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Your sweets headcanons had me drooling over several deserts I never heard of and because it was very fun too read: HC for Junkrat, Tracer and Dva?

I am glad to hear they were fun to read! I’d gladly do some more they are very fun to write


  • Has never been a particularly crazy person about a certain food group because growing up how he did, he was required to eat simply what was given to him
    -Not out of enjoyment, food wasn’t fun it was simply a means of survival 
  • However, I totally believe Junkrat has a sweet tooth and a lot of good memories of his revolve around sweets
  • Enjoys sour candies, he loves challenging himself and eating something super sour and trying not to make a face about it
    -Sometimes he’ll challenge others to a sour candy-off, like I fully believe Lúcio and him have daily sour offs because despite the fact that Lúcio hates sour candies he thinks its funny trying not to make a face and really the two of them look completely stupid, yet adorable when they do this
  • Anyways, Junrkrat is a huge chocolate fan and no one can tell me otherwise that he doesn’t enjoy very shit brand chocolates in secret
    -His favorite are like those valentines chocolates with the flavor fillings in them like orange or raspberry; we know who is super excited for that valentines day after chocolate sale
  • There’s an Australian cookie called a Tim Tam and it’s basically just a chocolate cookie with chocolate cream filling and chocolate coating the exterior 
    -Junkrat used to eat these as a rare treat growing up and sometimes, when him and Roadie are robbing a place and there is a snack machine, he’ll bust that shit open and steal all the Tim Tam’s okay and everyone is like?? but he just stuffs them in the bag and carries on with their mission
  • Fairy Bread is like a kid’s dessert in Australia and it’s extremely basic and is easy to make for all families of all economic standards because it’s literally white bread covered in butter and sprinkles 
    -This was Junkrats go to sweet treat growing up and he sure damn loved it
    -Sometimes when no one’s around he’ll go make it and eat it in secret (he doesn’t know why but something about sprinkled bread embarrasses him slightly but our cutie enjoys it to pieces)
  • Lamington’s are his favorite sweet treat of all time
    -They are an Australian treat and basically cube-shaped slice of sponge cake, covered with chocolate frosting and desiccated coconut.
    -Sometimes served as two halves with a layer of jam and cream in between and Junkrat enjoys it best this way


  • Tracer is a big fan of like artificially flavored candies
  • Doesn’t enjoy very rich, or decadent desserts I think they overwhelm her so if she does eat something like that it’s in very small portions
  • Dude okay does anyone know those like strawberry wrapped candies that sometimes grandparents have in candy jars and like they come from the void or something because I’ve never seen them sold in stores or anything?? (these if you don’t know what they are)
    -Tracer loves these like she is in kahoots with the grandmas in the void that make the candies and she has loads of them in her pockets and in her room
  • Isn’t a very big chocolate fan, she has to eat them in small doses so sometimes she can enjoy all the fun sized Snickers and Hershey’s
    -She loves Hershey kisses but not because its that good or anything but the intricate cute wrapping is nice to her
    -I also see her making lots of jokes like “Hey love, wanna kiss?” and then they say yes and she’s in a fit of giggles as she hands them chocolate and thinks she’s original (bless her pure heart)
  • Lollipops are probably her favorite hard candy because she likes leaving them on the left side of her mouth for a long time and having all the sugar stick to her cheek when she switches it to her next cheek
  • Artificially fruity flavored candies like skittles are her guilty pleasure and it’s a horrible addiction she has when she’s got packets of Nerds and Bananas (they are little banana flavored and shaped candies in Australia?? I think they have them everywhere, but I could be wrong)
  • Only chews fruit flavored gum, doesn’t like the minty or other exotic flavors
    -Unless it’s the Hubba Bubba long tape gum because she loves trying to chew all of it at once
    -Someone always has to help her after this because she nearly chokes every single time
  • Omfg she totally loves wearing those candy necklaces and bracelets made of rings of little candies that you bite through out the day, she eats that shit like it’s food from the Gods
    -She once (as far as we know) put on a shit load of candy necklaces, bracelets, and a few ring pops and was like candy queen throughout the entire day 
    -Had skittles in her pockets and threw them at others to bring joy to all because she is the most generous queen bless her


