Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist Pillar 77

Author : Takadono Madoka

Artist : Yukihiro Utako

Scans:  @hydrascarlet

Translation: @syphiria

 Sfx translate by : @hydrascarlet

Cleaning + Typesetting : imey-chan

You can download the ch from this link ~> HERE

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Phone Tag
  • Phone Tag
  • Modern Baseball

Modern Baseball - Phone Tag

Some days I hear it ring
Most days I stay in bed
Maybe I’ll see you when I get home
And we’ll avoid all the things we’ve said

want to get into dungeons and dragons? here are two campaigns run by easy allies (formerly known as gametrailers)

  • here’s gt tta (completed)
    • DM: Ben Moore
    • Lailia Meliamne: Ian Hinck
    • Pervince Tosscobble: Elyse Willems
    • Andry Highhill: Kyle Bosman
    • Hogger: Michael P Huber
  • here’s tteza (currently going) 
    • DM: Ben Moore
    • Therese Brightwood: Ian Hinck
    • Necator: Bradley Ellis
    • Yogalla Sagatarius: Kyle Bosman
    • Law: Michael P Huber

ok but,,, this is literally my most favorite video ever (explanation of the game at 26:50, gameplay starts at ~31:04)


ian hinck as stephany quimby, one half of the prom committee and aware that jack is an undercover cop

elyse willems as tanya slater, the popular kid and secret best friends with john

michael huber as jack joyce, the undercover cop and lackey to tanya

kyle bosman as john court, other half of the prom committee and secret best friends with tanya

if you like this video, there’s more fiasco and their d&d campaign found here!

Dantalion is in an otome game...

… and he’s the Egyptian Sun God, Ra.

Or at least, it’s someone who looks like him. HAHAHAHA
I was browsing the Google Play Store when I found this. XD

But wait…

“I will definitely protect you.”

Who knows?
Dantalion’s country of origin still hasn’t been revealed yet. HAHAHA NO, we all know his country of origin has snow and “ice for the majority of the year”.

EDIT: I just re-read my post, and it says that Ra came from a black hole that appeared out of nowhere.


Dantalion practically appeared out of a ‘black hole’ from the ground too. XDD