Hollywood Undead currently in the middle of the recording their fourth studio album!

MESSAGE FROM DAREN: …..Good day to you! We’re in the middle of all that [recording process] now. I record the drums pretty late in the process - sometimes even after the vocals are recorded…..

#HU4 coming 2014.

Everything you should know about Hollywood Undead and their side-projects. Article by Josh Miller (@Scrubsauce)

  • Hollywood Undead currently working on 4th album, album release date currently set for SUMMER 2014.
  • Band work with Griffin Boice, Danny Lohner, Sean Gould and Ben Folds
  • Johnny 3 Tears posted a promotional poster (
  • Known unreleased songs:
  • Swan Songs” re-recorded with Danny vocals (except This Love, This Hate, Pimpin’ and The Diary)


  • Side project of J-Dog, Funny Man, Killtron

Known tracks:

Debut EP coming Early 2014.

  • Members: Funny Man, Killtron, Jake Terrell

Known tracks:

Unreleased tracks:

  • Bastard Wax Krew - Money and Cocaine (Title unconfirmed)

  •  Members: Charlie Scene & Daren Pfeifer of HU, Dave Rios, Billy Ryder, Sean Noll, & “Bill” (air guitar)
  • Coverband that plays a wide variety of music from the last few decades
  • Plays shows at sports bars and lounges in the Los Angeles area


  • As of yet un-detailed Johnny 3 Tears side project
  • Mentioned by Johnny 3 Tears in July: 
  • Johnny stated that HU comes first in a series of tweets later on: