Summer Nights, Unexpected Frights

In which Astrid’s father confronts Hiccup.

Lol. Enjoy. 

It was a clear, warm night with a bright moon and several thousands of stars twinkling down at the two riders. They sprawled out on the grass atop a flat sea stack, counting constellations and enjoying each other’s company. Toothless and Stormfly were behind them, dozing off since it was the dead of night and there wasn’t much room to play.

Astrid and Hiccup held hands as the breeze tickled their cheeks when they watched the sky. They made short conversation every now and then, but it was mostly a comfortable silence spent pointing at shooting stars or trying to identify the shapes of dragons that flew in front of the moon. They were comfortable and at ease, the first they had felt in a long time.

It was nice that they got to spend time relaxing together, but it got to be stressful, in a way, because they could only spend time together when the sun was long down. It was a week or so after the explosion on the Edge, and they decided to take a rest on Berk before returning to their outpost. Everyone was always swarming around Hiccup, congratulating him on his victory or coming to him with something or other. If he wasn’t talking to villagers, he was with his father in the Great Hall or with Gobber in the forge. All he wanted to do was spend time with Astrid.

“We should probably get going,” Astrid murmured, breaking the silence as she delicately brushed his knuckles with her thumb. “We’re going back in the morning, remember?”

Hiccup only sighed. He wanted to get back to work, of course, but he had come to treasure these moments he had spent with her under the moonlight. It was a pattern of crawling up her house on Toothless and rapping softly on her bedroom window (only because her parents would kill her if they found her sneaking out at night) and stealthily flying away from the island to where no one would disturb them.

Hiccup knew the work on the Edge had to be done. By this time, the ash from the explosion would probably be clear enough to start clean-up and rebuilding, if there was anything left at all. Though he and Astrid would find themselves alone much easier, it wouldn’t be as fun or exhilarating or special as this week had been. But there was work to be done, so he pushed himself off the ground with a grunt and helped his partner up as well.

It took only a couple of minutes to ride back to the main isle. The couple landed, as quietly as they could, next to Astrid’s house. When Stormfly was back in her stable, where she was before they left, they bid their goodbye’s in front of her house.

“Congrats, another successful date,” she whispered teasingly. The torches around the village illuminated her face so Hiccup could see the pink tint of a blush that crept onto her cheeks.

“Wha- you doubted me?” he replied with a goofy grin. Honestly, they were both surprised how well the week had turned out. Hiccup was a huge romantic, but he wasn’t very smooth. The two of them were equally aware of this. He pressed his lips together as he stared at her, pulling her closer. “Hey, it’s a learning experience.”

She bit her lip with a giggle as his eyes dropped to her lips. He leaned in gently and kissed her, which she welcomed as she grabbed a fistful of his tunic and pulled him closer. He sighed happily into her mouth as she deepened it, their heads tilting and his arms wrapping around her waist.

A sudden light and a door slamming open broke them apart. A large, burly figure equipped with an axe stood at the doorway, light streaming in from behind him.

“What in Thor’s name is– Astrid?”

“Dad!” yelped Astrid as she jumped away from Hiccup.

Arvid Hofferson stepped out into the darkness, bushy eyebrows raised high and his eyes wide with confusion. “What’s goin’ on here? I hear racket on the roof, enough to get me outta bed, and I come to see my daughter snoggin’ some random boy in the middle o’ the night! By, Odin, I should… great Thor, that’s Hiccup!”

Hiccup grimaced as Astrid’s father barked his name. He cringed further when Toothless slinked off of the Hofferson’s roof right in front of her father.

“Got anything to explain to me, boy? Why you’re out with my daughter, why your dragon is up on my roof, scarin’ the livin’ daylights out of me wife?”

“I– uh… I’m really sorry… sir…” Hiccup spluttered. “We… I, didn’t mean to– to disturb you in any way!”

“That’s an apology, not an explanation!”

“Ah… well… Astrid and I wanted to… we, uh… kinda… ” Hiccup cleared his throat, anxiety bubbling up in his stomach and making him feel sick.

“Out with it!”

“We’re… sorta… no, well- we are…” Hiccup pursed his lips and straightened his posture, holding his chin up higher. “We’re– ah…. courting.”

Arvid’s eyebrows shot up again. “Courting?” he echoed. “You two… courting?”

Hiccup nodded as he held his breath.

“I don’t recall you askin’ for my blessing,” he rumbled in a low voice, stroking his beard and eyeing the two.

