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hi! Can u give me some cdrama recommendations? Preferably historical and/or fantasy lol thanks

I love you, Anon! 

All of these should be easily found with English subs, but if you are having trouble, message me. As you will see, I am fond of a decent amount of romance, and am a fangirl for some actors more than others. Plus, they are all (IMO) good entry points. I put in a MV for each. 

Bu Bu Jing Xin/Startling By Each Step

To watch if you like beautiful visuals, time travel, heroines that grow, tragedies, romance.

Not to watch if you don’t like Qing hairstyles, slow pace, heroine loving more than one man in the course of the drama. 

Eternal Love/Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

To watch if you like beautiful visuals, a lot of sort-of reincarnation, all-consuming romance, high fantasy and mythology.

Not to watch if you don’t like really slow starts, a lot of CGI, heroines that can be immature. 

General and I

To watch if you like beautiful visuals (notice a theme?), a romance novel in period cdrama form, very competent leads in an enemies to lovers storyline, angst.

Not to watch if you don’t like long dramas, lengthy OTP separations, unrealistic medical conditions (welcome to wuxia! :P)

Gong/Palace/Jade Palace Lock Heart

To watch if you like beautiful visuals (notice a theme?), time travel, comedy, romance with a hero obsessed with heroine, seeing Boys Over Flowers in period form.

Not to watch if you hate Qing hairstyles, some goofiness, heroine spending early chunk of drama in love with someone else, a little bit of cartoonishness.

Ice Fantasy

To watch if you like beautiful visuals (arguably most beautiful drama I’ve seen, design-wise), high fantasy, heroic quests, brotherly love, something that looks like a Tolkien AU, BAMF heroines, multiple romances, fairy tales.

Not to watch if you don’t like - major wigs and costumes, a certain simplicity that comes from fairy tale frame up, plot holes.  

Lan Ling Wang/Prince of Lan Ling

To watch if you like romance novels in period form, killer dudes with long hair who are putty in hands of tiny heroines, married couples in love, evil harem intrigue, defying fate, masks and rose petals.

Not to watch if you don’t like stories that lack political complexity and look like shoujo manga come to life. 

Legend of Condor Heroes 2008 version

To watch if you like wuxia, cool OTPs, smart heroines, a tragic antihero, fights fights fights.

Not to watch if you don’t like magic, crazy medicine, secondary characters in some insane make up.


To watch if you like something shorter than your usual cdrama, fantasy, romance, people with wings.

Not to watch if you don’t like a strong case of what looks like BDSM fixation on part of the writer, a bit of childishness, and an ending that is polarizing (fair warning - I am in the tiny minority who was OK with it.)

The Glamorous Imperial Concubine/Qing Shi Huang Fei

To watch if you like female centric stories, messed up love stories, evil families, secondary guys who are unhealthy intense but magnetic, a lot of hurt/comfort, arc where heroine goes from disney princess to cynical BAMF.

Not to watch if you don’t like family intrigue, messed up male leads, crazy secondaries.

Return of  Condor Heroes 2006 version

To watch if you like wuxia, truly jaw-dropping visuals, beautiful deadly people madly in forbidden love (sometimes the whole drama feels like a cinematic swoon), battles. My first cdrama that got me hooked. 

Not to watch if you don’t want to skip the first two-three eps (which are awful), are not OK with certain fairy tale logic.

Strange Hero Yi Zi Mei/Vigilantes in Masks

To watch if you like Robin Hood stories, fights, heroes who climb out of pit of self-loathing slowly, self-contained arcs.

Not to watch if you don’t like love stories that are secondary, mysteries.

The Four

To watch if you want a popcorn procedural about Ming constables who solve crimes and fall in love, some pretty fights, werewolves, awesome girl melting angsty cold jerk lead, multiple love stories.

Not to watch if you want some spectacular acting or deep plot.

