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What needs to be fixed in the COP (Part 2/): The “E” cap on transitions and pirouettes

The skills on the left are much more difficult than those on the right, but sadly there is not much of an incentive to keep the skills on the left in routines since every skill shown in the gif set is worth the same at “E”, the maximum rating a transition or pirouette can receive.

top 10 favorite bars routines of 2014
  1. Yao Jinnan nationals podium training: It’s probably wierd not to choose her faboulus golden routine from worlds in favor of a routine from podium training. However I much prefer the composition of this one. It has the perfect balance between pirouettes, transitions and releases. The first connection she shows is original and beautifully done. Her transitions all have fantastic amplitude and the combination takes my breath away every time. And god, this is some pirouettes porn right here. Those extremely tricky pirouettes just look so easy for her and they finish right into the handstand, it’s stunning. Words can’t express how happy I am that this girl is our uneven bars champion. She totally deserves it.
  2. Huang Huidan worlds EF: I always loved Huang but in 2012 I thought that she’d be one of the many chinese gymnasts who would burn out and retire before she was able to live up to her potential. But boy, was I wrong! This girl has had a fabulous last couple of years and this routine is probably the best one she has had during her entire career. There are still a couple of form deductions but who cares? Her first combination looks so effortless, her dismount is super unique and awsome and she sticks it cold, her pirouettes were pretty much flawless and that piked jaeger is one of the most beautiful pieces of gymnastics being done in the world right now. This simply is a gorgeous routine.
  3. Shang Chunsong asian games AA: How? How is this routine even real? It’s so fucking difficult. She starts with a spectacular combination, which includes her own original skill and she doesn’t stop throwing crazy skills until the dismount. She doesn’t even count the gienger in her top 8 elements. She fucking does a D rated skill only for the connection value! like… HOW? And she may not have the absolutely perfect form we’ve seen from some chinese gymnasts in the past but she has done a great job cleaning up her skills and improving her pirouettes since last year. It’s a huge shame she had a rough time on this event at worlds because damn, she’s so good, so fucking good!
  4. Tan Jiaxin worlds quals: You know you have unbelievable depth on bars when you have a gymnast like Tan Jiaxin and don’t use her at team finals. This routine is freaking spectacular from start to finish. She flies high above the bar, she has crisp pirouettes and she performs the one ridiculously difficult combination after the other. And when you think that the impressive part is over she performs one of the most difficult dismounts this world has ever seen. And she does it pretty darn well. This bars set and the amanar she’s training would make Jiaxin a lock for every future team and I’d have absolutely no problem with that.
  5. Aliya Mustafina worlds EF: It’s a shame that Aliya wasn’t able to add more difficulty to her routine this year. But, when it comes to execution it doesn’t get any better than that. I was gasping after every single pirouette because holy shit, this is how you hit a handstand. And on top of that her Van Leeuwen is beautiful, her jaeger is high and clean and she can do this dismount in her sleep. There’s something really special about her bars. Her swing is aressive and graceful at the same time, she attacks the apparatus but she still looks elegant and relaxed. I hope she’s able to upgrade and stay in the mix because I can’t even imagine a bars final without her.
  6. Becky Downie euros EF: Finally, fucking finally! Last year Becky had two opportunities to win a major bars medal and she fell both times. That did not happen this year. For the whole season she nailed routine after routine and proved that she is one of the best in the world on this event. I’m not really a fan of having a million variations of the same skill in your bars set but one has to give her credit for this routine. She has her own original skill and she performs two combinations that nobody else in the world can do. And that time she really nailed every single skill and deserved to become european champion.
  7. Jessica Lopez worlds AA: I absolutely love Jessica as a gymnast and as a person and bars is the event where she really stands out to me. She has an extremely tricky routine full of difficult combinations and she really did nail it. It’s so exciting to see her hitting her piked tkatcev to pak and her 2nd combination never fails to amaze me. She finished that clear hip 1/1 after the maloney right into a handstand and connected it beautifully with her spectacular two releases combination. She really does fly during this routine, her releases are nice and high and she has one of the highest and prettiest double front dismounts out there.
  8. Rebecca Tunney nationals EF: This routine is so packed with difficulty, it’s insane. And damn, that church + bharwaj combination! Like, how is this shit even possible? How can one connect those two extremely difficult skills? HOW? Rebecca is not the cleanest gymnasts and there are lots of things I wish she could improve on. But this routine is simply mindblowing and it makes me scream out of excitement every time I watch it. 
  9. Brenna Dowell nationals day 1: This perforance was probably the highlight of a quite rough year for Brenna and it is spectacular. This routine is so freaking difficult and so unique. I just love the maloney + giant full combination. It shows impressive power and control. And of course the Tweddle + ezhova combination gives me life. Some times I think that Brenna didn’t really live up to her potential but then I remember that nobody ever thought she’d even be in the mix back in 2012 and that she really did defied everyone’s expectations and became a breath taking bars worker and a fantastic gymnast overall. I would absolutely love to see her competing elite again but even if she doesn’t I can’t wait to see her in college gymnastics. I don’t usually follow NCAA but I will definitely follow her.
  10. Ashton Locklear nationals day 1: This girl definitely wins the “biggest surprsise of 2014” award. Like, holy shit? She went from being pretty much unknown to being a fucking world champion in just a few months. Her first combination is so awsome to watch, it feels like it goes on forever and her jaeger has to be one of the best ones out there. She hits her handstands beautifully, she has gorgeous lines and toe point, she has a lovely swing and she knows how to stick a landing. She is a fabulous bars worker and I can’t wait to see more of her.

