Magic Mike XXL is a comic book movie about female sexual agency (until Sex Criminals gets adapted into a movie)

The more I think about, the more I think the real protagonists of Magic Mike XXL are the women who inhabit this universe. The women hucking dollar bills at C-Tates and company’s gyrating hips, the wine slurping divorcees talking shit about their ex-husbands who couldn’t treat them right. The woman at the gas station who cracked a smile at Joe Manganiello’s Big Dick Richie asking her how much for the water and Cheetoes after humping and humping and thrusting and thrusting his way through the gas station convenience store to Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way.” 

With Game of Thrones rape scenes and Twilight fanfiction cum BDSM sexual abuse trilogy 50 Shades of Grey, what made Magic Mike so great was its commitment to the sexual desire of its women as valid as fuck, and goddamn yall deserve a great time to regain yall’s agency. To quote Jada Pinkett Smith’s benevolent sex club owner Rome addressing her customers, yall are some QUEENS. And that enjoyment, that validation, their frenzy onscreen got me rooting for them having fun. I was having fun they were having fun, and if movies are to inspire sympathy for characters, Magic Mike had me rooting for the ladies.

That being said, the first Magic Mike was moody and meditative, a coming of age tale. Magic Mike strips (pun intended) this away, and instead brings us the NBA All-Star Weekend of the world of male stripping, without any of the heady consequences. (there were dozens of metaphors I came up with trying to describe Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL). 

Our merry band of lunk-headed strippers with hearts of gold, go into this profession with the goal of making money sure, but their intentions are just to bring smiles to women’s faces. To them sex, isn’t a weapon, it’s a prop (not unlike a clown making balloon giraffes). In a conversation between spiritualist/budding actor Ken (Matt Bomer) and budding emcee Andre (Donald Glover) discussing the work they do as healing was silly, it was no more silly than Tony Stark inventing Iron Man armor to right wrongs. 

And that’s what makes it great. The universe that Magic Mike inhabits, sex is silly and corny, but is taken very seriously when it comes to having women’s pleasure attended to*, which we don’t see a lot of in the media. The guys, the guys, they’re just vessels in order to get this going. They are mobile macguffins, really. But goddamn if they aren’t great. 

Special shoutouts to Jada Pinkett Smith’s predominantly black sex club, which was a great display of female black sexuality (the ugliness of Eddie Huang’s statements about black women comes to mind).

*this is all in a largely heteronormative context to be fair, with a couple of bisexuality references sprinkled between some of the women, and an act I visit to a drag queen bar (pretty sure it was a drag queen bar?)

Summer homework! AP Lit is apparently going to be a breeze. Today’s goal: finish The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Only 13 chapters left! (Each chapter is a maximum of like six pages long haha) Lesser goal: email the Oxbridge admissions counselor at William Jewell… I’ve been putting it off but I have so many questions haha Today’s location: Bertrand Library, Bucknell University (it’s so quiet in the summer!! 😂) Today’s snacks: trail mix, pistachios, Mott’s fruit snacks (these are absolutely to die for, and pretty energizing), and a granola bar. I’m In it for the long haul today–the library doesn’t close until five, so guess who’s gonna be here until then?) I’m going on vacation on Sunday, so my goal is to get all the Huck Finn work done before then. I’m saving Crime and Punishment for after…

Rodrigo Simas se derrete com surpresa de Ju Paiva: ‘Muito feliz’

Presença da atriz na grande final do Saltibum foi marcante para o campeão

O grande campeão do Saltibum, time masculino, o ator Rodrigo Simas leva para casa um carro zero, um troféu bem chique e a lembrança de ver sua melhor amiga na torcida. A atriz Juliana Paiva, par do gato em Malhação, reuniu a família do amigo e foi pé quente na decisão.

“Fiquei muito feliz com a surpresa dela no dia da final! Quando ela fez a Dança dos Famosos, eu estava gravando Boogie Oogie, fui de surpresa logo antes dela entrar no palco e agora ela me retribuiu isso! Somos grandes amigos!”, comemora Simas.

Nos bastidores, Ju Paiva era pura ansiedade. A loira ficou escondida e conta ao Gshow que os dois são grande amigos e se falam muitas vezes por dia. “Falei com ele no dia, a gente se fala bastante, e desejei boa sorte. Nem desconfiou de nada”, conta. Ao surgir no palco do Caldeirão ela ainda disse que quando soube da presença da família Simas resolveu ir também.

Fan Fiction

My heart is so heavy…I really need fan fic .net to categorize their fics by content a bit cleaner than they do. I just want to read the good Olitz fics where they love each other and help each other to become the very best version of themselves without all the violence. Trials and tribulations befall all characters, but repeated acts of gruesome violence is just waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much for me. 

I hate with a passion that Shonda ever showed us Olivia being manhandled by Huck and Jake because ever since then those images have over shadowed the fan fic world and writers are just out there heaping insane amounts of violence and abuse on Olivia to no end. It’s beyond ridiculous at this point. I mean a mugging, ok, a robbery, ok, a random rape, not ok, but I get it, but the repeated over the top bouts of ungodly domestic violence is just truly unsettling. Not to ever defend Shonda, but when she wrote those two scenes, I don’t think she was trying to paint such a profound image of domestic violence as some of the fan fic authors have chosen to write and I don’t think it’s canon Olivia at all. 

It is not my intention to offend any fan fic writer out there. I am not a writer, and what you guys do is really, really great and courageous. I just had to rant because my heart was broken by yet another fic and I just couldn’t take it any more…sighs 

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AU: Fool’s Gold

Everyone has a Gemsona AU right??? Well now Tom Sawyer does. Pyrite here goes by “she/her” pronouns, as is tradition for gems.

I don’t really have a backstory for her though? I’ve got about as far as her gem is her tooth (like those old timey miners) and she can summon a pickaxe which is a small reference to Tom’s first book & the Gold Rush of his time period.

Otherwise as far as alliance to Homeworld or the Crystal Gems… no idea?? She might be a neutral party more interested in pretending to be a “superhero” to some poor small human town and soak in all the glory of causing mischief and also fixing things in the most… creative… ways.

In some aspects she probably thinks humans are pretty dull, but who else would be impressed by her abilities? Definitely not other gems b/c they can do cool stuff too. That’s why she likes earth I guess. All for glory.