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For a moment, she doesn’t know how to react as she only stood there, twitching a smile but mentally crying out for her only companion who would even bother to introduce her to them. Nope, no such luck, so instead she’ll have to do it on her own.

“Uhm…. hi!” The blonde teen greeted shakily, waving a hand as if it was the only thing she knew about greeting people.

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There’s little that makes Yogi happier than being given the day off to explore whatever town they happen to have landed next to.  And on this day, as fate would have it, the quaint village is having a festival, one to herald the return of spring and the end of the cold, harsh nights of winter.  It comes as no surprise to anyone that Yogi’s never been too keen on the cold, so he’s all too happy to partake in the festivities.

All he’s managed to do so far, though, is window-shopping.  Or, well, more like stall-browsing - a few items have caught his fancy, though he’s also been saving up to buy a few more Nyanperona items and buying things here would only put a dent in his savings.  Ah, what’s a conflicted young man to do?!

He spends so much time wrapped up in his own thoughts, however, that he notices not his own steps, and accidentally walks into someone else who’s standing nearby.  "O-oh!  I’m so sorry!“