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Dungeon Crafting: Puzzle Dungeons

image source: Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

Now, I don’t know if you people have seen Mark Brown’s miniseries on YouTube known as Boss Keys, but it’s pretty great. It picks apart and analyzes some of my favorite dungeons from the Legend of Zelda games and finds out what makes a dungeon a Zelda dungeon. I have always loved these dungeons because they have a lot of density and force you to explore the space slowly and think your way through its puzzles. Definitely check out Boss Keys. From what I learned from those videos plus my own experiences as a DM, I’m going to try and detail how to create a Zelda-like puzzle dungeon. There are a few hallmarks that you should hit on:

Dungeon Density

Each area in the dungeon should be complex. It should have several things to interact with in each room other than the monsters or guardians. Everything doesn’t have to be immediately useful or usable, but it should provide context for the dungeon. For ideas, think what the dungeon was used for and research what sorts of things might be in an ancient tomb, lost temple, or forgotten keep. Have certain puzzle elements stand out. A good example from the Legend of Zelda is the eyeball above a closed door. I would stray away from that type of “puzzle” as it’s very well-known, I assume, that you have to hit the eye to open the door. On the other hand, a well-known puzzle like that could signal to the players that this is going to be one of “those” dungeons.

Making a dungeon complex and dense will mean that you have less rooms to populate, and will make it feel robust and well-used. It will also give a feeling of slight confusion for the players as they try to organize all of the information you’re giving them, but as the dungeon progresses, they can pick and choose which parts of the dense dungeon are integral to solving the dungeon!

Hub Areas

With all of that dungeon density I’ve been talking about, it’s good to have some sort of hub area. It could be a large room, a safe sanctuary, or have some overbearing landmark for players to imprint on. This will be the main part of the dungeon that they remember and can rely on. They will pay the most attention to this hub. So if this hub is a main part of solving your dungeon puzzle, they will notice changes made to the room very easily. For instance, a hub room could be a gaping chasm with bridges that seem to be mechanical. When certain levers in other parts of the dungeon are pulled, some pathways in the hub open up and some close off as the bridges ascend, descend, or turn. Back in my post about dungeon tempo, this creates a nice rhythm for players to always come back to a room that they’ve cleared and notice progress.

Branching Paths

Branching paths are a key part of puzzle dungeons. Don’t have a dungeon that is all one path that railroads players to the end of the dungeon with a puzzle for each room. Players need to be able to explore and discover the available paths in the dungeon and find the path for themselves. In the Boss Keys miniseries I mentioned, Mark constantly differs Legend of Zelda dungeons by whether they make you find a path versus making you follow a path. I personally enjoy finding the path and I think most players do too. It is key in creating what are known as…

A-Ha Moments

An a-ha moment is not that feeling you get when listening to Take On Me, but it’s pretty close. It’s that feeling a player gets when they figure out a puzzle by suddenly putting two and two together. There are a few aspects to create this in dungeon and level design:

  • Foreshadowing: implying that one part of the dungeon must be revisited later or implying something further in the dungeon exists. Laying this groundwork puts thoughts in players’ heads to help them markedly acknowledge that it’s okay to leave this area, because something lies ahead.
  • State Changes: the environment of the dungeon or its parts changes based on the actions of the players. This is the “puzzle” part of the a-ha moment. Pressing a button to change gravity, move a pylon, or change water levels can would count as a state change. Even acquiring a key item that can affect the dungeon or the players’ movement would count (see Link’s Pegasus Boots, Hover Boots, Silver Gauntlets, etc.)
  • Backtracking: After the state change, the dungeon has shifted. Some areas that were once inaccessible can now be accessed, and areas that were once open have closed off. This forces the players to backtrack. Where do they backtrack to? The place that foreshadowed the backtracking.