The Myth

To watch if you are like me and this is your number 1 drama ever. OK, seriously, if you like time travel, moral dilemmas, best hero ever, battles, tragedy, amazing character arcs. SERIOUSLY THE WAY EVERYONE ELSE FEELS ABOUT NIRVANA IN FIRE, I FEEL ABOUT THE MYTH. 

Not to watch if you don’t want to be an ugly sobbing wreck. OK, and also if you want romance be number 1 (it’s in there and awesome but secondary) and also I skipped the modern storyline so no idea if it’s good but the period part of the drama is THE BEST THING EVER EVER EVER EVER.

The Young Warriors/Young Warriors of the Yang Clan

To watch if you like battles, a super cool family of fighters with their own personalities and issues, many love stories.

Not to watch if you don’t like ugly hats, a little bit older dramas, and disgustingly thorough heart crushing.

Three Kingdoms (2010 version)

To watch if you want a crazy smart political drama with complex characters, many battles, and political manipulation.

Not to watch if you don’t want a 90+ ep drama that spans a hundred years, has very few women and only one love story of note. 

Pls note I did not list any drama set in the 20th century as not sure if it qualified as historical under your standards. 

Tao : You're Beautiful [Smut; Scenario]

Her eyes flickered in awe as she flipped through the magazine she was holding onto. The way the models looked in the pictures - they’re perfect, she thought. How their hair landed on their shoulders perfectly, how amazing their curves were and how incredibly slim their stomach was along with their slender legs.

I’ll never look like that, she thought with a sigh.

Which brings her to another thing that came into her mind; her boyfriend.

Huang Zi Tao, was the man she loved and was currently the man in the bathroom taking a shower. He was rather known for being among the good looking models in the company he was working in and she wasn’t going to lie, she feels mighty insecure about him working there. The fact that he sees flawless women posing around him, the fact he could have the privilege to work with them and some might even offer more than just working but he was currently attached to you with the title of being your boyfriend, you felt completely useless.

Why was he even with you? Her inner mocking self came again - criticizing the best of her as she gulped, pressing her back against the bed rest.

I don’t know, because he loves me? She meekly replied herself, fingers nearly crushing the ends of the pages but she found the strength not to. At least not when Tao could walk out any minute. Before her inner self could mock her again, she held her breath sharply when the bathroom door opened on the other side of the room, causing her to lift her chin quietly as she looked at her boyfriend coming out, a pair of boxers hanging loosely around his waist.

“Hey babe.” He grinned at her as he tossed his dirty, wet towel into the basket before he switched off the lights to join her in bed - he had a whole different idea though, not just sleeping yet. Throughout the whole day he was fantasizing about her at work, something usual and normal but tonight he decided that he should actually just do what he has in mind; to make love to her until she couldn’t walk, as brutal as that sounds but it sounded deliciously tempting for him.

“Y-Yes?” She replied smoothly, stammering a bit but it was alright, Tao found it much adorable. “Can we do something, tonight?” His husky, hoarse voice was brought upon her, causing her to gulp as his slender fingers slipped her magazine off her hands, tossing it onto the floor as she blushed at her boyfriend who was crawling on top of her. “W-What is it?” Her voice was so soft, so innocent… so endearing that he wanted her to be screaming for his name when he’s done.

“Something I want to do for a long time now…” He growled, dragging her down on the bed until she was lying beneath him with her back on the soft mattress.

“T-Tao…?” She called him out softly as her hands were on his bare chest, biting her lower lip. His head was at the side of her ear where he whispered hotly, “Recently, I’ve been busy but tonight, I’m giving my love to you, baby girl…” He gently bit her earlobe, causing her to yelp in a hushed voice before he chuckled, “So cute.” With that, his lips pressed at the side of her neck, giving her a love mark on that smooth skin of hers while she had her eyes closed.

He could be kissing a better girl, her inner self returned.

He moved over to her lips where he crashed down on her, kissing her furiously with his hands firm on her waist where he gripped her hard to keep her in place.

He could be gripping onto a slimmer waist.

