In the same way children in China are learning English from an early age, pockets of native English speakers are now realizing the benefits of an early education in Chinese.

In the hopes of gaining an advantage over future competition, a Chinese language school in Houston, United States, is seeing an increasing number of students enrol to learn about the culture and language of China, reports Xinhua

Over the weekend, over 500 people took part in a Chinese language and culture competition held by Huaxia, the largest Chinese training school…

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Chinese troops ask U.S.military jet to leave Nansha Islands: FM

Chinese troops ask U.S.military jet to leave Nansha Islands: FM | 2015-05-22 22:31:07 | Editor: huaxia BEIJING, May 22 (Xinhua) — Chinese troops asked a U.S. military jet approaching the Nansha Islands to change course by radio, a foreign ministry spokesperson confirmed on Friday. “Chinese troops acted upon the rules and asked the U.S. aircraft to leave,” spokesperson Hong Lei told a daily press briefing. Hong’s comments came after a US P-8A…

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