How does this look in practice? Let’s make an example:

The players enter a dungeon and quickly make it to a hub area with four doors. three of the doors have a bridge extending from it to a central platform. The platform and bridges are 100 ft. above a pit of spikes, which are very satisfying to kick the kobolds in this room onto. Once players tire themselves of punting kobolds, they notice that the central platform has a large plinth with a stationary mirror set into it. The mirror is facing one of the directions of the bridges. The mirror can’t be easily moved without tools, and it has no apparent use yet. The players move on to one of the doors connected by the bridge.

The players go through several chambers, fighting monsters and avoiding traps, when they find a room with a lever in it. When pulled, they hear a low rumbling and grinding of stone elsewhere in the dungeon. When they return to the hub room, the central platform and bridges have rotated, allowing passage to the door that didn’t have a bridge leading to it before.

Down this new route, the players find a stone button with an angel relief on it. After pushing a huge rock onto it, they hear another rumbling. On returning to the hub room, an angel relief is now visible on the wall as a stone slab has moved away to reveal it.

The yet unexplored room is still accessible by the bridge, and after exploring down that path, the players find a crank near a gilded relief of a sun. The crank opens up a sunroof in the hub area. The sun (if daytime) shines light onto the central mirror in that room, which then reflects it out in one direction. The only problem is, the beam of light from the mirror isn’t facing the way the PCs want (towards the revealed angel relief in the hub area).

Realizing that they need to point the mirror so the light shines on the angel relief, they must backtrack to the room with the lever that rotates the bridges and mirror until the mirror is oriented the way they want.

This example has density. It’s essentially four rooms with all the things they need to solve a puzzle in the hub area (the central room with the bridges). It could use more density though with more puzzle intertwined throughout some filler rooms or with more things to do in each room; I was light on description for the purpose of the example. It has three branching paths (four if you include where they entered from). The mirror foreshadows a light puzzle, and the sun icon foreshadows the opening of the sunroof. The bridges, angel relief, and sunroof all exist in the hub area and change states based on the players’ actions in the rest of the dungeon. Players have to backtrack to the room that changes the bridge orientation so they can rotate the mirror to face the right direction. This is a fairly simple puzzle, but in the context of a session of D&D where the story less shown and more told, it can prove more difficult. Keep all of these factors in mind when making a puzzle dungeon, and don’t forget to watch Boss Keys!

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[apologies to Beyonce… and pretty much everyone else too]


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Here's a cracky idea--post movie fic where Peter has to deal with a bevy of new Ravager aunts and uncles: Stakar Ogord and his team. After all, Yondu may be gone, but his kid's still here, and what kind of friends would they be if they didn't look in on the boy every now and then?

At first Peter thought it was a coincidence that he and the Guardians kept running into Yondu’s old space pirate buddies all over the damn galaxy.

He’d met them after the funeral at a wild 3-day wake on Stakar’s ship (bigger than the Eclector, and painfully reminiscent of it). Peter’s hangover lasted even longer than the party, but he’d ended up having a much better time than he was expecting. Ravagers definitely knew how to party, but what Peter hadn’t seen coming was how much it helped to be around people who’d known Yondu even longer than he had … people who had loved him as much as Peter had. For the first time, he got to hear embarrassing stories about Yondu’s youth, got to know him through the eyes of people who had known him as an equal, rather than through the eyes of a scared Terran child.

… he’d liked Yondu’s friends, damn it, and there was a part of him that was angry all over again that he hadn’t gotten to know any of these people growing up. He couldn’t stop thinking about how different things might have been if Yondu had just talked to them, tried to explain …

Except, no: if Yondu hadn’t made the choices he’d made, been the person he was, then he would never have picked Peter up on Earth, and Peter would never have known any of these people anyway. And the idea of losing this life – the idea of never meeting Gamora, or Rocket, or Drax, or any of the others … never knowing any part of the galaxy outside of Missouri … never meeting Yondu … shredded something inside him.

It had been a very hard life in some ways, but it was his life.

