Up and Coming: (predicted) stars of the 2013-2016 quad; 7/?

-Huang Huidan (China): Born in 1996 (or 1997?) Best events are bars (nice variety of skills such as a stalder shaposh ½) and beam (standing arabian to korbut). She has a weak floor set and her most difficult vault is a FTY.


Have some gymnastics and Beyonce!!

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A post from heaven! Hit it Zhu!! Showing that she is just as flexible as former Rhythmic Gymnast, and now their dance teacher, Zhou Jie. Note that they are en pointe <3 Also FYI, Zhu shows that she can perform the backcatch on both her left and her right, very impressive.

Zhu Xiaofang, Zhou Jie
Huang Huidan, Bai Yawen, Zhu Xiaofang, Fan Yilin; Mao Yi, Chen Siyi, Tan Jiaxin, Liu Tingting, Hong Ke
Zhu Xiaofang, Bai Yawen, Huang Huidan, Zhou Jie (2x)
Zhu Xiaofang, Zhou Jie, Bai Yawen
Zhu Xiaofang, Bai Yawen, Huang Huidan, Zhou Jie || Huang Huidan, Bai Yawen, Mao Yi, Zhu Xiaofang, Fan Yilin, Chen Siyi, Tan Jiaxin, Liu Tingting, Hong Ke, Lu Yufei (2x)

Source: Zhou Jie

China’s second internal test - A brief overview

So team China had their second internal test today (just now, actually). Some flowers performed spectacularly while others kind of choked. 

Yilin completed her 7.1 bars (15.233) with ease and did a good beam set (one wobble and one step for dismount, other wise good). Her beam score is kinda low-balled though (14.6). She also had an ok floor (low difficulty but clean, 13.6)

Tingting had a great day today. Finished a DTY, an upgraded, 6.6 bars with a score of 15.166 (although its kinda inflated IMO), a clean beam set (14.533) and a decent floor. I think her AA score is 58.3 or something. 

Potato had a terrible day, falls on beam and floor, although her vault is clean and good. 

Mao Yi did well today, clean DTY, an Ok if not difficult bars, STAYED ON BEAM, and did a decent floor (went OOB but still…).

Luo Huan did a FTY, a good bar and decent beam and floor

Jiaxin had a 6.8 bars (did a Shang, FTDLO for dismount), a good DTY (she tried an Amanar, succeeded during the warm up but crashed during the actual test), and barely completed her floor (wild landings, 5.9 difficulty)

Yufei barely completed her DTT, crashed her bar but did well for beam (14.166) and floor (5.8 difficulty, 14.066)

Xiaofang did a FTY, fell on her beam but had a decent bar (6.4 difficulty) and artistic floor (SHE EVEN HAD A TRIPLE PUNCH FRONT IM LIKE WHATTTT XIAOFANG U CRAZYYY, 5.6 difficulty)

Jinnan did a FTY, has a good beam but crashed floor, did not do bars.

Siyi had a terrible day, she’s still injured. Huang Huidan choked on both bars and beam and left halfway through :/

and finally,

songsong had the day of her life - clean FTY, a good bar (although only scored a 14.8 :/), killed beam (15.333) and SLAYED floor (6.6, 15.033). I didn’t catch her vault score but with an assumed 14 she would get 59.166 with a freaking FTY.