His tongue harshly shoved into her mouth as he tasted her wet cavern, kissing her with such passion that made him feel relieved at the taste of her - he’s been missing this a lot and finally, he managed to call upon this tonight. “Do you want to know what I thought about at work again?” He growled on her lips, causing her to nod her head frantically as he chuckled darkly, moving down to kiss her collarbone, “I was thinking about you.”

Her eyes closed and relished on the feeling of his lips on her but she couldn’t focus when her inner self sprung into action again.

You can never satisfy him like how the women he works around with could.

“Your voice,” he kissed her clothed chest, “your touch…” He let his voice trail off as his hands rubbed circles on her waist teasingly and usually, she would either respond with a whine, begging him to just carry on with it but tonight, he felt something was off. The spark they would usually have before they made love, was not present considering her mind was definitely somewhere else. As much as he would love to just shove his length into her wet core, he wanted to know what was making her act this way. He loved her a lot, as well to care about her feelings and emotions.

He had a hand on her cheek as he delicately made her face him, “Baby, what’s wrong?” Worry was what contained in his voice as he shook her cheek gently, “Look at me.” He demanded now when she didn’t even look at him.

Her eyes opened to meet with his worried gaze - he was indeed worried for her despite how hard he was for her.

“I… I just…” She stammered, finding a reason to not tell what she was feeling as her eyes looked away, hands releasing her grip on his shoulders as they fell onto the bed lifelessly. He sighed upon seeing his girlfriend act this way, it made his heart clench too - in fact. “You know you can tell me anything, baby.” He pecked her lips lightly before he continued to caress her cheek lovingly.

“No secrets, remember?” He reminded her and she gulped, the honesty in her was about to come out. "I… don’t feel…“

He grew impatient. What was so bad that she wouldn’t want him to pleasure her?

What was so bad that the two of them had to prolong this moment when he could be making her feel so damn good?

"Feel what? Don’t keep me waiting - you know I hate that.” His eyebrows furrowed as he made her face him again and this time, she definitely lost it.

“I don’t feel good enough for you, Tao.” She breathed out tiredly and he was completely taken back as he watched the woman below him let out a frustrated cry. “W-What?” It was his turn to be at lost for words as she escaped his grip, moving away where she sat up on the bed with her feet planted onto the floor, hands nervously on her lap. “Baby, what are you talking about?” Complete confusion took over him as he followed her cue by sitting next to her on the bed as he tried to put his arms around her but she shot up from the bed, giving him no chance to do so when all he wanted to do was hug her tight, assure her that whatever she’s thinking - its not true.

“You deserve someone prettier, Tao.” She spun around and he frowned at her sadly, he didn’t know his girlfriend was feeling this. He knew that sometimes she feel a bit insecure the fact he’s working in this industry but not once did he think, it was bugging her to this extend.

“Someone who looks much better than me. Someone who has a slimmer waist, prettier hair, a better everything to be in general. I hate the fact I can’t look like that. I hate it that I can’t be so pretty tha-” She couldn’t even finish her words when he had already slammed her against the wall by the bed with his hand behind her head as he didn’t want to hurt her but there was no denying she felt the amount of force in him, the amount of anger building up as he pinned her roughly, lips furiously kissing her.

She mewled at the sudden aggression but sighed when he had pried her lips open with his own, welcoming his wet muscle into her mouth as he explored it adventurously with need and desperation to show her - she isn’t what she say she is. He broke away from the kiss only to let her breathe a few times. He looked down on her with lust blazing in his eyes, next to determination as he had her wrists above her head with one hand while the other was on her waist - how dare she think she’s not beautiful?


He didn’t even let her speak when he dove down, smashing their lips together - he was going to make sure after he’s done with her, she'll feel nothing but beautiful.

T-Tao!” Her voice pitched a little when his hands groped the between of her legs harshly, applying force as he made her whimper in delight. “Who told you that you’re not beautiful?” He growled on her skin, wanting to know who was the bastard that told her otherwise when she was definitely, his definition of perfection.