So he got to know Yondu’s friends a little bit, and after the party broke up, Peter figured he’d never see any of them again.

But then they ran into Stakar on Knowhere, while they were fencing some artifacts recovered from the ruins of a nameless planet out near the Hub, and ended up having a few drinks with Stakar and Martinex for old time’s sake. And then there was that salvage job in the Crab Nebula, which also seemed to have gotten onto the radar of Aleta and her crew of terrifying warrior women, so they ended up cooperating with Aleta’s furies to get the derelict ship stripped down for scrap (it wasn’t like they could have fit it all into their cargo hold anyway). And Mainframe helped them out of a little jam involving a small mercenary fleet that they might have pissed off by snaking a job out from under them; she said she was just passing through anyway. And then Charlie-27 and Stakar were checking out the famous animal market on Murin-IV for some reason, which meant they were around to help Peter and company break out Rocket after he stupidly got himself captured as a zoo oddity –

… and wait a minute.

“Are you following us?” Peter demanded, the next statistically-unlikely time (two weeks later) when he ran into Stakar again, this time in a bar near the spaceport on a backwater ice planet while picking up parts after they’d had another skirmish with what was left of the mercenaries.

He was fully expecting Stakar to deny it, but instead the old pirate gave him a sideways grin and told the bartender to put Peter’s drinks on his tab. “You know,” Stakar said, swirling the bright-yellow drink around in his glass, “we’re putting the old crew back together – been pulling off a few jobs here and there.”

“I heard that,” Peter said cautiously. “If that’s an invitation – uh, not to shoot you down or anything, but –”

Stakar gave a sharp, hoarse laugh, and for an instant there was a hint of Yondu in the glint in his eyes, jabbing an unexpected pain under Peter’s ribs. “Not that we’d turn down the famous Star-Lord –” Peter wished he could figure out if he was being made fun of or not; there was a lot of Yondu in that, too. “– but I figure you’ve got your own thing going, and it’s working out for you just fine. Am I wrong?”

“You’re not wrong,” Peter admitted.

“But,” Stakar went on, jabbing a finger at him around the smudged glass, “that doesn’t mean we don’t have your back. We weren’t there when Yondu needed us, but we’re sure as hell gonna be there for his kid. You’re a Ravager, son. You ever get in trouble, all you gotta do is give us a call.”

Peter stared at him, wordless. Stakar reached out and lifted Peter’s chin with a fingertip, closing his mouth. “You better shut that thing or something’s gonna fly in. Especially in here.”

“Uh … yeah.” Groping for normality, Peter knocked back his entire drink in one gulp, and choked. Stuff tasted like it was 200-proof. Why the hell had he still not learned that drinking with Ravagers was usually a bad idea?

“Another?” Stakar asked, looking amused.

“Sure,” Peter gasped. At least the drink gave him an excuse for why his eyes were watering.

He had grown up thinking that he didn’t have any family at all. Now he was starting to entertain the strange, dizzying possibility that you could have more than one.

*waiting for American Gods to load up*

hub talking to me: I wonder how they’re going to adjust this story for television, because there’s a lot of stuff they’re not going to be able to show.  It’s way too graphic.

Brian Fuller: Hold my beer…

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Could I get a ship? Preferably with a male character if you don't mind. I'm more of an outgoing person with kind of a laid back personality, but I do have a passion that sparks with things I like. I'll laugh at mostly anything and I can be sarcastic sometimes. I'm genuinely caring towards everyone, putting others before myself, and I love to play video games and draw. I'm also a sucker for fluff and cuddles and I have been known to use cheesy pick up lines to cheer someone up or compliment them

I ship you with Hanzo!