  • Oh she absolutely loves sweets and anything with sugar really
  • Throw something at her and tell her theres sugar in it and she’ll just put it in her mouth without really looking at it
  • Doesn’t enjoy anything sour or spicy
  • Yagkwa is her favorite childhood sweet
    -It’s basically a fried doughy dessert flavored with sesame oil and ginger and drenched in honey
  • Is in love with Pepero which is basically really a pretzel covered in dark chocolate
    -But like, in Korea they have a Pepero day which is equivalent to the Valentines day and you basically present your lover with a box of Pepero and
    -Imagine D.Va receiving a box of pepero and immediately blushing at the love filled implications, but smiling because they taste amazing and she’d be so flattered she’s precious someone stahp me okay
  • Is very fond of manjoo which is a pastry filled with sweet potato, red bean, or sesame, and are topped with pieces of dry fruits or nuts, including jujube, pine nuts or sugarcoated chestnuts
    -Her favorite is a red bean filled manjoo topped with sugarcoated chestnuts, she also loves when they come in the fish shapes bc its cute
  • Really likes ice cream but she prefers hand held cones and popsicles because they are easy for her to hold and eat quickly
    -Favorite flavors are probably sherbet because of how colorful it is and the fruity taste, and probably birthday cake bc she likes it when there are swirls of blue icing in it and topped with sprinkles
  • On the topic of frozen treats, one in Korea is frozen persimmon and she loves that shit
    -Likes to add cream to it when she can to add to the sweetness
    -I’m sorry but D.Va with a cute smile while enjoying frozen persimmon and cream is so cute to me idk why??

This was tricky to actually achieve but I managed to do so pretty well (I hope) when I decided to re-read Winter’s Flame by @imagine-that-marvel​. So, yeah, this is fanfiction, for a fanfiction. My favourite fanfiction. As requested by @http-bxtchcraft​. Enjoy!

Prompt: Hiya ^^ I wanted to know if I could make a request? Your writing is beyond fantastic. Sooooo, Bucky x reader (female?) where reader grew up in the late 90’s early 2000’s. After a mission gone wrong, reader and Buck get stuck in the 90’s and reader shows him around until they find a way back?? So yes, the thing. Have a nice day, wherever it is you may be!

“Pencils and Cassette Tapes”

Bucky groaned and rolled onto his back, a hand on his head as he tried to ignore the way it was pounding.
“Bucky…” He heard another voice croak, clearly in as much pain as he was.

“What- what happened?”
“The mutant…” You mumbled, as you shakily crawled your way towards Bucky. He was on his back, writing slowly on the floor.

“I thought he was-”
“Detained? I guess not.” You flopped next to him, still reeling from the trip and turned your head. From your proxemics, you could see the beads of sweat bejewelling his pale skin.

“I… I suppose you’re used to this by now.” Bucky stifled a chuckle.
“You’re funny, Barnes.”
“I know. I’m hoping it’ll make up for butting in on your thing with Steve.”

You punched him lightly and sat up groggily.
“Believe me. Travelling between decades is not how Steve and I spend our weekends.”

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PART ONE (a.u)

or’: in which dumb7 like to think they’re the new local gang and should be considered badass just because they got a bunch of bikes off ebay that were on sale and now they pretend to take beatdown requests. careful though, hyung line doesn’t mess around,…or at least they hope so.

warnings: mentions of bars/paid violence, vulgar language, lots of crack, super brief mention of dead ppl but it’s indirect no worries, mentions of needles and tattoos? 

special thanks to @bangtanbrochachos​ once again for helping out w some of the ideas my angle and my devil 

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•  signature items: gold ring 
                            + 24k gold chain 

