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Had a great week with my mom but now it’s back to real life and work. It was a gorgeous week last week with sun and lovely warmth. Friday I was sitting on the deck in the sun with a glass of wine. This morning I woke up to temperatures below zero and 6" of snow. I had to find boots and gloves before I could go to work so I could clean my car off. Hubby headed off to work again yesterday so the house is very quiet.

I had sent the paperwork last week for the health initiative I signed up for to my doctor for review and to have her sign the final referral papers. I had planned to call her today as my appointment with the program physician is on Wednesday. Before I could call her she called me on my cell. She wanted to tell me that she had signed the referral and faxed it and said that she wanted to call me personally to say how proud she is of me for taking this step for my health and to wish me amazing success with the program. She said she can’t wait to see me for my next appointment with her in July. I know my physician on a personal level as well as professional level but this call still took me by surprise.

After I spoke with her my best friend called me to make arrangements for a dinner date this week on Wednesday. I told her that I couldn’t meet until after my appointment and explained what I am doing and she almost screamed her excitement in my ear saying that she is so proud of me. She said that although she loves me no matter what my size, she wants me to be healthy and happy and live a long life as her friend. The program requires us to get the commitment of three people in our lives wether friends or family, to agree to encourage us and help us stick to our goals. So I spoke to another friend of mine from work to ask for her help. She got tears in her eyes and also said how amazing she thinks I am for taking this step and that she will help me however she can. She is an incredibly fit person who works out daily and has always been encouraging of my goals and health choices. My husband has been amazingly supportive of this since I brought it up 2 weeks ago.

I guess I never realized how many amazing and supportive people I have in my life and how so many of them want me to just be happy and healthy. I truly am a lucky woman to have this amazing opportunity and to have people who are going to support me completely and totally.


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This was super fun :D  The two cosplays - the first is me as Nienna, the second is my and the hubby and Mary Poppins and Bert at a gig we did with band.

The Nienna dress I hand-sowed all the beads onto the bodice.  They are in the shapes of Narayan symbols (from Myst III)

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MAEDHROS did deeds of surpassing valour, and the orcs fled before his face; for since his torment upon Thangorodrim his spirit burned like a white fire within, and he was as one that returns from the dead.


I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again. Jimin is boyfriend material.

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ten reasons why you love Daehyun because why not


1: His really deep laugh, just when he genuinely laughs it’s beautiful.

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2: The way he keeps all of us posted and makes sure to make contact with Babys AT LEAST once a week even when he’s hella busy but knows we’re worried and care about him so he’ll make even the smallest post reminding us why we love him. 

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3: His chubby cheeks 

4: The cute face he makes when someone off camera says or does something resulting him to just:

5: How on stage he’s super charismatic and full of charm but in real life he’s so shy and adorable and gets giggly and cute when fans show him love 

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6: The fact that he tries to act innocent and pure but he’s lowkey a dirty lil shit lord

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7: He’s super soft and fluffy and spoils his stans with fluffy content to make us smile.  

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8: The way he talks/his lips

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9: That he’s super hardworking, 9 times out of then when he updates on SNS he’s either practicing, had just finished practicing or is about to practice, that he uploads videos for us of him singing and recording and that he’s just 100% for babys and B.A.P and works sososososo hard to make sure he’s perfect on stage 

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10: His entire stage presence 

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I love Jung Daehyun so much oh my gosh