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Interesting Facts about Yuehua Entertainment
  • Yuehua’s main source of income is film, which is why Jung Jung took part in the film Girl’s Memoir, and it is likely that most, if not all, other Yuehua trainees will star in a film someday. 
  • Yuehua is incredibly rich. SM Entertainment has a market value of ₩57.91 Million, while Yuehua has a market value of ₩58.81 Million.
  • As a Chinese company, Yuehua had few connections in Korea, and have partnered with YG, Pledis, and Starship over the years to get their start. UNIQ trained alongside Winner and iKon in the YG building in 2012. Yuehua artist UNIQ shared a practice room with NU’EST in 2014. Yuehua and Starship both contributed trainees to WJSN. Yuehua now has their own headquarters in Korea.
  • Because of these partnerships, the Yuehua Boys are close with NU’EST and the Starship trainees, Jung Sewoon and Lee Gwanghyun.
  • Yuehua’s first K-pop group, UNIQ, faced difficulties at their debut due to Yuehua not having a Korean branch. Now that Yuehua has a Korean branch and connections with Starship, no such problem should occur with Yuehua Boys.
  • As a Chinese company, Yuehua lacks the age and status hierarchy found in Korean companies. This is why Euiwoong is the leader of the Yuehua Boys, even though he is the second youngest and has the shortest training period. Yuehua artists are also allowed much more creative and personal freedom, and are treated very well by their company.
  • Yuehua chooses trainees that are confident and carefree. This is why the Yuehua Boys volunteered to perform first in the first evaluation of Produce 101, why Euiwoong promised to “become a cooler artist than anyone debuting (in Wanna-One),” and why the Yuehua Boys did not cry like many other trainees did in the finale of Produce 101.

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Produce 101 trainees that has studied outside of Korea

Kang Daniel was an exchange student in Canada

Lee Daehwi (David Lee) Lived in America for 5 years, Studied at Park Junior High in Fullerton, CA and studied for 2 years in Japan 

Kwon Hyunbin (Patrick Kwon) Studied aboad in Aoba-Japan Internatioal school (not sure if he lived elsewhere)

Lai Guanlin, he is from Taipei moved to korea in 2016 after he was scouted in 2016 Taiwan Cube Audition 

Jung Jung (Zhu Zhengting) he is Chinese studied in China

Justin (Huang Minghao) he is Chinese studied in China

Kim Yongguk (Jin Longguo) his mom is Chinese and his dad is Korean-Chinese, grew up speaking chinese and studied in China, Jilin, Helong

Choi Seunghyuk Studied at an international school in China, Shanghai. He studied chinese and can speak english well


There has been a rumor going around for the past couple of months that Starship and Yuehua plan to team up to debut a new boy group that will consist of trainees from both companies, similar to WJSN. At first I didn’t want to entertain this notion, since Hyeongseob and Sewoon were both strong contenders for the top 11, but now that they have been eliminated, it could at least logically happen. If that does truly happen, let’s all warmly welcome Gwanghyun, Sewoon, and all other currently unrevealed trainees!