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My Confessions!

A follower asked me; …
“I saw some photo’s on your blog of a Glory Hole, with your comment remembering my Glory Days behind the glory hole. Have you ever been behind a glory hole and was it amateur or commercial”

I answered; …
“Yes I have and a few  times it was payed”
My Glory Hole experience started about twenty years ago and ended about 5 to 6 years ago.

My first time
The best I can tell about my first time, why? Because it was a total mind change for me. Until that moment, I had never thought about having sex with more than two men. Therefore I remember that time very well.

It was a warm spring Friday afternoon. Hubby was restless, and knowing him I knew that had something in his mind. Our plans for that evening was to go to our Adult club, having something to eat there and see which couples were present to make love with in one of the rooms. So I was thinking he had made an appointment with a specific couple.

In the car. driving to club, Hubby asked me; “Do you know what a glory hole is?”  We are talking about 1996, and I hadn’t seen the movie Irina Palm (2007) yet. I said; “No.” “Okay” hubby said and started me to explain the concept of a glory hole.

I listened carefully and waited with my questions and objections until Hubby was finished talking.  I tried to imagine how it could be, and was also asking myself, why did Hubby told me this all? At that time I knew Hubby already more than 20 years and knew that certain things aren’t told without a reason. And YES, he ended his monolog with; “do you think, you can participate too?” 

A shock
It felt like a shock, a big jump into the unknow. Of course I wasn’t a virgin anymore when it came to sex, but I had never had sex with an unknown amount of men. And more important with men I didn’t know. Men who had reacted on an advertisement in “Rosie” one of the adult magazines in the Netherlands.
How could Hubby think this was something for me …. crossed my mind.
With a shy voice I asked Hubby; "Do you think something is for me?”

And while I said, I thought why don’t I say what I really think? That the whole idea frightened me. But in one sentence Hubby, took away my biggest fear. “I know the whole idea, scares you like hell and maybe it’s too early for you to experience this now, but tonight is a unique possibility at our club. And when the next time will be nobody knows. But as always it is your free will.”

At the club
Dazet, I answered “Sorry, I have to think about it.”
Hubby replied; That’s the answer I expected! “ The rest of the trip, I was thinking and fantasising what a Glory Hole could be.

We arrived at the club, an old farm renovated into luxury adult club with nice facilities as sauna, swimming pool, hot tub, outdoor terrain for outdoor sex, bar, restaurant, several big rooms with beds for more that 20 people, small rooms for more privacy and a BDSM section.

We walked to the “reception” got our bracelet with our number for the locker and payment afterwards. We undressed, took a shower, visit the swimming pool and the sauna. After the cooling down, we went to the bar/restaurant for a drink a something to eat from the buffet.

Walking to the bar, Hubby took my shoulder and pulled me gently into one of the big rooms. The room had dim lights, and when my eyes were adapted to the light I saw a wooden palisade, with on the height of a standing man’s loin, 8 holes. The palisade had a big side fence and thick red curtain, that prevented to see what was behind the palisade. “Come” Hubby said and he walked behind the fence. The other side of the palisade was divided into 8 parts with small wooden walls and behind each hole there was a small stool, a trash bin and a table with towels, tissues, a can with water and glasses on it and a empty bucket beneath the table.

“This are the glory rooms” Hubby said and he continued; “If you want, you can choose one of the 5 stools and every time a man put his dick through the hole, give him a blowjob. Swallowing is an option but not a must. Once the man is ready, another dick will be pushed through the hole and then repeat what you used to do. The Glory Hole is used a limited time and the concept is that the women remain anonymous. The men can tell there name. 

There is supervision than none of the men, will look secretly through the hole.
Before the Glory hole opens, all women in the club are taken to the swimming pool and from there, you take choose unseen for the men, a place behind the glory hole or just stay in the pool. So in principle, any woman can sit behind the glory hole without the man to know.”

We walked back to the bar, and met Chris and Alexandra a couple with whom we spend many hours on the same bed. The men started immediately to talk like men always do, masculine, impressing and exceeding each other. Alexandra bend her head to my ear and whispered; “If you do it, I will do it too’”  We looked each other in the eyes and no explanation was needed.

