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The Beginning

S. Coups Birthday Special! Happy birthday my precious hubby <3

Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1000

“Bye bye.” You waved at the couple walking out of the shop. You then looked up at the clock. 5:58, it read. Two more minutes, you thought. You grabbed a broom and started sweeping around the bakery, busying yourself for the time being.

Once the clock struck 6, you constantly looked up and out the store over at the basketball court every two minutes that passed by. Is he not coming today? You pondered, walking up to the store’s window to get a closer look.

“Who are we waiting for?” Jeonghan asks, making you jump. After he looked into your eyes, he let out an ‘ah’. “We’re waiting for him.”

You sighed and turned back around, looking for a familiar face. Ever since you started working at this bakery, there was someone who you noticed, someone who caught your eye. He would always come at this time to play basketball. Mind Jeonghan, your co-worker and the only other person who knows about your slight infatuation over this boy you don’t even know.

The ends of your lips twitched up once you saw him. You pushed the broom into Jeonghan’s hands and ran to the other side of the cashier. Jeonghan looks at you confusedly but then looked back at the boy. He didn’t understand, but you wanted to be behind the counter to not look suspicious.

Please notice it, you begged. Your hopes were lifted when he bent down to pick something up. You bit your lip, suppressing a smile. Today was different than any other because you have finally decided to make contact with him. You left a crème bread made by the shop under the basketball hoop with a piece of paper with To Mr. Red Haired Basketballer taped on it.

You looked away from him when he looked up. “Stop staring,” you hissed at Jeonghan, making him look away. You grabbed a pencil and pretended to write on something.

“Oo, so sneaky,” Jeonghan teased, beginning to sweep the floor. You rolled your eyes at his comment. “Don’t you think it’s a little risky though? Giving him bread from our shop? If he came over here, then wouldn’t he suspect one of us?” Jeonghan asked.

You dropped your pencil and ruffled your hair in frustration. “Aish, why didn’t I think of that earlier?” Jeonghan laughed. You brushed the hair out of your face, realizing something. “But I kind of want him to know it was me…” you murmured.

“Oh. Looks like he liked the bread,” Jeonghan said, looking out of the window.

You stood up. “How do you know?”

He pointed a finger towards the window. “He’s coming right now,” Jeonghan answered. Your eyes widened. “If you act guilty about it then he’ll know it’s you,” he advised. “Why don’t you take the girl and I’ll get him?” Jeonghan said.

The bell jingled as the door opened, announcing a costumer. You looked up to see a girl your age. You smiled at her. “Welcome to Lee’s Baguette,” you said. Your heart skipped a beat when the bell jingled again. You didn’t look at him, but you could see his red hair from the corner of your eye.

“Welcome,” Jeonghan said to him. “Are you looking for anything particular or need any recommendations?” Jeonghan asked.

“Uh. This” – he lifted up the bag, no bread in it any longer.

“Ah that’s our Crème Bread,” Jeonghan said, gesturing a hand over to the selection of breads. You turned around and smiled at the wall, noticing that he ate all of the bread.

“No, uhm. By any chance, do you know who left it?” he asked. Your smile fell and you turned back around, your heart racing. Jeonghan looked past his head and at you, then looked back at him and smiled.

“No I don’t.” You guessed the red haired boy eyed him weirdly because Jeonghan added, “No I’m not a girl, I don’t gift guys things.” You covered your mouth with your hand, holding back your laughter. I told you to cut your hair.

He nodded, and walked out of the shop. The female costumer placing a tray of bread on the counter after he left. You gave her a smile and began scanning her items.

The time was now 7:45, and the boy has started picking up his things, ready to leave. You saw him place something on the pole holding up the basketball hoop, then he walked away. You waited for 15 minutes to pass before you walked to the court, making sure he left.

When you got there, you noticed that there was a piece of paper taped onto the pole. You pulled the paper off and read it, smiling to yourself. To Ms. Crème Bread, Thanks for the bread. It was very delicious ^^.

You noticed someone on the corner of your eye and jumped back, hiding the piece of paper behind your back. Butterflies filled your stomach as you stared at the red haired boy, you heart pounding against your chest.

“So it was you,” he said to himself. It was the first time I did it and I already got caught, I’m such an idiot. “I thought you’d come and read it so I bought something for you as thanks.” He lifted his hand, revealing a bottle of sparkling tea. Realizing that he was handing it to you, you took it from him.

“I-I have to go,” you muttered an excuse, already making your way around him.

“Wait,” he said, grabbing onto your wrist, making you turn around to look at him. “At least tell me your name first,” he pleaded. You blushed as his eyes were making eye contact with yours.

You then looked down, avoiding his eyes. “My name is Y/N,” you told him, slowly pulling your hand away from his warm ones. He loosened his grip, but it still wasn’t enough for you to get away.

He gave you a smile and held your hand like a handshake. “I’m Seungcheol, Choi Seungcheol.”