httyd2 art book

Young Valka

young valka’s clothes are in the art book, the only thing different i think is that she wears a yellow shirt in the movie (did she wear the same shirt for 20 years?? probably) 


THANK YOU.  Wow, you are a little godsend, aren’t you?

I think it might be the same yellow shirt for 20 years. I have a headcanon that neither Hiccup nor Valka have a talent for cooking (though Hiccup is at least decent) but both have gifts or outfit creating.  Valka’s good at working with what she has.

I’ve stated before my head canon that Eret did not just go off on his own one day, become a dragon trapper, and stumbled on Drago. (Despite the fact the fandom seems convinced this is what happened.)

I’m kind of used to not being listened to… but in this case, I have proof. So, I’ll just put this here, and maybe someone WILL listen.

See the two ships I circled? They’re the same build as…

Hey!! That’s Eret’s ship!!

“Okay, so what. Two ships in Drago’s fleet doesn’t mean much.” 

Well, I’m glad you mentioned that, because…

And, OH! Would you look in the bottom left corner. That soldier is dressed in the style of Eret’s tribe.

Okay, some of those ships are probably repeats. So, let’s say it’s five ships. 

Iggyfing (who also encouraged me to make this post), pointed out that the different mast designs in the HTTYD2 art book  feature different animals. Running with a headcanon I have that Eret’s tribe is divided into subtribes, or families, each represent by a different animal. 

Eret’s is, obviously, the owl. 

But, back to my theory. For those who missed my previous posts on the subject… 

I don’t think Eret struck out on his own. 

I think Drago has been working his way around the Archipelago, and the surrounding areas. Including Eret’s tribe… which is probably located somewhere between Scotland and the archipelago, originally made up of nomads who migrated from the Sami area, and there must be some Saxon in there, considering his accent. (Thank you for throwing that curve ball, DeBlois.)

Like all the surrounding areas, they’ve been plagued by dragons for longer than anyone can remember. And one day, a stranger shows up. He carries no weapons, and he speaks softly. Saying that he can control the dragons. He can protect them… if they follow him. 

And they agree. Not realizing that what they’re agreeing to is indentured servitude. All capable men are drafted into his army. Forced to serve as payment for his protection. 

Eret is a boy. But his father is a dragon trapper. Or, at the very least, is one of the most skilled defenders the tribe has had against the dragons. So Eret senior is given a special task. Help build Drago’s army. Eret trains under his father. Learns the trade. Develops his skills. And takes over when his father dies.

But, hey, it’s better than being a part of Drago’s armada. At least, this way, he has some freedom.

*sigh* I’m better at summary headcanons than using photo evidence. 

Anyway. Carry on!

Part 1 of my birthday present to @oh–you–pretty–things :D

Happy birthday!!

Notes - I visualized Hiccup as not wearing his flight suit during this scene, as I imagined Stoick managed to get that, too, away from him, in an attempt to further seal his fate on land for the day (also to ease Astrid and co. into dragon stuff, little things at a time…) Astrid’s outfit (which you can’t see a whole lot of here) is based off a few unused designs in the HTTYD2 art book. That red haired man behind Astrid is not Hoff, but just a random Meathead.

This was fun to do (and I got to explore a new program). I’ve lost steam tho so let me know if you’d like to see the remaining two pages and I’ll finish them :)

EDIT: Crap! Forgot to link the chapter 5 of A Marriage of Very Little Convenience by oh–you–pretty–things. GO read itttt…..