Originally posted by hanzofromoverwatch

Your outgoing personality really encourages him to do things he most likely wouldn’t have ended up doing if he’d never met you. He absolutely adores how passionate you get with certain things and greatly respects how caring you are towards others. That being said, he tends to be your grounding point and often reminds you that not everyone deserves the amazing amount of kindness you offer. He also loves you see you laugh and often tries to get you to do so; he’s not the best at joking but the face he makes when you fire off a cheesy pick-up line that he doesn’t understand is priceless. He loves to spend quiet cuddly time watching you draw or just mindlessly chatting. However, if you’re looking for a chill time, never invite him to play your video games with you; he turns video gaming into an epic, hour-long war that he is determined to win. Repeatedly. Finally, when you’re both in a sassy mood, everyone better run because y’all are the ultimate sarcasm duo; even D.Va, McCree, Tracer, and Genji combined couldn’t out-sarcasm you two.

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if you're feelin this: dva and zenyatta bonding? my buddy and i have been playing those two in comp nonstop and we're a mini deathball of our own when put together.

@themortalscout a thousand apologies for how late this is!!

It starts when Hana types up a program that will track Zenyatta’s discord orbs directly in her HUB.

To speed things up, she tells him; now she can just go directly for the targets instead of waiting for Zenyatta to call out who he’s discorded through comm. He doesn’t think much of it at the time, merely offers to look through the program with Genji and Lúcio to see if they couldn’t tweak it to perfection, and Hana’s smile is bright and genuine as she agrees.

And then they’re on the field, and then he throws his orb of discord on an enemy, and Hana is shouting in comm, “Ten o’clock, semi-auto long-range rifle, reloading after twelve shots - ”

Acknowledged,” Genji says, soon echoed by his brother Hanzo, and Hana has barely taken a step in her mech before shurikens descend on the hapless ‘bot, distracting it enough for Hanzo to nail it with an arrow to the head. Zenyatta’s orb of discord returns to him in short order and Genji says cheerfully, “Why didn’t we think of doing this sooner?”

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unicornwizard69  asked:

What is underfell, what is underswap, and is fellswap common too? Like do they have planned out au stories that everyone generally follows (as consencus) or does everyone make up their own. Sincerely, a confused person who just searched undertale for the first time on tumblr looking for a cute phone background but instead found a bunch of au drawings.

((FIRST OFF—I just gotta say that I hecking love your icon my dude! Though I maaay be a little biased because Ryan’s my fave LMAO

In any case, Underfell, Underswap and Swapfell–as you’ve probably already gathered–are all AUs! Arguably speaking, Underfell and Underswap are some of the ‘big’ ones while Swapfell is relatively new and not as established beyond headcanons about the skelebros (at least on tumblr; originally it was centered around Alphyne by the original creator but then it got kinda derailed along the way by the fandom LOL)

Underfell was originally created by two people who have since let the fandom have full reign of it and locked up the hub blog for it (not mentioning their URLs because they said they no longer wanted to be associated with the AU). Originally, Underfell was meant to be ‘evil’ Undertale, but then the creators decided that it would be more fun to make it a design-only AU. This meant that everyone was free to use the original Underfell designs however they wanted and with whatever story they liked. The only set ‘thing’ about Underfell from that point on was that everyone looked edgy. :’D Other things that are considered universally accepted fanon lore for Underfell that don’t relate to appearances are things like Sans calling Papyrus ‘boss’ and having a taste for mustard as his condiment of choice.

Underswap was originally created by popcornpr1nce with the designs in this post. There used to be hub blog with information for this AU as well but that has also been shut down for a while now and, as far as I know, popcornpr1nce has since let people do their own thing with the AU. Underswap is essentially a swap of some of the more prominent roles in Undertale. So Swap!Papyrus takes on the role of Sans and is the one you fight at the end of a No Mercy run, Swap!Toriel takes Asgore’s place in the castle, Swap!Undyne takes Alphys’s place in the labs, etc. You can see most of the main swaps in that original picture but there are some more obscure ones (such as Gaster and Riverperson swapping) that have been kind of lost to the fandom since the hub blog went down.

