• Charlie: You threw a vase at my head three years ago, and I stuck around, didn’t I?
  • Mary Catherine: You ducked.
  • Charlie: FUCK yea I ducked, I have great reflexes. That’s what I’m saying: I can take it.

Go get yourself loved.

Something about this movie just made me smile. I don’t know if it’s just watching cutie Ted Mosby on the big screen or if it’s just watching the real, relatable storylines play out. I frickin’ loved it. All the characters were great. And all the actors did a terrific job. If you’re a person who loves (500) Days of Summer - lighthearted movies - you will enjoy HappyThankYouMorePlease. I totally recommend it.

(saw this days ago, but thought I’d make a little post about it)



  • Signed all the papers and forms I need to start with visitor services at the museum! It’s always the strangest connections that get you places in life. I’m so fucking excited and I’m so fucking grateful!
  • Bought beer and I only kind of hate it but I’m making myself drink it anyway.
  • Finally watched Frozen. It was okay… but Tangled still wins forever.
  • Going to do a coconut oil treatment cause the ends of my hair are fried. If this doesn’t help, I’m cutting it all off ASAP.
  • Waking up at 9, making it to the library by 11 tomorrow. It’s paper-bootcamp time.
  • Poprocks