After a drink we went with Chris and Alexandra into one of the small rooms. Hubby ordered Alexandra and me on the bed and to give a show to the Chris and him. That wasn’t a hard task and within minutes Alexandra and I forgot the time and place and shared our passion together. We started fondling each other and slowly we moved our attention to our pussy.
Hubby and Chris had taken place in the two big leather seats in the room, which are by the way also perfect for special positions and were watching us whilst stroking their cock.
The thrill and excitement about the Glory Hole had made me very horny and soon I had my orgasm thanks to Alexandra’s experienced tongue.
I not long afterwards I made Alexandra cum too. We We spent a while enjoying our orgasms when Chris said, "Ladies, it’s time for you to go to the pool.”

We stood up, and followed the men, and looking at their still stiff dicks we understood that they kept their highlights for later.

Arrived at the bar, I was shocked by the amount of men. But before I could start worrying about that, we had to follow  a younger woman, one more regular guest, whom also works professionally some days in the week at the club.

With the women at the swimming pool

For this night the staff of the club, had made the pool more cosy with comfortable seats, music and a bar. The doors were closed, the curtains too, so we became invisible for the men. The younger lady, explained again the concept and asked who want to be the volunteers for tonight. A quick count learned me that there were tonight about 22 women present. Two women stepped without any hesitation forward. The others stayed looking at the others. Four women said, we will not. The young woman said; “that’s okay. So we have 18 women who want?” Not with full enthusiasm but all remaining women nodded modestly YES.

The point of no return!
“Okay” said the young lady again and continued; “we have 8 holes, we have 18 women. so halfway the time we will have a shifts. In total there are tonight 110 men.
If my calculus is correct, then 6 rows with 14 men and two rows with 13 men.”
Unknowingly I checked it …. She continued to saying; “The Glory hole is open in 10 minutes and is in use for 2 hours. So ladies, drink something and then the first shift can start. I will designate who is in the first shift. Also important if you want to stop, give a signal and  then we will exchange.
Any questions?”

One of the other women stepped forward and asked; “can we once a while look how our sisters are doing?” Followed by a short “yes you can!” and immediately the younger woman started to divide the group in two. Unfortunately Alexandra and I were separated. I hoped to be with her at the same time so we could support each other a little. But luck isn’t always my best friend.

I was on the second shift, so I send my hour waiting with some swimming, the sauna , the hot tub and having a quick look at Alexandra and the other women. But surprisingly the hour went on very quickly I had seen Alexandra working on two cock, giving a combination of blowjob and handjob making the men cum quickly. She didn’t swallow but let the men shoot against her breasts. The cum was dripping over her tits and into her lap. She had no time to use the tissues to clean, because the cocks were presented through the hole constantly.

My shift
When we had the roulation of the shifts, Alexandra whispered to me; “the beginning is the only difficult moment, and one tip don’t blow them all, you will get cramps in your jaws.I smiled nervously to her.

I took the first free available stool, sat down and almost immediately a big cock was pushed through the hole almost in my face. Normally I know direct what to do, but the situation made me hesitate shortly. Then I took the dick and slowly I moved my hands back and forth, gently my lips slipped over the tip of his head. I felt at the movements of his cock that his whole body started to move rhythmically. And listening to his  moaning I knew this was appreciated!

The moaning became stronger, and his movements told me he was about to cum. I followed Alexandra her example and let him cum over my breasts. A few last moves, a last drop and a new cock was presented. A smaller one, but think and extremely hard. I needed quite a bit of force to push to cock free from the wall. The man moaned and without doing a lot, he came. A big shot high in the air landing on my hair, face and hands and again another shot warm sperm now on my chin. I felt it dripping downwards on my tits. And again a shot semen landing on my lap. with my left hand I removed the sperm from my face but automatically I cleaned my fingers by licking them. This last action, did drop all my objections and now I knew I had to follow my heart.

The cocks followed on after an other, big ones, black ones, small ones curved ones etc.
I took them all in my mouth, deep and made them cum in my mouth swallowing all the loads and making me high. A loud female voice brought me back to reality; “ In five minutes we close the glory hole!” she said, continuing; for those who are still lucky they can finish the job. No new entries are allowed from now!