Swapfell was originally created by kkhoppang who has since deleted their blog and also their twitter I believe ;m; I don’t have a link to their original line-up of character designs but I do have a couple other links to their Alphyne designs (along with some Tori and Napstaton <3) and their finalised versions of what the skelebros would look like. The designs you see floating around tumblr for the bros now are a popular fanon version that sort of took over after kkhopang left and aren’t actually anything like their original version. In any case, the idea of Swapfell was basically taking the Underswap universe and making it ‘edgy’ like Underfell and thus combining the two AUs into one. I actually don’t know much else about the AU in general—not in the least because I can’t speak a lick of Korean so I don’t know if there was ever any lore associated with kkhoppang’s pictures or not ahahahha

So, as far as stories go, Underfell and Swapfell have no set stories and everyone is free to sort of do whatever they like with the AUs, though most people typically keep in making it follow Undertale’s general story with the additions of a little more angst and violence LOL Underswap has more of a rigid format in that, beyond the swaps, the story stays the same as Undertale, but many fans have done creative twists of their own and really made the AU into something fantastic as well!

In the end though, honestly, you should feel free to interpret the AUs however you want and however you most enjoy them! If you’re new to AUs, it might seem a little off-putting or even over-whelming at first, but it can be a lot of fun to dig into them if you find people who do it in a way you like! And if you don’t like anything already made, there’s always the option of doing your own version! :’)

Anyways, I hope that was informative and, also, I hope you eventually got a sufficiently cute phone background!! <33 And if you ever need help on that note, totally IM me dude and I will hook you up because I’ve been hoarding pretty fanart for aaages ;3))

“What do you mean you lost the money?”

“I mean,” Aleks snapped back, shoving a few extra clips into his bag, “That they fucking jumped me, beat my face in, and now the money is gone, Sly!”

“We just have to get it back before Kootra finds out,” Sly said, trying to calm him, but even he sounded doubtful. You don’t lose that much money when the money belongs to a crew like the Hub. He’d seen plenty of what happened to people who lose money in his lifetime and he needed all of his fingers, thanks. He was lucky to be alive now, he wasn’t gonna push it by hoping that the Hub was gonna be understanding here.

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I said I’d do this potluck dinner thing for work tomorrow night, but now I’m feeling like I don’t wanna. And who wants Italian food, albeit DELICIOUS Italian food, cooked by a sick person?

I say it every year, but I forget how busy work gets every Summer.

I have the most effed up dreams when I’m sick. The hubs woke me up for work this morning but I fell back to sleep for a few minutes and in that tiny space of time I dreamt I had fleas. Me. Not the cats. Me.

A friend of mine just found out he has a son. A 10 year old son. How does one keep that information from someone ?!?

I have two weeks of precious maternity leave left after this week.  Two.  Baby is just two and a half months old.  She’s my entire world, you guys.  My heart and light wrapped up into a long bundle of joy, smiles, and cooing.   She is a champion smiler with a light up grin for me, her dad, the Retriever, and a couple of favorite toys.  Her head control is getting better.  She’s quite the kicker.  She’s a champion snuggler when she nurses.  We’ve started bedtime routine at 8:00 in order to get ready for both Hubs and I working, and although I know we are probably looking at sleep regression here in a bit, she’s taken to it like a snuggly, cuddled, tiny swaddled pro.  She’s been sleeping from 8:30pm to 2:30am, and then again until 5:30am or so.  (This mom does not get that same rest.  This mom learned her lesson and will pump frequently through the night in order to do all that is possible to avoid mastitis again.)

I know that I wouldn’t be my best self (which is different for everybody) if I were a long term SAHM.  I like providing therapy.  I like psych research.  I like coordinating and measuring interventions.  I like my private practice (especially more-so now that I’m getting to really lean in to perinatal mental health.)  

But man.  This leaving her?  This shit is hard.