“N-No one, Tao.” She managed to answer, putting a frown to his face as he stared at her.

No one?

He then let go of her completely, hands freeing her wrists and his grip around her private area as he looked at her in disbelief, “No one?” He repeated the words in his mind as he had his eyes wide open, eyebrows furrowed as he stared at her. He noticed that she was staring at something, and his eyes followed hers, looking over his shoulder as he spotted the magazine.

It was the magazine he was working under – but it was the female’s edition.

Furiously, he stormed over to lift the useless piece of material, “Is this why you feel that you’re not beautiful enough?”

She gulped, pressing her back hard against the wall – now she wished she never bought it in the first place. “Answer me.” He demanded, his hand nearly crushing onto the magazine with just one hand. She nodded twice fearfully that he immediately dashed past her, towards the rubbish bin as he threw it in – leaving a loud thud to be heard. He lifted his chin to eye her with a finger pointing at her way, “Don’t you dare buy any of these magazines anymore. Do you hear me?”

Biting her lower lip, he sighed, knowing this isn’t the way to understand. He then brought himself to sit down on the bed end of the bed. He tapped on his lap, motioning her to come closer and she hesitated. “Come here, baby. I need to tell you something before I completely lose my mind to just fuck you until you can’t walk. So while I still have the right mind, please come here.”

With that, she had brought herself towards him where he made her straddle on him, hands on his shoulders as he looked at her lovingly. His hand reached up to tuck strands of her hair behind her ear as he smiled at her – letting her realizing that he had only put on an angry mask a moment ago to make sure she’d promise to not buy those magazines again.

“Baby, being a model is actually a tough job, you know? You can’t beat yourself up just because you don’t look like them. They don’t effortlessly look like that, baby – they take ages to perfect their bodies as if they were programmed to do so. Their diet? I don’t even know what they eat because it seems like they eat nothing but air.” Tao rolled his eyes dramatically, bringing a small chuckle to emit from her lips.

“You see that, baby girl? You saw what you just did?” He stared at her and she gulped, shaking her head. “What?”

“You are so beautiful without even trying. You don’t even know that you’re so beautiful to me that you don’t need to try. It’s nice to take care of your body, it’s nice to keep in shape – but it’s never good to beat yourself around all the time just because you don’t look like what others look like. I don’t need you to look like those girls in the magazines because to me, you’re already perfect the way you are. Even I have flaws that I’d like to fix but I’m not going to beat myself up just because I can’t fix them right away-“

“You don’t have any flaws, Tao…” She mumbled meekly, bringing a smile to his face as he rubbed the side of her head with his thumb, “You see? You think I’m perfect just the way I am even when I don’t think so. You always encourage me to stay the same – to stay the way I am but why aren’t you doing it?”

She swallowed, shaking her head as she didn’t know, “I don’t know…”

“Promise me that you won’t feel this way and if you do, talk to me about it – don’t hide it in you, please. I hate it when you hide things from me.”

He wounded his arms around her waist, squeezing her, “Promise me.”

She broke out into a sheepish grin, nodding twice, “Promise.”

“Good girl.” He purred, initiating the moment again as he tilted his chin up, lips gently pressing onto hers. Their lips started to move in sync as his hands moved to hook on her nightgown, letting it slip off her shoulders ceremoniously that brought a gasp to be released into the kiss that he easily swallowed, letting her nightgown roll down her body to pool around her waist. He took this moment to break the kiss, looking down on her bare chest with evident lust and hunger.

“Like I said,” He breathed out, dipping down to whisper on her breast, “Beautiful as always.” He wasted no time to engulf as much as he could, sucking roughly while his other hand crawled on her body upwards, teasingly circling around the other hardened bud and she moaned his name in a soft mantra, her head falling back while she gripped onto his shoulders tight. He smirked against her skin, deciding to not tease her any longer as he started to grope and knead the other side desperately in hopes she could be crying for his name out.

