Feanorian Week, Day 3:

CELEGORM THE FAIR: Third Son of Fëanor

The brother whose strength was unyielding, whose heart was callous from too many days spent in the wild. The son whose fire burned bright and cold. The friend of Oromë, master of Huan. Also called Turcafinwë or Tyelkormo.

FeanorianWeek Day #3

·         Day 3- Celegorm - > Childhood, Hunting, Orome & Huan, Strength & Beauty, Wickedness, Love/Unrequited

 Their guest, the little Doriathrin princess, has been trying to spark his temper for days now – imagining, perhaps, that if angered enough he will throw down the door and storm into her cell. And then what? She will have to fight off his beastly advances? She will be able to claim malicious intent against him? She certainly cannot escape.

He doesn’t like to think such deviousness of her, beautiful creature that she is –

(Dammit, Tyelko, a memory of Aredhel whispers, women are not does!

Are you not? his younger self laughs, and Aredhel snarls like a she-wolf and tackles him to the ground and he laughs and laughs and concedes that she is not much like a doe at all.

Ai, though you are nothing but a dog, she says haughtily, the mud in her hair and her dress and the glitter in her eye no impediment to her arrogance, and he loves her, but not as she seems to think he loves her)

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Happy Celegorm Day!

Today’s winner is @callalillyg (look for my message in your box)

Feanorian Tealight: (red) I’m putting one of these in each of the kits tbh… They burn fairly long for a tea light (about 6-8 hours)

The Fair: (white) I don’t take Tyelko to be the type to be super big on perfumy smells (not terribly subtle, and potentially distracting) So this one doesn’t actually have much smell. It also burns a bit faster than most of my tealights do, which is probably appropriate.

Forest Tealight: (brown/grey) this one smells like pine, with a little sparkle to it

Huan: This does have a (very very slight) glow, and smells like leather, wood, and honey – I did goof (in retrospect), as I can’t actually verify this as dog-safe (oops: glow-powder and honey :/), but it’s safe for humans

who the signs should fight in exo
  • aries: kim joonmyeon
  • taurus: lu han
  • gemini: kim minseok
  • cancer: huang zitao
  • leo: byun baekhyun
  • virgo: kim jongin
  • libra: zhang yixing
  • scorpio: do kyungsoo
  • sagittarius: kim jongdae
  • capricorn: oh sehun
  • aquarius: park chanyeol
  • pisces: kris/wu yifan/li jiaheng/kevin wu