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Canon Ages of Tiger&Bunny Main Characters

Wild Tiger/Kotetsu T. Kaburagi: mid to late 30s

Rock Bison/Antonio Lopez: mid to late 30s

Fire Emblem/Nathan Seymour: late 20s to mid 30s

Nathan is also Canonically fem nonbinary!

Lunatic/Judge Yuri Petrov: late 20s to mid 30s

Jake Martinez: late 30s to mid 40s

Kriem: mid 30s

Barnaby Brooks Jr.:

23 (episodes 1-4)
24 (episodes 5-13)
25 (episodes 14-25)
26 (episode 25 epilogue)

Sky High/Keith Goodman: 20s

Golden Ryan/Ryan Goldsmith: 20s, younger than Barnaby

Origami Cyclone/Ivan Karelin:

18 (episodes 1-13)
19 (episodes 14-25)
20 (episode 25 epilogue)

Blue Rose/Karina Lyle:

16 (episodes 1-13)
17 (episodes 14-25)
18 (episode 25 epilogue)

Dragon Kid/Huang Pao-Lin:

13 (episodes 1-13)
14 (episodes 14-25)
15 (episode 25 epilogue)

Kaede Kaburagi:

9 (episodes 1-13)
10 (episodes 14-25)
11 (episode 25 epilogue)



For those who have not seen the Sound of Tiger & Bunny short, “Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth” is up on YouTube.

I still encourage everyone to purchase the blu-ray release for the short and the fabulous live orchestral music of the series.


I wanted to have a swing at how id personally draw and see everyone!..also everyone has different pupils lmao…maybe ill work on body types & height next since those are always fun n diverse!!

Don’t tag anyone besides Ryan, Antonio, Nathan, and Pao lin as kin/me