Wands, Spells, and Emotions

summary: hogwarts au, this chapter Logan get’s his letter and goes to diagon alley. 

paring: none right now we have to wait see what happens ;)

Warnings: none

Words:  3,547

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Let us take a moment to remember Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis, aka “Princess TNT” - German royalty/punk icon of the 80s. After her husband Johannes (an openly bisexual libertine who scandalized much of Europe with his pranks and sex-positive lifestyle) died, she was left a young uneducated mother of three - with mountains of debt.

She got her act together right quick, learned to invest, and turned things around. She traded on her “punk princess” image, turning her castle into a tourist destination (and source of income). Now middle-aged, she’s become a successful businesswoman and put her wilder days behind her. But the world may never forget “Princess TNT.” 

(and on a last note, her birth name is actually, and I’m not making this up: Mariae Gloria Ferdinanda Gerda Charlotte Teutonia Franziska Magarethe Frederike Simone Johanna Joachima Josefine Wilhelmine Huberta Countess of Schönburg in Glauchau and Waldenburg)