Verbal Jint - 보통사람 (Ordinary human being) (Feat. Black Nut)


Verbal Jint:
You know when I talk about rap,
I always have the same posture
But outside of my music, I’m just the same
I’m just an ordinary huam being, I’m very simple unlike my rap style
I become stupid at economy talk even though I have a degree in economics
I’m evil sometimes and I’m kind sometimes
If it’s a night with a lot of worries, I just stay up with drinks and cigarettes
I get jealous when I hear a new dope track
Depending on my condition, I get tired from the long recording sessions more often than you think
It’s probably just plain suffering for the engineer
Sometimes when I go into a clothes shop and I can’t buy nice clothes because of the size,
I get upset and annoyed at myself
It’s a difficult job for me to maintain a body that looks good, I wanna get rid of all my fat
I wanna get more money, get more girls
Sometimes I don’t want to have concerts and I get so close to quitting
But thankfully, I don’t because there are people who listen to my music
Sometimes I beg for sympathy too like I’m doing in this song

If you get on the elevator or subway before the others get off,
People will hit you with your shoulders no matter who you are
But if you’re asking if I’m perfect, then I’m really embarrassed
I say fuck you to others while driving at least once a day
I go to the riverside sometimes to throw away trash
I smoke at places where it says no smoking, I regret it
Of course, I strongly agree with the idea that there should be more places to smoke
It’s probably unexpected that I first smoked after I was 30
It would be a lie if I told anyone that I never had sex with someone I didn’t like, which means I hurt that person
Honestly, there was a time when I used to live a promiscuous life, it would be a whole book to talk about all that
Sometimes, I want to complete my verses with just Hangul like Meta hyung does, but it gets worse
Sometimes, it’s hard to let go of inertia, but my heart’s with King Sejong (made Hangul)
Rather than dead presidents, of course, I’m in love with the money
But I didn’t choose this path because of money, I pray that there will be no regrets when my last time comes

Black Nut:
You know when I talk about me,
Loser piece of shit bitch
My image is always below that of an ordinary human being’s
Everyone points at me and clicks their tongue
But now they put my on their palms and treat me like a king just because I was on a TV show
I got a phone call from an old friend from school
He said sorry, where did the old bastard go?
I remember that all of those good for nothings back in school would hit me in the back of the head instead of calling my name
“I knew that you would be successful from the start”
He asked me to say something because his girlfriend was a fan of me
Okay, I’ll straighten the collars on your shirt once again
Just like when I used to be your dog back in the days
And I’m sorry, but after I talked to your girlfriend on the phone
I got her number through Facebook without you knowing
The shitty life that everyone used to laugh at (엠창 is a term that means “my mother is a prostitute” and in this verse, he meant everyone looked down on his life as if his mom was a prostitute. she wasn’t actually one it’s just a really bad term people use and it connects with the next verse so this is the explanation)
So when I looked up porn, I never looked up milf porn
My dream is just to be treated like an ordinary human being like you guys, but suddenly I’m up here…
I don’t think I can become the same as you guys
Now I’m with Jintae hyung who has a Bentley and I’ll
‘Go hard’ bitch