“I-I’m really sorry about that!” Hiccup stammered quickly. “It- ah, well, we… started…  courting when we were away at the Edge, and I had full intentions of asking for your… your blessing, but things got caught up when we were here and I never had the chance to ask.” He hung his head. “I’m sorry Mr. Hofferson.”

“With this irresponsibility, what makes you think you’re good enough for my daughter?”

Hiccup couldn’t catch a break. “Well, sir, I- uh… I’m not good enough. For her, I mean. I do try my best, though, for her. When I’m with her, I want to make myself the best I can possibly be… um… well, because she really deserves the world… and so much more.” Hiccup’s face was beet red, visible in the light coming from the house.


“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, Dad,” she murmured. “I should have known better.”

“By Thor, Astrid, you couldn’t have chosen better!” he slapped Hiccup’s back, which made the thin boy stumble forward as Arvid came out to embrace the two. He crushed them with a monster hug. “The chief’s son? Ha! I knew you’d be the pride of our clan!”

After a long squeezing, the large man pulled away and pointed a finger at Hiccup. “When you’re with her, you’d better take care of her, hear me, boy?”

“Ah– yes! Yes. Yes, sir.”

A hearty chuckle later, and Arvid was pulling Astrid through the door of their home. “Oh, wait till Stoick hears this!”

Astrid craned her neck to look back at Hiccup, her eyes wide and mouthing an apology. When the door slammed shut behind them, Hiccup could swear the only other time his knees felt that weak was when he had first met Toothless and the dragon had screamed in his face.

He paused for a second, replaying what had just happened in his mind, and sprinted back to his house as fast as his foot could take him.

In which I try to write and be funny but ultimately fail


“Ah, it’s good to be back up in the air again. No wonder you never come back to visit. This highland is spectacular.”
“Thanks, Dad, but we’re not gonna be able to keep any of it if we don’t solve our Rumblehorn problem.”
“Right. When exactly did you start having trouble with it?”
“A few weeks ago. We didn’t even know it was on the island. And then suddenly it was everywhere.”

- HTTYD Quote of the Day

anonymous asked:

Idk if someone already asked you this, but how do you think the gang would react to Prince Of Egypt? Ohhhh what about Disney movies? Do you think they'd each have a favorite movie and favorite Disney princess? Jasmine is one of my faves, lol

*rubs hands together* Alright let’s do this. 

I think everyone in the crew likes The Prince of Egypt. Hiccup, Heather, and Astrid will be calm about saying they liked it; Fishlegs will be ebullient like a fanboy; Tuffnut and Ruffnut will go off on nerdy critiques of its music and animation quality; Snotlout will scoff at everyone, but he’ll be the person who cries when “When You Believe” comes on and is found singing it quietly to himself when he’s alone.

Now, about Disney princesses and movies… 

Astrid: Mulan, The Incredibles

Astrid’s favorite princess is likely Mulan. Mulan is a woman with a lot of bravery, initiative, and strength. Astrid would admire a woman who goes off to fight for her country… after all, Astrid is very determined to fight for her people even before she enters dragon training. Even the fact that Mulan feels a little uncomfortable or restricted at home is something to which Astrid can relate, being as she is out trying to restore the honor of her family name after Fearless Finn Hofferson’s fright.

Merida is also cool for Astrid. She loves seeing a young woman running around taking control of her own life and wielding a bow like a boss. Her other preferred Disney princesses also tend to be the bolder personalities… individuals like Jasmine, Kida, and Moana.

Astrid’s favorite non-princess Disney animated movie is potentially The Incredibles. The family messages are nice, and of course there’s the awesome action.

Fishlegs: Belle, Wreck-It Ralph

Belle is the optimal Disney princess for Fishlegs. She’s sweet, polite, intelligent, and an avid reader.

Fishlegs’ favorite non-princess Disney animated movie is Wreck-It Ralph because he gets all the video game gags. He also likes Winnie the Pooh because of the story’s lighthearted charm.

Tuffnut: Snow White, The Emperor’s New Groove

Tuffnut is a huuuuuuge Disney princess person. So it’s hard for him to pick a favorite. They’re all so great. He has a liking for the old classic Disney princesses, so if you ask him to pick a favorite, he’ll probably pick Disney’s first princess ever.

Now… non-princess movies… oh dear.

Tuffnut loves The Emperor’s New Groove a little too much. And by “a little too much” I mean that he might have put Chicken on his head as though it were a crown and pretended to be Kuzco for a solid three days. He called Fishlegs “Pacha” and Ruffnut… much to her annoyance… “Yzma.” There was nothing anyone could do to get Tuffnut to break character. He was Kuzco for those three days. And even when he’s not that into character… you’ll still hear him doing a whole lot of The Emperor’s New Groove quotes.

