“I Gave Him The Nose Job He Always Wanted”
Shayna Hubers

On the 12th of October 2012 in Kentucky, Ryan Poston was shot six times by his ex girlfriend, Shayna Hubers. After the murder, Hubers called the police, confessed and stated it was self defence.

Poston had a date with Miss Ohio, Audrey Bolte, on the evening of his murder.

Bizzarly with this case Hubers claimed she was in an abusive relationship, however her interrogation antics proved different. During an interview she said “I Gave Him The Nose Job He Always Wanted”, and when left on her own she danced around saying, “i killed him, i killed him”.

A cellmate of Hubers told authorities that Hubers told her “she was gonna plead insanity but she was too smart because she has the IQ of Einstein. She’d use the battered wife syndrome”.

In April 2015, Shayna Hubers was sentenced to life

Hubers is facing a retrial in 2017 due to a juror being a convicted felon


The defining moment of E3. The GT guys are the greatest.


On the night of September 16, 2013, the Austrian police received a call about the sighting of a suspected poacher lurking in the woods near Annaberg. The authorities set up a roadblock to stop the car identified in the call, belonging to 55-year-old Alois Huber. Instead of stopping, Huber sped through the roadblock, continuing until he crashed into a ditch. He decided to flee on foot, then opened fire on responding officers with his Steyr AUG rifle. Two policeman were immediately shot, along with a medic tending to their wounds, which proved to be fatal for him and one of the officers. After walking a little over a half mile, he spotted another patrol car and killed two more officers. Huber stole the car with one of the dead policeman in the passenger seat, keeping him as a hostage, and fled to his home. By the morning, he had barricaded himself inside the house and would shoot at anyone who tried to approach, so police resorted to contacting him through phone, but their attempts failed each time. However, they were notified by Huber’s best friend that he had called him, claiming responsibility for the shooting and expressing his intention to commit suicide, mentioning he had already shot his German Shepard, Burgi. Several hours later, the officers outside heard a single shot from within the house, then decided to enter. They discovered an arsenal of over a hundred weapons and a fire burning in a secret basement bunker. Huber’s badly burned remains were found inside the room, and it was later determined he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.


Blue Coal’s Huber Coal Breaker in Ashley, Pa.

I visited this place twice and each time the weather was raining or overcast so I was never able to get the quality of pictures I would have liked. I thought about going back many times but never made it. Recently a demolition company has began tearing the place apart. Just the other day the main conveyor was brought down. I went back through my old photos and tried to do the best I could with what I had.