The Frozen AU literally no one asked for, which then ended up mixing in with Altean Lance/Galran Keith AU….


Allura as Elsa and Princess/Queen of Altea

(Altean) Lance as Anna and Prince of Altea

Kuro as Hans (Because I still ship Hans and Anna actually for real and Hans turning evil all of sudden makes zero sense if you think about it- This topic keeps me up at night. My first conspiracy theory.)

(Galra) Keith as Christoph and Red Lion as his Reindeer Giant Cat

Klaizap as Olaf

The Blade of Marmora as the Trolls and Keith’s family (I didn’ get to draw them OTL)

Coran as Allura’s bodyguard giant monster snowman (didn’t get to draw him either ;-;)

Oh, and of course, how can we forget Shiro:

In this AU he gets a break and has a nice little shop with his gay huband and his little sister (and dad)

I literally spent the entire day drawing this…

Do not repost without permission.

@hannibalcreative I’m late I’m late I’m super duper late but in my defense, I had this finished yesterday but I’m highly dependent on natural light to take photographs and winter sucks?

Anyway, this is my entry for #HannibaLibre. This was really fun! I just wanted to go to town with the colors, so I slapped a super rough lineart on top of a super rough (highly referenced) sketch and used the same No. 8 brush for the entire painting. So, not my most polished work, but I kinda like the way it looks. 

Cecil and Carlos go on a scientific expedition through Michigan/ Day 2- Away

• so Cecil’s predictably really nervous at first
• Because, like, 1. What even is michtagain?
• and 2. He’s never actually left Night Vale
• But like they eventually get out and it’s pretty neat
• (Bonus if they take intern Kareem with them)
• So it doesn’t actually snow in Night Vale so Cecil is so freaked out by this white stuff that’s everywhere!
• e v e r y w h e r e
• “It’s snow, honey.”
• “That’s NOT snow. Where’s the poison-laced teeth? Where’s the horror-filled memories of the tortured souls?”
• So Carlos just sighs because his husband is so cute
• they do all of the super cringey couple stuff because they’re just that couple
• Like it’s officially a “scientific expedition”, but everyone knows that that’s not what’s happening
• (Honeymoon)
• They go like a week after their wedding so it’s just really transparent
• They go to a football game and see Michael Sandero playing
• He’s gotten so much better
• Carlos does do a bit of science
• But he’s too distracted by his beautiful huband to do much

(This is a repost because it messed up the spacing when I tried to update something)

wgm with yongguk
  • he tries to maintain his cool while he waits to finally meet you but all you see is his super cute gummy smile TT-TT
  • stutters while introducing himself to you.
  • “I’m B.A.P’s le-leader Bang Yo-Yong Guk.” *gummy smile* *super awkward laugh* *more gummy smile*
  • takes you to a cafe where you two can talk but you don’t really talk bc he’s really awkward.
  • makes himself ask you questions about your work and all the basic ice breaker questions like “the weather has been nice hasn’t it??”
  • and you’re like “it’s snowing…”
  • in the interview, he gets all shy when this was brought up and makes up the excuse that his mind went completely blank when he met you.
  • he likes treating you food because it makes him want to eat more whenever he’s with you.
  • is really proud to show you where he works but is also extremely humble about it. like when you listen to his lyrics, he’ll be all like “they aren’t that great and need some improvement, but that’s all i have so far.”
  • and they’re like amazing lyrics like waT.
  • hold your bag(s) for you.
  • always has hand warmers in his pocket and likes to share them with you.
  • can’t cook AT ALL.
  • tried cooking with you the simplest food ever: fried spring rolls. all he had to do was put the rolls into the sauce pan filled with oil but he still manages to get himself burned.
  • slowly backed away from the kitchen and just cleaned up the mess you two made.
  • you watched him film part of a music video and he was all tough and cool but the moment he saw you, he couldn’t stop smiling TT-TT LIKE HOW DOES HE DO THAT
  • is actually super romantic but always cringes whenever he gives you presents.
  • once he gave you a bouquet of roses and he couldn’t stop blushing and smiling.
  • took you to namsam tower to do the locks and wrote the most heartfelt message eVER.
  • another time, he lent you his scarf because he was concerned for your health.
  • always hold the door open for you and lets you enter the room first.
  • took the initiative to buy rings on his own time TT-TT
  • at your wedding photo shoot, you best believe his gummy smile is forever evident.
  • is actually good at gardening and was able to grow lettuce.
  • lets you try on face masks on him.
  • he gets really comfortable with skinship as time goes on and almost seems like second nature to him to grab you hand when you’re out in a busy area.
  • also will put an arm around you while you walk if it’s busy or if he doesn’t want to lose you.
  • likes photo booths and making silly faces with you.
  • when the rest of bap met you, they teased him so hard but he maintain his composure, only laughing at what they said. (but u knew they boutta get their asses whooped after filming)
  • wished you good health and a successful future when you two left the show. he said “it was an honor to be your husband even if it was only for fun. it truly felt real and i am happy i was able to spend all this time with you. i hope your future husband will treat you way better than i treated you and fill up all the gaps where i lacked. fighting!”
Eliza Hamilton remembered the sleepless night when her husband gave immortal expression to a durable principle of constitutional law. As an ancient lady garbed in widow’s weeds, she told the story to a young man who recorded it this way in his journal:

