“I don’t get why people aren’t understanding that Hiccstrid was never official in httyd1. They kissed, Astrid was happy he was okay, but, and please correct me if I’m wrong, they weren’t officially a couple. If it wasn’t for the shows and shorts, it would have gone from being a kiss in httyd1, to a full-fledged relationship in httyd2. And up until Blindsided, all we got Hiccstrid wise was a couple of kisses. That is if you watch everything in chronological order.”

Season 4 - Blindsided Rant

Let me start by saying that it is my opinion that the creators were just like “screw it let’s just do everything possible” because WOW they just pulled out all the stops when it came to the animation, the writing, the story, just EVERYTHING about that episode was unlike anything we’ve seen in this series so far! They were doing new things left and right and it made my inner-fangirl so happy to see that! From new transitions, to better fire animation, from completely original ideas that haven’t been used 100 times before, to an AMAZING action scene, there’s so much to talk about!

The animation alone in this episode made me want to rewatch it 1000x over, because nit only were the new techniques and the risks they took refreshing, but they just made the episode overall way better! And while some things were a bit cheesy, like Meatlug hurling lava onto the camera to transition, it was refreshing because they were trying something new, instead of sticking with the same things they’ve done. Also, the quality of the animation really stuck out to me, especially during the scene where Astrid lost her sight. The way it captured the lightning through her eyes was so… I don’t know, sharp, that it just sold the scene completely. I also really enjoyed how there was a pause before she was thrown back, almost like shock, it made the scene a bit more realistic.

Astrid’s blindness. That was one risk that really worked in their favour. This could have been a really unoriginal, corny idea, but the way they captured it made the episode stand out. They showed her struggle with this, her fear, but they also showed how she could use it to her advantage. But they didn’t go the “oh I don’t need my sight” route either, which would have been not only corny, but incredibly childish, unrealistic, and downright annoying. I also love how they used this as a good way to bring together Hiccup and Astrid, making it not forced at all and reasonable that it would happen then.

Hiccstrid. Happened. Finally. That’s all I really need to say about that 😂 (but if you want to read a bit more about them in this episode and in general, check out my Instagram account How To Train Your Hiccstrid, for more in-depth… stuff 😂)

And finally, I have to talk about the dragons, because duh 😂 In this episode, we got to see more of Astrid and Stormfly’s relationship, especially their loyalty towards one another, and how much they know one another. Astrid knew exactly where to find Stormfly, and Stormfly kept protecting her and protecting her, it was really beautiful. And not only that, but we got to see a parallel between RTTE and HTTYD2, with Hiccstrid having acute moment, while Toothless and Stormfly play in the background, it was really adorable!

So that about wraps up my episode rant, though I will DEFINITELY be doing a rang just anout the Season 4 animation, so get ready for that 😂
- Beyond


~ “I know a boy from an island, he stands apart from the crowd, he loves the sea and his people, he makes his whole family proud

“Sometimes the world seems against you, the journey may leave a scar, but scars can heal and reveal just where you are

“The people you love will change you, the things you have learned will guide you, and nothing on Earth can silence the quiet voice still inside you, and when that voice starts to whisper, Hiccup, you’ve come so far, Hiccup, listen-

“Do you know who you are?” ~

i did feelsy thing because character parallels


mini animation meme | [1/6] relationships
hiccup and toothless

“Toothless? Hey, it’s me, bud. It’s me. It’s me, I’m right here, bud. Come back to me. It wasn’t your fault, bud. They… made you do it. You’d never hurt him. You’d never hurt me. Please, you… are my best friend, bud. My best friend.”


You’re sweet. (bonus GIFs :) )

In the spirit of the 14th February, and in the spirit of the unseen success of my little gifset story, I decided to create a little bonus! :)

But not only that, this is also a HUGE thank you to all my followers, old and new, for the incredible support you’ve given me! It truly means a lot, and I’ll do my best to keep on bringing more fanarts for all of us to enjoy (because I love creating them, and I hope you like looking at them ^^). Thank you guys again, this one’s for all of you! :)

It’s been a while since I last animated these two kiss, so I thought you know… why not? :D Originally I intended to create just one GIF, but I got a little carried away with these two and ended up creating 3 GIFs haha. So after some 2-3 hours of animating and 8 hours of rendering, I’m happy to present you the result! :) It’s not flawless I know, but the rendering was already kicked off when I noticed those. And I’m also sorry for the poor GIF quality. It really wasn’t easy to stuff this under 2MBs each. But I hope you’ll like it anyway!

So once again, to all of my followers (old and new), thank you so much for everything! <3

P.S.: If you have someone to celebrate today with, then Happy Valentine’s Day! And those of us who don’t… don’t worry, it won’t be like that forever. ;)

Keep shining! :)