Honorable mentions: Daria Spiridonova worlds EF, Ruby Harrold euros TF, Larrissa Miller commonwealth games EF, Larisa Iordache worlds AA, Viktoria Komova russian cup, Εlizabeth Price, american cup


Dandan, Nannan, Siyi, Yufei and Xiaofang are out of Rio contention now but they worked hard and got so far  :,)

As Yao said, as long as they did their best, they should have no regrets. I hope those injured will get to rest, heal up soon and will have a stage to shine next quad. Don’t forget that Dandan and Nannan are decorated gymnasts, world champions with one of the best bars routines of the quad.

And happy birthday, Dandan!

Los nombres completos de los caballeros que Kurumada no quería que supieras:
  • Caballeros de bronce:
  • Seiya Aishiro Gokú Matsumoto Tsukumi Murasaki Shimamura Ito Sawada Kido.
  • Hyoga Vladimir Yuri Romanov Braginski Ivan Ivanovish Ivanowky Kido
  • Shiryu Matsuo Moose Aizawa Shimamura Satoshi Kido
  • Shun Akira Eriol Yakimeshi Gohan Kido
  • Ikki Yayameshi Yakimeshi Gohan Kido
  • Jabu Darien Yakimeshi Yoshi Kido
  • Caballeros de Plata:
  • Albiore Diego Armando Esteban Quito Argento
  • Xristos Orfeo Spanoulis Karipidis Schortsianitis Labropoulos
  • Shiva Ashutosh Dipal Shukla Koothapali
  • Dionisio de Jesús García Pérez
  • Caballeros dorados:
  • Mu de los Valles Algodonosos de la Oveja Himalaya
  • Aldebarán Ronaldiho Pelé Souza Kaká
  • Sagalardo Pacomio Soultanopoulos Afrodakis
  • Kanon Sócrates Soultanopoulos Afrodakis
  • Death Maquiavelo Medici Leonard Da Vinci Donatello Miguel Angel Di Caprio Mask
  • Aioriakopolus Filemón Hercules Zelenitsas Kalistiss
  • Shakatinatinathan Sithananthaman Sitanathan Kumar Mishra
  • Dohko Ang Han Bruce Xian Lee Huang Yao Long
  • Milopokus Gianakopoulos Thalassinos
  • Aiorozeus Nereo Procopio Zelenitsas Kalistiss
  • Shura Miguel Castillo Duque de Vasconselos Perez
  • Camus François Pierré Furnon Segolené
  • Afrodita Hans Maikel Andersen Von Hassen
  • Generales Marinos:
  • Johan Amadeus Sorrento Gotshall Mozart Groben
  • José Io Mauricio Godoy Conchesumare
  • Bian Jacob Pickton Maple Syrup
  • Krisaor Rajesh Apu Kumar Nahasapemapetilon
  • Isaac Lukas Toivoinen Mäkinen Virtanen
  • KaÇa Martim Figueira Da silva Faria Dos Santos
  • Espectros de Hades:
  • John Elton Radamanthys Lawrence Ashton Watson Cumberbatch
  • Aiacos Akshajay Rakshalasai Gurung
  • Minos Max Arvakl Glistenheath
  • Queen Carl Ulrich Marx Svaneinstaiger Von Mirach
  • Hasheem Pharaoh Arab Malik Al Khatib Mohammed Habib