And I’m finding that I’m really having to set boundaries with some friends who became very used to me being available frequently during the day (meaning, they stopped by or we met for coffee or I could answer texts at the drop of a hat.)  But with 2 weeks left?  I am all sorts of protective over my time with taco meat (it’s what hubs calls her?).  All the snuggles.  All the tummy time.  All the nursery rhymes.  All the books.  All the whisperings into her ear about how deeply and painfully I love her and what an absolute privilege it will be to pick her up from daycare every day.  I don’t want to get coffee right now.  I don’t want people in my house right now.  I’m not ok with drop in visitors (and I’m usually very laid back about that.)  And some people are having a really hard time with that.  Which means … I have to be ok with their reaction and not react in turn.  Respond, yes.  React … probably not helpful, even though I truly want to shout sometimes that my infant daughter literally, in her mind / soul / body, NEEDS me right now … and they do not.

I’m ok with hugging her and rocking her to sleep.  I’m ok with how excited her little body gets when she realizes it’s baby juice time (nursing time).  I’m ok with infant massage and lovingly squeezing her little knees and lovely little elbows and sweet, smooth, kissable cheeks.  I’m ok with tenderly discussing her day with Hubs, who gobbles up every mundane detail.  I’m ok with laughing with him about how seriously awful her diapers have gotten (So.  Bad.)  I have energy flowing in pretty much one direction now, and I just don’t feel like I can stop until I have to.  

My work called me today to discuss some of the transitions back to me.  My workload is getting bigger.  It’ll be up to me to set boundaries around scheduling, work hours, etc.  It’ll be up to me to stick to seeing my last client at 4:00 (I’ve been known to cave in and agree to a 6:00pm session.)  They also know that my private practice is growing rapidly, and already there are some bribes coming in to get me to stay long term.  When I get back, I’m transferring to an office 3x the size of my current one.  Still more talk about grooming me for a clinical directorship.  I have my yearly review in July and will be preparing until then to negotiate a raise (which is overdue and well earned.  I’ll explain later.)

I know I can balance these things.  In my spirit, deep down, there’s a way to do this until my student loan forgiveness contract ends (October 2018).  And then I’ll drop down to part time at the agency and see what happens with the private practice.  Those toddler years?  Sign me up.  I’m bummed I have to miss out on so much of these baby years.  I want play dates and swim lessons and early dance classes and library story time.  And I want to continue providing psychotherapy.

None of this is new.

It’s just working mom stuff.  I know.  Anyway.  Somewhere this post took a terrible, rambling turn without a point.


Baby is hands down the best thing that has happened for me.  She is my entire soul.  I literally, physically and painfully miss her when I’m away from her during the day.

I am also a successful psychotherapist who LOVES psychotherapy and my clients.  I have an obligation to the agency I’m at right now.

I need to balance the two. 

Before I figure that out, baby is waking up, though, and will need the mama snuggles and the baby juice and the kisses on the cheeks.  And I am just the one to give her them.

addictwitha-fren  asked:

Hi!!!! for the ship thing (if it is still open) I am a 5'4 black chubby girl with short dreadlocks who wears a ton of black and sometimes gets called goth for it lmao. I like emo bands, spending time with family and hanging out with my pets. I have schizophrenia and depression but I am in the midst of fixing it!! (also your blog is super cool)

My grandma used to call me goth because one of my favorite colors was black, even though I usually wore bright colors and my room is always colorful and shit. She was a dork but she was great.


I ship you with Genji!

Originally posted by wolfyfloofs

Despite his denial, Genji is totally still into emo bands from since back in his angsty days, so he’s totally down to chilling out and headbanging to some emo jams. He also enjoys playing with his noodle-dog, so many of your dates include walking and playing fetch with the various pets. He’s at your side throughout your struggles, even at it’s worst, and helps you get through it in any way he can. As your fight to win continues, he’s with you every step of the way and has great pride in your determination.