hubby draws

<~*o*O*o*Ö* // Spacono \ *Ö*o*O*o*~>

// drawing by me, original space Misono design by @catslab //

Tadaaaa ~
there he is @catslab ! :>
Misono ruling the space with his ahoge/antenna ~
The antenna knows what the next FINAL DESTINATION is, for now it’s the kitty-PlaNYAt :3
seriously, the kitty-planet is goddamn cute 💜

so this is the reward for finding out who the secret anon was,
IT WAS ME \( >w>)/ ! yeeeeeey~~ love those kinds of games btw,
I obviously revealed too much by mentioning my birthday being in August, didn’t I ?
It was my mistake not checking Rei’s birthday-post back then,well, my bad =v=) I was busy at that time I HAD NO CHOICEEEE -  
But either way you would’ve received a reward because you said you were sorta scared…
// and I swear to everything that’s holy to me I’M NOT the piercing-Sakuya-anon //
that really wasn’t my intention dear. sorry again qwq
but the anon hype one night was funny indeed >w>)!

I was also streaming a bit yesterday on Instagram, you could’ve watched how Misono got colored, but I guess you were busy/asleep v.v)
hope you like iiiiit (*^*)9


And nobody died.

I scribbled something incredibly pointless because I can’t wait for Sins of the Wreckers 5, this is my ideal ending where nothing hurts and things are okay for everyone aka the thing that isn’t gonna happen

Ed: “Wth, I can’t deal with Riza, tell her I’m not here!”

Roy: “We’re both skipping work Ed…”

For @amestrie, I am your secret santa for the royed gift exchange! I decided to do your preferred modern au prompt! So here we have roy and ed in 2016~

I decided to have them playing hooky from work and Roy being at a loss for words at the screaming Hawkeye at the other end of the line. Ahh I hope you like it, I don’t do modern too often but this was super fun to do!