• never reveals his gold chain because he doesn’t want to be deemed as the richy rich half of the tryhards™
• the type to quietly whisper ‘ay’ in the background while someone’s getting dragged
•  is actually the one with the highest credibility because he doesn’t really talk he’s just tall there are ready to stare everyone down saying nothing for like an eternity 
•  and he’s just staring them down like ‘are you really gonna do anything about it? are you’ and the person either backs off or gets into an existential crisis
• but listen if he starts talking it’s all fkin gone his vocabulary is way too eloquent for like fake bar fights and places in where broke ass people are giving leaves as gifts and
•  please stop this boy he’s too polite and cares about morals over money and all the fake shit they’re trying to sell like you could honestly go to him, slap some bills right on the table and be like ‘yo beat me up’ and he’d just look at you like you told him apples grow on trees and be like ‘now why would i do such a thing?’
•  not the one for conflict like ever and if his mates are trying to start shit he just stares @ them too and it’s game over 
•  him and yugyeom can’t always stand in the same room as the rest of the group if they’re having some closed off confrontation bc they’ll block all the light and there’ll be just weird ass smoke and darkness in the room while jackson is trying to hype everyone up and get the goddamn smoking machine to turn off 
• he’s sometimes getting shit like ‘please stop you’re scaring me’ while he was just standing there when he’s a walking puppy question mark pls (((ay)))))
•  the one who lowkey makes the group bow full 90 degrees by nudging their knees before they actually punch someone in the face and told everyone it was jaebum’s idea 
•  was told once that the reason the group wears sunglasses at night is because he’s too bright for them and that they keep him around bc his beauty is their ticket to heaven and actually made ppl reconsider their terrible intentions rip
• cue jackson getting #BornForTheSky trending #1 on twitter after that  n nobody was the same  
• also he is the one who usually appears in bambam’s pictures for ig which consist of him lying against a window w jaebum’s studded leather jacket looking at the lamp in the kitchen w the caption ‘the moonlight shines beautifully’ 
• even though it’s 4pm and the hashtag next to the caption is #happywednesday


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• signature items: fake piercings 
                           + hair gelled to the gods above

•*sigh*, this bitch
the half which is not a half but more like 85% of the tryhards™ or whole group if you will 
i don’t really care about this whole biker thing, says im jaebum at 3am searching fake septums on amazon and printing a whole how to look tough without real tattoos cause needles are scary wikihow article 
used to have a pretty hard time with speaking w strangers like he has his shit together but got more comfortable over the time  especially bc they let him be the leader
 so now everytime he’s speaking to some dude and he gives a good comeback the rest of got7 clap and aggressively holler & headbang while youngjae is filming everything w his nokia and jinyoung whispers to him ‘you’re doing amazing sweetie’
 usually moves p quietly and makes slides instead of steps when he’s in that  mood he’s just feeling smooth bro and he’ll suddenly hear ‘sappunsappun georeoga~~’ slouch and die inside a little when will im jaebum live tbh 
•  got a discount for lace chokers from the ebay guy he got the motorcycles off and got the middle aged mom mentality like ‘wow this is 3% off maybe it will come in handy i must have it ‘
the reason everyone gets to go even to the grocery store down the block on the motorcycle bc girls literally pay him to take them two streets to college and take selfies with him
you might think he doesn’t care for how they appear on social media either but he’s the one who changes bambam’s ig descriptions to my chemical romance
got shook when he first accidentally punched someone and apologised & told them that they can punch him back if they wanted + had regretful thoughts for like a week after
•  doesn’t let the members to make deals after 10 bc sleep is more important than punching ppl in the face 
catch tsundere bum who totally doesn’t care about anything getting his jacket manually studded and adding silver chains to his jeans because he wants to be one step ahead of his enemies mhm we see you boi
• when they first formed their ‘gang’ and he got picked the leader bc he paid for everything jackson suggested the name ‘hell dogs’ and jb wanted to censor it bc it wasn’t appropriate so he wanted to call it infernal poodles and almost put that on a jacket w neon purple writing and flames around it at yj’s prayers 
• he changed his mind though when he got hospitalised bc he was accidentally almost hit 
• by his members
 multiple times
 with a car


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• signature items: abercrombie and fitch cologne
                            + the honda he drives

