httyd2 spoilers

What if dragons’ eyes did that thing like animals do where they reflect light? 

Imagine Fishlegs waking up in the middle of the night to see round yellow eyes light up with the lightning outside the window, and have to catch his breath when he realizes that it’s just Meatlug, come to comfort him during the thunderstorm.

Imagine Astrid, taking a night flight on Stormfly, seeing her dragon’s eyes flash from the braziers surrounding Berk, and feeling so grateful they were never dulled, either from an enemy’s arrow or from her own axe. 

Imagine Heather, waking up in the middle of the night, the flash of green eyes reflecting her campfire’s dying embers, calming her because it’s okay, she’s not really alone since she has Windshear. 

Imagine the guard patrolling Berk and groaning as he sees his torchlight illuminate the eyes of a Hideous Zippleback roaming around town, realizing that the Thorston twins are probably sneaking around looking for someone to prank. 

Imagine Hookfang, intentionally sitting in shadows and letting the glow from his eyes startle Snotlout after hearing a ghost story.

Imagine Stoick, catching the glinting of Rumblehorn eyes from the darkness under the sailcloth leanto beside his house and for a moment feeling thrown that those aren’t Thunderdrum eyes looking back. 

And later, that same Rumblehorn’s eyes bring comfort and forgiveness to Eret as he spends long quiet nights outside with a dragon that, in another lifetime, he’d give to Drago without a second thought.

Imagine Valka, waiting for her chance to strike a dragon trapper camp, meeting the shiny yellow eyes of Cloudjumper and seeing the same determination in his eyes as she knows is in hers.

Imagine Hiccup, scared and feeling truly alone, watch as the empty eyes of his best friend flashes in the light of a plasma blast as intensely as if it gave off the light itself, even as he feels his father shove him to safety. 

Stoick's Ship (Valka's farewell to Stoick)
Ellie Amaya
Stoick's Ship (Valka's farewell to Stoick)

*warning! spoilers in case you haven’t seen it yet!* I killed my voice with feels, I’m so so sorry! Please proceed to chase me down with torches and pitchforks! Some reason for a reprise for Valka to tearfully sing “For the Dancing and Dreaming,” oh well I can dream…


My dearest one my darling dear

My mighty one has fallen

The children weep for their protector

The loved ones will be praying

So we part again my love

My darling one

And so the gods above will bless you

Anybody else?

Whenever Hiccup appears on screen,

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does anybody else go:

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when i first heard about valka i was all pissed cuz i thought it would ruin the father/son dynamic (which is why hiccup’s mom wasn’t in httyd1 in the first place) but it actually made it better bc valka isn’t just the missing mom or wife she’s a woman with purpose and personality and hopes and fears and she’s beautifully flawed bc no she might not be the best mother or wife in the world and she might not always make the right choices but she’s endearing and valid and important all the same and she in turn causes hiccup and stoick to show sides of themselves that are vital to truly understanding them and not only that!! it gave actual reasons to why stoick was so anti-dragons and why he got pissed when hiccup was in the kill ring!! HE SAID HE SHOULD’VE SEEN THE SIGNS AND I’M SO AMAZED BY HOW INTRICATE AND SEAMLESS THE TWO PLOTS ARE AND I LOVE VALKA SO MUCH