A few minutes before, a very nice sized cock was offered to me through the hole. And because this was the last, I imagined this was Hubby. Slowly I moved my mouth gently back and forth over his dick. With my tongue I made little rotational movements over his head. With every retracting movement I sucked his cock, first softened increasing growing harder.
The man behind the hole started to moan very load, and the moaning changed into a combination of moaning and load primal screaming “Fuck, fuck, fuck,”
Than a very loud aaaarrrggggghhhh filled the room behind the palisader. Seconds before I had moved my mouth deep, very deep and I felt his cum deep in my throat.
Than a moment of total silence followed by a loud applause and admiring encouragements. 

I sat for short while on my stool, coming back to the world, when Alexandra picked me up and led me to the shower. She carefully washed my whole body and hair and made me feel a little princess.
We went back to swimming pool, had a drink and then we were called back into the bar.
It wasn’t so crowded anymore and most men were regular guests now. But in their eyes you could see, which lady was behind my Glory Hole?
And truly who needs to knows?

Driving back home, Hubby asked me how I felt.
“Good, very good, thank you for this new experience and sharing me with so many men!”
A deep sigh followed by; “OMG I am so happy now!” Hubby continued, saying “I was also happy that you were behind my glory hole and kissed on my cock on my question, “Sweetie do you recognise this beautiful cock?”
I answered; “yes”

I was happy too ………
leaving him this fantasy until today, when I tell him, before he will read it in “My Confessions”

• Do you come here often? 

 • Could I buy you a drink?

• Your dad must be a thief, bc you have diamonds in your eyes~~ 

 • You are so beautiful that you give the sun a reason to shine.  

 • You must be tired bc you’ve been running through my mind all night! 

 • Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?

• Was that an earthquake or did you just rock my world? 

 • When I text you goodnight later, what phone number should I use?

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Panties/ Public humiliation time/ training and bending his mind

I texted hubby “meet me for lunch, and you better be wearing your panties boi..the white with the pink lace trim.. and sit at the bar, thats an order” he texted back “as you wish”….lunchtime (he was at the bar) (i wore a really short skirt to work today – part of my plan) as i walked to him i made sure my heels were stomping on the floor..he looked at me with a big smile as i approached “nice legs” some guy said as i was heading to hubby….I sat down next to him “i think that guy liked my legs “as i laughed…there were two  pretty girs (one older)l was seated next to my hubby (bar was crowded for lunch)..anyway, we ordered, had a drink, and i asked him “you have them on right?’ he said yes. “You better, your my bitch boi” and i slightly opened my legs in his direction, “that pussy owns you doesn’t it” he smiled  “yes”, good! we spent another five minutes talking and the girls next to him had a couple of drinks in them–laughing having a good time, and he caught me staring at them a couple of times (cause I am bi if you forgot) “you like them” he asked “yeah shes cute..(then i got an idea)..i started to touch my man, flirt a little, louder so they can kind of hear me…”you were so good last night..took a little for me to recover”….”You did my laundry right ? made sure my panties were clean?” i knew they heard that (he was just confused and was just looking at me) they were giggling and talking to each other, and saw them looking at us in the bar mirror….I got closer to my hubby, opened my legs more, i whispered in his ear “The things i do to you make me wet, and happy, and i want to be wet right now”..i reached my arms around his back to like hug him, and my head was on his shoulder facing the girls..and i smiled at one girl..she smiled back..i whispered in his ear again as i was smiling at the girl “I am going to expose my panty boi, hold still”..and then i gave the girl the eye as to look down, and i pulled him forward to me, and then pulled up his shirt some, then i felt with my fingernails that the lace trim was exposed, i grabbed both sides of the panties and pinched the fabric and pulled them higher so they would be exposed more….I whispered to him again “breathe….let it happen….there you go…good panty boi…your coming out” then i pulled more panties, and gestured with my eyes again…she looked down (in sort of shock i think, pulled the other girl, to look at his panties)..and i smiled at them as i was playing with the lace trim..i whispered sort of in his ear but wanted them to hear “Your such a good boi for me, i can make you do anything - cant i - anything i wish” one looked me right in the eye now “I so own you, pantyboi” .. her mouth fell open, and the other smiled like it was Christmas…I leaned back slowly, on the way i whispered “good boi”..then leaned all the way back, closed my legs, my pussy was wet as hell..”check please”, and watched his red face stare at me, blushing, humiliated, scared, owned….and i sat back like a goddess, princess, powerful, wicked, sexy, wet as hell….