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Band of Robbers, 2016

The woman I live with keeps tellin’ me that I need to change. She says if I don’t change, I’m going to end up in a bad place. She’s trying to sell me on heaven, you know, she’s telling me all you do all day is you sit there play the harp and sing songs for all eternity. And I said to her, if that’s the case of rather sweat it out in hell with my best friend, Tom Sawyer, then play the harp and shoot the shit with Moses. I mean, I’m not friends with Moses. But I think she’s right, at least about the changing part.

Hey all! Just a shot in the dark here — it’s coming up on fall, which is NaNoWriMo season. Since I am not a grad student anymore woooo I’m going for it this year! I have a plot, I have character arcs, I’m gonna cheat by prewriting, I am (getting) ready. 

My problem is this — fandom has absolutely spoiled me. Whenever I get a new otp I am so fortunate to connect with one or two writers who become my writing partners. Not in the sense of collaborative writing but someone to bounce ideas off of, fangirl with, catch stupid grammar errors, and poke each other when writing gets hard (because it is hard). 

So here’s my shot in the dark — Is anyone out there planning or currently writing an original work? Do you, like me, miss having someone to message your over-enthusiastic flails? I’m your Huckleberry if you’ll be mine!

Or if you know of any tumblr or other resources to find something like this, please share! 

My inbox is always open and feel free to message me! And if you’re on the fence about writing original work, just think of all those thinly-veiled AUs you could be gifting to the world!

I realize it might be overly optimistic to want the fandom experience for original writing, but a girl can dream.