He felt like he was given an achievement when she was already a moaning mess – calling his name out sensually as he did wonders with his lips and fingers. It wasn’t long when she felt like she was near to an orgasm, informing him about it but it seems like he had abruptly come to a halt as he detached his lips from her body to look up at her with a grin, “You can’t possibly come without me, babe.” He murmured softly, making her lift herself off him to let her nightgown fully roll down her legs as she stepped out of it while he yanked down his boxers seated down before he shoved it away with his foot, yanking her down onto his lap again with his erection dangerously poking her entrance - her breath hitched.

“T-Tao.” She swallowed when he grinned at her, “I want you to ride me, baby girl. Let me see your beautiful face up close as we make love - can you let me have that, tonight?”

Her arms wounded around his neck with a small nod as he assisted her in lowering herself down his length aligned to her entrance as she sunk deeper in him, fingers pressing hard against his shoulders as he stretched her immensely - inch by inch until he could feel himself buried in her. The feeling of her tightness wrapped around him was overwhelming and it urged him to begin pounding recklessly into her body but he remained stagnant as he allowed her to grow accustom to his size.

His lips latched onto her lips, drawing her attention else where as he sucked on her bottom lip lightly, causing her lips to part with a wince as she still felt the pain stinging her body. His tongue stroked hers with passion, bringing her to the edge when she felt like the mixed feeling of pain and pleasure was subsiding, replaced with this kick of pleasure that took over her body that made her groan lowly.

Noticing the change that happened in her body, he proceeded to lift her up and down while her hips moved along with the aiding of his hands - building up the suspense that was exquisitely taking over their bodies. They felt that spark whenever they were connected like this and this was the exact time she felt most beautiful especially with him facing her this close.

It was so quick that suddenly things twisted and turned when she expertly rose and slammed back down on his full length, earning a grunted moan from him as his hands groped on her ass cheeks hard to assist her better. Louder, arousing moans left her lips and it made him take back his words as he lied down on the bed, rolling her over with him buried deep in her and as he moved on the bed, she felt himself pushing himself deeper before he straddled on her, taking back his title of being the dominant one again.

“T-Tao!” She cried his name out in ecstasy when he pinned her down by her waist, forcefully minimizing her movements so he could get an accurate hit on her sweet spot each time he surged into her body - each time he entered with such aggression that made her wince, mewl and moan - it was all too overwhelming for him.

“Don’t you ever dare say that again.” He growled dangerously above her while she was clenching onto the bed sheet so hard, his knuckles could turn white. “T-Tao…”

“You’re so fucking beautiful to me.” His voice sounded so sincere but now, it sounded so different - so hot as he whispered.

“Don’t deny that.” He grunted, picking up the pace when he could feel that an orgasm was going to arrive pretty soon. “Do you feel beautiful?” He asked huskily, hands sliding up to grope breasts. When she could only moan, he gave a rough squeeze, “Do you?”

She winced, and managed to open her eyes where she looked at him in a daze - she could feel an orgasm arriving too that she wanted to reach it the same time he would. “Y-Yes.” She meekly breathed out,  hands reaching over to frame his cheeks as he held her by her waist again, “That’s my girl.” With that, he plunged into her tight channel furiously, causing her to cry his name out in a moan with her eyes rolling back with a hiss when she had reached her climax.

He emitted a moan a few seconds after, crashing his body down on hers with heavy breathing as he drew circles on her waist to ease the pain of how hard he gripped onto her earlier. “I hope that was beautiful enough for you.” Tao managed to breathe out in a chuckle, causing her to laugh softly, still catching her breath as he moved to hover above her, his hair lightly tickling her skin. His hand moved to place it on her slightly damp cheek because of the sweat, but she still looked beautiful. “I mean it, baby. You’re beautiful.”

She smiled gratefully, “It’s because you make me feel that way.”

Snickering, he rewarded himself with a kiss as he dipped down to press their lips gently together before he pulled away, “Then allow me to make you feel that again.