huang zitao




                                                    HAPPY 23RD BIRTHDAY
                                     Zealous, Impulsive, Talented, Admirable, Outspoken


Prince TaoTao being teased by HLs during his emotional speech at the concert.

One day when you grow up, you will have your own family and children. 
No matter if you are working or just a student, I wish you do what you like and be happy for everyday. Sometimes, you will be exhausted from all the hard work, but later you will find that it was all worth it.
No pain.No gain.What goes around comes back around.Time will prove everything. Time will take away all the bad things, time will help you forget. Don’t care about the haters, I wish everyday is a new beginning for everyone. I hope my songs motivate you, excite you and brighten up your mood.This is what I want to bring to you,
Even if I get older and you don’t love me anymore, I hope that you can always listen to my music. I will keep writing songs for you until I die. 
Thank you for everything.