Ruffnut: Ariel, Alice in Wonderland

Ruffnut appreciates Ariel’s youthful curiosity and willingness to pave her own path. Ariel is unique for her kind and takes great steps to get what she wants. The combination of Ariel’s passion and vulnerability, spunk and sweetness, impulsiveness and curiosity… Ruffnut likes it. She likes Ariel’s femininity, too. She wouldn’t be able to explain why, but she does like it.

Alice in Wonderland is a bit of a zany adventure. Sometimes it feels nonsensical, sometimes clever, but it’s always helterskelter. It’s exactly the sort of thing Ruffnut could appreciate. 

Heather: Jasmine, The Fox and the Hound

I’m going to vote Heather’s favorite Disney princess as Jasmine. She likes other princesses, too, including Aurora and Cinderella. Jasmine’s sweet but sometimes bold personality interests Heather, though. Jasmine has enough traits for Heather to relate to her, but enough different traits for Heather to like her.

Heather likes a lot of Disney movies, including stories like Oliver & Company, One Hundred and One Dalmatians, Peter Pan, and Robin Hood. But her number one favorite is The Fox and the Hound. The emotions sing sweetly to her. The movie shows two unlikely, brother-like characters stand up for each other through time and trials despite the odds. For someone who has had family struggles and wishes for a friend and companion so close, it’s quite a ride to watch Todd and Copper. 

Eret: Rapunzel, The Rescuers Down Under

I would be surprised if, in a modern AU, Eret didn’t dress up as Eugene. He likes Tangled a lot. He says it’s because of Eugene, but everyone can tell he loves Rapunzel. Rapunzel is his favorite Disney princess. No contest.

For Eret’s favorite non-princess movie, I’ve got this strange sense that it’s The Rescuers or The Rescuers Down Under, though I’m having problems explaining why I have that intuition.

Hiccup: Jasmine, Zootopia

Hiccup likes Aladdin a lot. The story of an unwanted underdog who gets the girl is something that his teen self could relate to, as much as he doesn’t want to admit it. It’s only natural that Jasmine sneaked into his number one favorite Disney princess spot.

It’s hard for Hiccup to pick his favorite non-princess Disney movie. There are three that are close contenders for “favorite”. Zootopia is one he loves a lot because of its message of acceptance; he can relate to that, given as he also wants to build a world of peace between various species. The other two stories he loves so much are The Lion King and Big Hero 6. He doesn’t seem to consciously realize that these stories are so similar to his own, but subconsciously that is the reason why they sing with him.

Snotlout: Elsa, Hercules

Snotlout’s a Frozen boy. Hardcore Frozen boy. Favorite Disney movie by far. He knows the lyrics to every one of the songs. You can hear him singing “Let it Go” when he’s bathing. Because he loves the movie so much, he loves both Elsa and Anna, but Elsa is a bit more of his type. And by “type” I mean both looks and personality. Because Snotlout’s going to notice if a Disney princess is good looking. He’s… Snotlout.

Snotlout’s favorite non-princess movie is Hercules. The music, the vibe, the sass. Oh yeah.

P.S. Jasmine’s my favorite. XD Yay for a fellow Jasmine fan!

RTTE Season 5 Wishlist

1) I just want to see Hiccup get the hiccups tbh
2) …hiccups
3) please…
4) DreamWorks this is your MOMENT
Ok, moving on,
7) Snoggletog episode perhaps? I mean YE C'MON WHY NOT
8) domestic hiccstrid being cute and supportive 😏( like cuddles and cheek kisses.. cheek kisses > real kisses any day)
9) Can we have Tuffnut as the hero of the day? OR FISHLEGS… OR FISHLEGS AND TUFFNUT TEAMING UP YES PLEASE.. anyoneplease
10) gimme that whump!cup 👀
11) Astrid as the hero and not the damsel 😍pls (I’ll give up my own left leg for this)
12) Stoick being the #1 hiccstrid shipper 👌👌
13) so I know the Edge exploded but listen…. it didn’t…
14) Mala coming in to just kick butt because 👌👌 my queen right there
17) Deadly Nadders being considered tracker class dragons 👌👌
18) whomst'v'dv'e’t'e is this hooded man he gives me the creeps… wonder who he is

20) bye bye dragon hunter clan 👋👀