• the one ‘assigned’ to beat ppl up but wow listen violence is the only thing he hates more than clothes
•  has v strong morals and absolutely refuses to even attempt to touch badly someone who has a child or 
•  ‘the wild in wild and sexy man doesn’t mean acting like a fool that’s just wrong man’ like listen do not do that to jackson bc he’ll turn to jackdaddy and give u the scolding of ur lifetime +  gets offended if u give attitude after so one should rlly prepare themselves if they wanna fight with that
• otherwise he’s like ‘yeah man no worries i’ll take care of it - jackson like a puma!!!’ 
•  wears abercrombie cologne not because he is extremely aware that the members don’t like it, but because ‘only good looking people can wear abercrombie’
•  is known as the bad man to the kids around the neighbourhood he lives in even tho he literally loves them all and wants to protect everyone (’why is he bad again?’ ‘shh son he drives a honda’) basically no one lets him live bc of that but he likes it so it’s all a-ok 
• accuses the members of trying to sabotage him if they tell him to slow it down w the cologne and tells them how ‘the rich musk will attract all the attention they need to make this work you guys are just haters’ 
• a dress code was made for this whole thing believe it or not but he never follows it he just randomly shows up in coats and insists they have ‘a meeting’ to decide if this is a problem when all the members are standing there in their ripped denim and leather jackets like ffs
• pleads to the victim to just walk funnily out of the location or something bc he rlly doesn’t want to do this 
• if the person says ok let’s so this he’s all giddy like omg!!! thank you so much you just made my life so much easier i’d totally treat you to ice cream if we weren’t in some shady ass bar place
• but if they don’t agree he’s like well son do you see tHESE GUNS HMMM  and he gets in their face and aggressively flexes and you know what he can do with them HMMM 
• he prides himself on his honda and is the only one who drives one but listen,,, he doesn’t know anything about motorcycles 
• like he could honestly tell you about a quad core 16 inch motor and to the person it might totally sound fancy but lisTEN,,,,,,
• either the mood setter w his intimidatingly arched furrowed brows or the mood ruiner
• cue jackson saying ‘to defeat the huns’ immediately after jb says ‘let’s get down to business’ like all the time
•  yet jaebum and literally everyone ELSE never learn


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• signature items: pear chapstick 
                            +  hubba bubba bubble tape 

• he was the one who rlly came up with the dresscode like he literally pulled all  the members aside and was like ‘now listen here if we’re gonna do this we’re gonna do this the right way’ hence why there were seven pairs of jeans and leather jackets checked on jaebum’s card
• also he’s the one who takes the jackets and ripped jeans to the washer once a week and they’re not allowed to wear normal clothes while riding (it’s the dress code yugyeom shut the fk up)
• catch dumb7 riding their motorcycles to buy garlic sauce for jinyoung and his ma during that time
•  his street name used to be junior until the group got a group call from jinyoung’s parents and told them they won’t let jinny play gangsters w the boys unless they call him by his real name
• a straight up bitch and who knows whether that might be the only straight he is 
• the only violent thing about him is the death glare he has which can 100% box with the actual dead trust me on this this,,,is,, science 
• the real savage, the one you should really fear the most like 96% of the time and he doesn’t even try to fight he just smiles @ you and u suddenly have the desire to run to church and beg for forgiveness,,, that is ,, a thing
• never allows the members to go past the speeding limit so they always end up late to any ‘business’ they have, blames it on the red lights and no one dares to correct him 
• has a ‘seriously strawberry’ bubble tape pack which he takes out of his pocket and opens it like he’s about to throw a damn grenade and literally bites off the roll (jackson: that man is a savage) after he parks his yamaha sr500 to feel more badass 
• except that one time when he bit onto empty air bc youngjae ate all his bubblegum the day before and stuffed it back into jy’s pocket and tbh everyone should pray for whoever dared to anger him that day (yg: so should he run or should he run now)
• the one who makes all the deals, was supposed to meet with two dudes who requested their services in some bar in the middle of nowhere but only one arrived in time and jinyoung was discussing wtv was needed w the dude and when jinyoung makes deals boi does he get into it 
• and the other dude arrived some time later and opened the door and jinyoung’s head turned almost 180 degrees w the most bitter look and was like ‘that was really fkin rude was i speaking or was i speaking’ 
• sometimes mark or jaebum accompany hin to these kinda meetings and sit in the back to guard 
•  but they’re not guarding jinyoung. they are guarding said people. from jinyoung

hope you enjoyed reading and please look forward to the part II of this au which will highlight maknae line and will be posted as soon as possible!