting his eyes.

“Storms sort of…reallyfreakmeout,” You rushed at the end, nervous to see Calum’s reaction.

“Awww babe,” Calum cooed, pouting his lips slightly, “don’t worry I’ll protect you.”

You smiled faintly, before grabbing his hand and leading him to the little fort you had made. Calum laughed as he crouched down and entered it, his tall body barely fitting under the blanket roof. You both cuddled on the floor, your cat laying at your feet. You continued listening to Blink 182 music and talked softly, about any and everything.

After a while your eyes started to droop and Calum’s voice was getting groggy again.

You turned over and cuddle into him before whispering, “Night Calum, I love you.”

As soon as you said it Calum tensed up underneath you.

“Did you just say you loved me?” He asked, his voice more alert than before.

You still felt sleepy and nodded tiredly thinking nothing of it.

You sighed before drifting off, but not before hearing Calum’s low voice whispering back.

“I love you too.”

Title: Cats don’t like the Rain
Rating: K+
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Summary:  On one rainy day, Ladybug was supposed to be going on their scheduled nightly patrol with her partner. However, her partner-in-crime, Chat Noir doesn’t show up. She goes to look for him and finds out a weakness she didn’t know her catty friend had.

A/N:  I’ve been hooked on another children’s show ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Based on a headcanon that Chat Noir doesn’t do well in water ^^

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