hubby draws


And nobody died.

I scribbled something incredibly pointless because I can’t wait for Sins of the Wreckers 5, this is my ideal ending where nothing hurts and things are okay for everyone aka the thing that isn’t gonna happen

Ed: “Wth, I can’t deal with Riza, tell her I’m not here!”

Roy: “We’re both skipping work Ed…”

For @amestrie, I am your secret santa for the royed gift exchange! I decided to do your preferred modern au prompt! So here we have roy and ed in 2016~

I decided to have them playing hooky from work and Roy being at a loss for words at the screaming Hawkeye at the other end of the line. Ahh I hope you like it, I don’t do modern too often but this was super fun to do!

[ And it’s haunting me
These feet of mine
Won’t let me march away 

- Wrapped around your finger.


Couple doodles of Greyl chilling out in the evening, including the lovable Raven. Greyl sometimes does sort of childish things, like building that fort, but that is solely because she didn’t really have a childhood. Add some old concert tapes to the mix with a bottle of alcohol (preferably sweet), and she has there a nice evening of turning off her brain before good night’s sleep (she doesn’t drink much so this is a very rare occasion).

Raven belongs to @fabulouslemontart. Ngaah he is adorable.

My first husband and I’m v proud of him ;;