The sun cast a bright light in the otherwise dark hotel room, causing Rachel to groan loudly, the glow causing her eyes to burn and her head to begin to throb uncomfortably. Taking her hand and putting it to her forehead and letting out a small groan, sitting up slightly. It took her a moment to remember where she was, the white walls and green blanket looking nothing like her bedroom at home, and then it hit her. Vegas. She suddenly remembered exactly why she was here to begin with, quickly following up with a curse to Brody Weston. The boy who had broken her heart with one simple sentence, “I’m in love with someone else.” Turns out that her two year relationship was based on Brody wanting to move on from his high school love, who had moved away, and the moment she moved back, Rachel had been dropped like an old, smelly shoe. It had been probably the worst moment of her life, and Vegas had seemed like the perfect solution in her mind. Rachel wasn’t a girl who did things on an impulse, and she certainly wasn’t the kind of girl who got drunk in Vegas, or even went to Vegas in the first place. She had rehearsals starting next week and school work to do, but at the time, Vegas had seemed like the best, and only answer.

The only saving grace of this entire situation was her companion, and long time best friend, Henry Hudson. It had been a joint idea from both of them to come to Vegas, and he was the only person that she could have imagined coming with. She gave a small smile when he crossed her mind, glancing over to the other bed, but gasping softly when she saw him in the bed next to her, his bare back reflecting the sun nicely and for the first time, she was well aware of the lack of clothing that she was wearing. With another gasp, she looked around the room, noticing discarded clothing and the bottles on the ground, that explained her headache. With another groan, she sat back on the bed and placing her head in her hands, her face falling and her mouth going slack when she felt a cold, metal feeling against her skin, mouthing “no” under her breath, she pulled her head back and looked down at her hand, her voice stopping in her throat when she saw the tell tail wedding ring sitting on her ring finger, looking back at Henry next to her in the bed, she put the puzzle pieces together and a realization washed over her.  Not only had her and Henry gotten drunk together, they had gotten married. 

Deciding that she didn’t want to sit and mull things over by herself, she reached over and shook the sleeping figure next to her. “Henry Michael Hudson wake up, now.” she said loudly in his ear, moving away from the bed and to the bathroom, grabbing two glasses and filling them with water, taking a long sip from one and bringing both back into the main part of the room. Placing the cup on her table, she took a seat on the other bed, waiting for Henry to wake himself up. 

The Truth

Rachel seemed to be dealing well with his silence, obviously she was curious as to where the hell he was dragging her, but she needed to hear it all from him and he didn’t want to give himself the opportunity to chicken out. He found two seats and quickly made his way to the front, as it was nearly time for the group to start.

“Hi, my name is Gavin and,” he paused, it seemed so much easier in his head, “I’m an alcoholic. Among other things I suppose. I had a rough childhood, and I wish there was something I could pinpoint as the defining moment that made me the man that I am, but there wasn’t. I was always quiet and introverted, my brother was the opposite and I think a part of me liked it that way, being nothing like him. So he played football and I joined a band. He went to parties with cheerleaders and beer and I went to clubs with… well anyone and anything that was available.

"I know my mom was overwhelmed, she never knew what to do with me and she could never had any real solid evidence that I was doing anything wrong, other than staying out all night. I tried not to be at home when she was, it seemed like every time we were in the same room all we’d do is fight and she’d cry and I’d go get drunk or high and try to forget about it. Honestly I didn’t see anything wrong, I was having fun, my grades weren’t terrible, and even though I’d pushed away my family there was this part of me that had decided they were better off without me.

“Until my senior year when my mother told us the truth about our father, he hadn’t died a war hero like we thought, he’d died… alone in a hotel room of an overdose. He’d abandoned us, I don’t really know why, and I’m not sure that I really blame him. I did see my future though, I saw myself leaving my mom and brother, dying alone and having my brother tell his kids one day that I’d died in some car accident or some other way that made me seem like less of a loser. And I saw it happening again with his kids and over and over and we’d just be generation after generation of Hudsons with big hearts, hurting, and lying.

“So I got help, and I left everything behind, started my life over, moved to New York with my brother, got a job, and when everything had finally righted itself again I met the most amazing beautiful woman I had ever seen. I fell hard and fast and… everything just happened too fast. She got pregnant and I thought I couldn’t handle it, the pregnancy, actually being someone’s father. All that stuff… the… I didn’t want her to end up like me, or with me. So I left my girlfriend and my daughter because I was scared. Afraid that I couldn’t do it, afraid that my girlfriend would see who I really was and leave me. Afraid that she wouldn’t be able to love someone like me, but I didn’t give her a chance to try and in the end she was the one who walked away.

“I thought that without the pressure I could make things go back to the way they were, but I wasn’t counting on the impact the two of them would have on me. When I realized what I lost, that was when I really broke.  I started drinking, pretty much every night that I didn’t have my daughter. I’d go to work, drink my self to sleep and… except when I had her, Ava, I couldn’t bear to do that to her, and I was scared, if anything had happened to her…

“So last month I started coming back to meetings and I wish I could say it’s been helping, but I can’t stop hurting and feeling sorry for myself and… I thought maybe actually saying it out loud would help this time.” He sat back down next to Rachel, afraid to look, hoping that she wouldn’t leave or stop him from being with their daughter now that she knew the truth.



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What happens if life hands you a secret which you vow to never tell anyone? What happens if this secret could effect many people around the lives of others if they were to know the truth? Would you continue to live your life as a lie or will you come clean? In this Glee Smut Based Roleplay you will be bringing your favorite character’s fantasy to life. Maybe you were a boy born as a boy pussy? Maybe you’ve committed a serious crime that you could never come clean about. Doesn’t matter how major or minor the secret; they’re all here in Lima, Ohio. One needs to be careful though since there are eyes all around always looking for the next scandal to spread around the small cow town. Will you be found out?