httyd2 fan art

So here’s my fanart of the first son from hiccstrid babies.

I drew pose of a body of him from idk what fanart name is and idk the link is. Well i kinda like name him Stoick Haddock (okay maybe Stoick II just like the opinion from others). I would like to see this boy have 60% personality from astrid, and 40% personality from hiccup. And maybe it would be better if this boy maybe have red hair like stoick with blue or green eyes, or maybe blond with blue eyes or green. Lol idk which is better.

Okay so sorry for the quality of my camera. Next time I’ll try better drawing people than dragons (well toothless) too.

Dreamworks Superheroes: Dragon Boy (aka Hiccup)

Hiccup is also a prodigy in robotic engineering. Built his very own flying dragon when he was in middle school, who was given the name Toothless. The only 16-years-old currently attending at this particular prestige college. Hacking was a hobby he picked up along the way when he is not building robots. In the team of superheroes he specifically take care of anything “hacking”.


New hiccstrid drawing ! 

Don’t remember where I’ve seen that, but someone had the idea that Astrid could be captured by Viggo in the next season, and I just love it !

Imagine, Viggo asks Hiccup to give Toothless in exchange of Astrid ! how awful ! x@ ( but interesting ) 

Bonus bad sketch : Hiccup DO NOT agree with that