httyd2 fan art

Take a look at this gorgeous depiction of a Scauldron and their Viking under the sea! Congratulations to @chameshida for being part of Fanart Saturday!

*peeks head out from hole in the ground*
Hey guys! Sorry I vanished for 3 months and only came out to make snarky comments at fellow AssCup fans..
Here’s a Hiccstrid NSFW for one of my fav writers, oh–you–pretty–things because she’s hilarious and I love her- but its also for everybody who was on the receiving end of my recent douchebaggery :c I am truly sorry.


Monstrous Nightmare

I could not resist drawing one of my favorite crocodile-faced fiery beasts, the Monstrous Nightmare! I might also not have been able to resist making my own fancharacter and story…

Pictured are two colour variations I’ve seen in the movies and television series. I was over the moon to see a fully blue Monstrous Nightmare in HTTYD2 at the end but I do really like the Berkian blue phase because of the red tints.