‘Old Mrs. Hamilton…active in body, clear in mind…talks familiarly of Washington, Jefferson, and the fathers. I told her how greatly I was interested..on account of her husband’s connection with the goverment. “He made your goverment,“ said she. “He made your bank. I sat up all night to help him do it. Jefferson thought we outght not to have a bank and President Washington thought so. But my huband said, "We must have a Bank.” I sat up all night, copied out his writing, and the next morning he carried it to President Washington and we had a bank.
—  Alexander Hamilton, Ron Chernow
''Imagine being heavily pregnant with Bard's child and going into labor while you and Bard are too far from any kind of help. All the while, Bard can't help but watch you in awe and adoration as you work to bring your first child together into this world.''

I got bored and felt inspired.

You and your husband Bard lived on one side of Lake Town. Everyone would always joke about how Lake Town was such a small place but in reality it wasn’t, because otherwise everyone would be living in each other’s pockets.

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Imagine Spock working in the labs in a pretty important experiment. He puts up a shield between his mind and Jim’s, because as much as he adores the dynamic mind of his human bondmate, he really needs to focus. 

But what if that day Jim happened to be coming down with something. Spock wouldn’t know, and Jim, out of a misguided sense of independence, would not make an effort to tell him. He’d drag himself out of bed and to the bridge, despite the beginnings of a fever and the growing nuesa.

It would work for about an hour, until the virus got the best of him, and he dashed off the bridge to vomit the limited contents of his stomach into the toilet. Naturally, someone would call Bones, who would then coerce Jim to sickbay. Jim, utterly miserable as he was, would crave Spock’s presence but still refuse to reach out through their bond because he doesn’t want to distract Spock and he’s too exhausted to try to penetrate the shield.

He’d maintain his determination throughout the examination, until Bones has guided him back to his quarters, pushed him none too gently onto the bed and insisted that he stay there. But when Bones asks if there’s anything he can get him, Jim just closes his eyes, gives up, and says in a voice that sounds a bit pathetic to even his own ears, “Spock.”

Spock barely has to hear the words, “Your idiot is sick,” before his rushing out of the labs and to their quarters. He mentally prepares to scold Jim for not alerting him of his illness, but when he gets there, Jim is shivering under the blankets, looking so sick and so terribly endearing, that Spock just sighs, takes off his shoes, and crawls into bed with him. He bundles Jim close and says softly, “We will talk about it later.” Jim justs nods, burrows against him and falls asleep. 

“I made this place for you. A place for you to love me. If this isn’t the kingdom then I don’t know what it is.
[…] We were in the gold room where everyone finally gets what they want, so I said
What do you want, sweetheart? and you said Kiss me.[x]

FIRST OF ALL, THANK YOU!! ❤❤ you made my day, you have no idea. It means a lot to me. thank you thank you. ❤

So there, it’s a bit messy but it felt right. Here you go, post-season 3, murder husbands dancing together for the first time. I hope you like it.