Reasons Why part 2

Lucas,Riley,Farkle and Zay followed the blonde out of the bathroom.

“What do you mean what page?” Lucas asked in disbelief.

“I flushed it down the toilet” Maya said abruptly.

“You did?” Riley and Farkle asked in union.

“If Huckelberry didn’t want anyone to see it then no one will” Maya answered.

“Maya I-” Lucas began but she cut him off.

“You’re welcome” She smiled and the group followed her out of school with deep confusion.

Riley wanted to know what was on that page.

Farkle wanted to know why she flushed it.

Zay wanted to know how Lucas felt.

Lucas wanted to know if Maya liked him.

Maya wanted to know why he liked her.

Riley linked her arm with Maya’s whilst Farkle,Lucas and Zay walked behind them together. Maya was deep in thought about the page, whilst Riley was worried about her.

“Maya, please tell me what was on that page” Riley begged her best friend.

“Nothing you need to worry about ,peaches” Maya reassured her.

“This is the boy I like, a lot. If there’s something I need to know about him tell me…”

The group headed into Topanga’s and took to their usual seats, Maya and Riley sitting in the bay window whilst the boys sit in individual seats. The conversation was at an ease as their drinks were being prepared behind the counter of the venue. “Maya, can I talk to you for a sec?” He asked her politely.

“Sure” she got up and followed Lucas outside the bakery and they stood in the window where their friends could watch them.

“So whatcha need?” She said whilst she rocked on the balls of her feet and had her hands in her jean pockets.

“I like you” He admitted,

She stopped rocking and stood still.

“You read how I felt on that page” He said.

“We can’t”

“Why no?”

“Because Riley likes you! I can’t do that to here!” She exclaimed ripping her hands from her pockets.

“I just need to know how you feel about me. Do you like me? Yes or no” He ordered.

“Yes” She spoke quietly looking at the ground.

He lifted her chin up with his two fingers.

He kissed her.

She kissed him.

They saw.

Riley saw.

Imagine Maya keeping a sketchbook that she brings to school everyday. So, instead of paying attention in class, she just draws pictures. 

So now, Lucas keeps looking over her shoulder because he really wants to see what she’s drawing because he secretly loves her art, but he’s way too embarrassed to ask to see them (plus, maya is really private about her art because they hold a lot of meaning to her). 

So, one day, Maya realizes he’s looking, so she writes something dumb on the page like “having fun there, huckelberry?” and pretty much after that Lucas doesn’t try and peek at her drawings ever again.

Reasons Why {lucaya}

*Maya’s point of view*

“Riles,let’s see what Huckelberrys up to” I said to my best friend who was sat next to me in detention.

“No, Ms.Morgan told us not to move a muscle, oh no”

“What happened?”

“I moved a muscle…” She said scared. I laughed and stood up.

“Maya, don’t” Riley warned.

“Riles, she’s not gonna come back. All of her stuff is gone, See?”I said to her and pointed to her clear desk.


“RING POWER” I roared and did an evil laugh as Riley trudged after me out the door.

“Huckleberry has detention with Mr. Brookes right?” I reminded myself of the lazy english teacher. You could walk out of his class and he wouldn’t notice with his nose stuck in a book.

“Yep, just promise me we won’t get in trouble right?” Riley asked me.

“I promise pumpkin, now let’s go”

We sat off on our short journey down the halls and up a number of staircases before arriving outside the orange door leading to the english classroom. I looked through the window of the door and saw Sundance and Zay bored out of there minds. I creaked open the door and took my boot off. 

“What are you doing?” Riley whispered.

“Hold on” I launched my shoe into the classroom hitting Zay in the head. He whispered a curse word as Lucas laughed quietly. I signaled with my hands for them to come out and they obliged. Zay’s bag was already packed so he crawled over quickly with my shoe in his hand. Hopalong followed along but had a book with pages stuffed in it in his hand.One they shut the door Zay began talking.

“Was that really neccesary?” He asked me and I replied with a laughed. He tossed me my shoe and as I bent down to put it on I spotted a stray page on the ground. The others waited for me to put my shoe on and as a stood up I had picked up the piece of paper.

“What’s this?” I asked no one in particular. The page had messy hand writing on one side and what seemed like homework on the other. ‘Lucas Friar’ was scribbled on top of the home work side.

“Ooooh Huckelberry, random thoughts?” Referreing to the side with his hand writing.

“Maya don’t” He warned me.

“What’s so important?” I was becoming more and more intrested. I flicked over the page and saw my name at the top before it was ripped out my hand by Zay.

“Zay what the hell?” I yelled at him as he sprinted down the hallway with Ranger Rick.

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Reasons why P.3

Part 1

Part 2

It was a short kiss lasting about three seconds but to Lucas and Maya it felt like forever. When they pulled away they both had smiles plastered on their faces until they heard noises from the bakery. They turned their heads to the window and saw Riley staring at them with tears in her eyes. Maya knew she couldn’t do this to Riley but yet she did. Riley ran out of the door and ran down the street.

“I’m sorry” Maya told Lucas before she took off, sprinting after he best friend.

Lucas put his hands on the nape of his neck and walked back to Farkle and Zay.

“You stole my woman!” Farkle roared as Lucas set down.

“Damn Lucas” Zay congratulated him with a pat on his shoulder.
“Farkle, I did not steal Maya. Zay, did a mistake?” Lucas turned to his best friend.
“You told the girl of your dreams that you like her! That’s far from a mistake.” Zay assured him.
“But what about Riley?”
“Riley will be ok, I promise” Farkle said with a smile on his face.

Meanwhile, Maya had climbed up Riley’s fire escape and was waiting for the brunette in the bay window. Not five minutes later she enterered her bedroom and saw Maya waiting.
“How could you? You know I like Lucas!” Riley roared.
‘I don’t know, Riles I like him too but our friendship is way more important than a boy. See, we even have rings.” Maya said as she stood up and took Riley’s hand pointing out the rings.
“Promise me something?” Riley asked.
“Anything, peaches”
“Don’t go out with Lucas, at least not until we get closure.

“No more Huckelberry” She promised as she hugged Riley with a smile on her face but once Riley couldn’t see her face, Maya’s smiled dropped and a single tear fell out of her eyes.

She had no idea what to do……..

It’s September, which probably means the weather is cooling down where you are and the leaves are turning a lovely shade of orange and PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES ARE BACK. But Nicole and I live in southern California and we dont know how seasons work so we’ve been dealing with a heat wave for the past week.

Enter- The Fuckelberry

Its light and fizzy and sweet and looks like a magic potion. Nicole is obsessed with them because they’re fabulously refreshing and the gin isnt too “gin-y”

To make The Fuckelberry, you will need-

  • 1 oz Hendricks Gin
  • ¼ oz Cointreau*
  • 5 oz Huckelberry Soda (we used Americana)
  • ¼ oz lemon juice

*plain ol’ tripple sec will work just fine