did i ever tell yall about the week i took dance classes from thayne jasperson

  • it was 2 years ago at a dance convention
  • i hadnt gotten into any of the musicals he’s been a part of (hamilton, newsies, etc) but we all fangirled over him bc hes that guy that did a toe touch off a table in high school musical
  • he taught us jazz and jazz tech and contemporary
  • really really muscular and very graceful dancer
  • i remember being really surprised when i found out he could sing (when i figured out he was samuel seabury in the hamilton cast recording)
  • he taught us original choreography to “I’m A Mess” by Ed Sheeran and I still remember some small pieces of it
  • we were all like 14 at the time so we couldnt do anything he put in the choreo
  • i mean that guy can Jump
  • we all thought he was hot and hes like cute but actually hes a
  • short boi
  • very sweaty
  • really nice when i talked to him and like really hyper
  • i took pictures with him but they’re on my old phone :(((
  • gay probably
  • 6 months later i got into hamilton and kicked myself because i mET SAMUEL SEABURY AND I DIDNT EVEN KNOW
  • (we also took classes from a Rockette, a backup dancer for Michael Jackson and N'SYNC, and a famous Irish ballerina)
  • good times