- I took in this cat, apparently it’s yours but I’m growing attached to it.

‘Hey there, you’re late today!’ she said, spotting the black cat, tail raised and eyes green, a kitty smirk on his face, tongue hanging out slightly. He rubbed his body against her windowsill, padding softly onto her sink dripper with a questioning mrowr?

‘How about some kitty treats, huh? Stormfly’s missed you these last few days!’ Her pitbull trotted up at hearing her name, and then ran into the kitchen, skidding on the drip carpet with her tail wagging madly. The black cat meowed in greeting, hopping down onto the dog’s back and darting off, happily barking puppy following her friend off. She chuckled, straightening her kitchen before she went back into the other room. She had two days off today, mostly because she needed to catch up on her laundry after pulling three consequent shifts at the ER, and she was lucky to have a bright, sunny day. Waiting out the half-hour it took for her scrub sets to dry was better than the bill she’d get later if she used the tumble dryer.

But it left her with a lot of wasted time on her hands with her last load. It was up in her balcony, hanging off her clothes lines, and before it dried she had little left to do, so she moved towards her den, making some hot chocolate and switching the TV on to some live winter sports, settling down with a toast to enjoy it.

As it always happened, the moment she sat down to eat something, both the pets in the room rushed over to sit beside her, Stormfly politely whining at her feet while the black cat took no such caution and hopped right into her lap, sniffing at her toast for a moment before moving to have a lick at the cream on her cup.

‘Hey now, you little…. what’s this?’ The cat protested slightly, a miffed mrrrrrrrowr coming out of its mouth as Stormfly took the chance to lick the cream residue off his whiskers, much to the cat’s annoyance. Astrid, however, quickly grabbed the cat’s collar which had never been there before, and gave it a brief tug. The bell on it jingled and the cat began scratching at it. ‘That is new, isn’t it?’ she asked the cat, who gave her an irritated glare. This silly thing was almost more expressive than her dog, and she calmed him down by scratching the sweet spot he shared with Stormfly under his chin. The cat’s new collar jingled again, and just as Astrid took the collar’s pendant in hand, the black cat executed a maneuver the likes of which she’d only seen from olympic athletes, twisted his body and leapt off the couch, leaving her with the collar in hand.

‘Hey you!’ she called, standing up as the cat rushed off, followed by her dog who thought it was all a game. ‘You little….’ She sat back down, turning her attention back to the collar.

‘Toothless’ the medal said, and when she turned it around, she found another note. ‘If you find this little gypsy, please return him to 135, Suthon Square, or call…’ Astrid raised her eyes. That was her apartment building, one floor up. So this little rascal was literally scaling walls to come down through her kitchen window. Shaking her head, she reached for her cordless, dialling the number on the tiny pendant, holding it to her ear.

‘Hello?’ asked a tinny, nasal voice in reply, and she only had a moment to be surprised that he was home in the mornings before the two animals dashed across her den again, chasing each other merrily.

‘So I’m holding a cat’s collar,’ she started, laughter barely suppressed in her voice. There was an aggravated groan.

‘Let me guess, without the cat in it,’ he replied, shuffling and what sounded like squashed paper crackling in the background. ‘He keeps managing to take it off somehow, but I can’t make it tighter, and bugger all if he hasn’t slipped out of every single darn collar I got him -’

He cut off when Astrid burst out laughing heartily, unable to contain it any longer at the heartfelt frustration in the man’s voice.

‘I have the cat, too,’ she gasped out when she could calm down. ‘He’s great friends with my dog, actually. I live in 125, same building. Your fluff-ball comes to mock my fluff ball from high places and play catch.’

There was a thump, and bark and a skiddy-noise before another thump meant Stormfly or Toothless had run into something else.

‘In fact they’re terrorising the dust bunnies right now. Care to come down for a coffee and discuss my illegal extra tenant?’

The voice at the other end laughed, and Astrid jolted to realise she heard the echo of the real thing through her window, as well as through the phone line static.

‘I’ll come right down. What’s a good housewarming gift for “sorry my cat took over your house”?’

Astrid snorted. ‘If you have food, all’s forgiven.’

‘Good thing I have a pizza, then. Be there in five!’

Astrid smirked, her dog and the neighbour’s cat whizzing past again. He’d sounded nice - could still be a serial killer but then Stormfly would take care of him - and she was getting free pizza out of the deal. Her day off was turning out better than she thought.

Open rp(dragon au 🐉🐲)

Becky did her best to fly as far as she could, trying to get away from the group of humans who used her. She wasn’t that big of a dragon, her scales were dark blue and black, and she had many scars. The dragon soon got tired and couldn’t fly any longer, so she dropped down near a little town. She tried to walk her way to a cave in order to hide.

Wedding Bells and Hangovers

This is because I’m obsessed with the ‘eloped in Vegas’ trope.

Marriage wasn’t what Hiccup expected.

He wasn’t the kind of person who fantasised about his wedding but he always figured it’d be small but nice, laid back but sentimental. Most of all he thought he would remember it.

It could have been any other morning; the sky was blue, the earth was round and he was lying in bed with the love of his life. All was as it should be. But then Hiccup started noticing little things that did not compute with an average morning in the Haddock/Hofferson household. The sheets felt too starchy, the sun’s rays were hitting him straight in the face and Toothless wasn’t trying to suffocate him to let him know that it was time for breakfast.

He opened his eyes and wished he hadn’t. The room was blindingly bright, the kind of bright that should be illegal in Las Vegas. And just like that things started falling into place.

It was the twins’ birthday weekend and they were in Sin City to celebrate. The night before was a haze of bright lights and drink after drink.

Just the thought of alcohol was enough to send waves of nausea through Hiccup’s stomach and, forgetting about the brightness situation, he pulled himself out of Astrid’s embrace and sprinted towards the bathroom. He could hear Astrid groaning from the bedroom in between retches and he felt awful for waking her up.

After a minute, he was vaguely aware of the door opening and the sound of Astrid’s footsteps on the tile floor. She knelt down next to him, wearing only his sweatshirt and a look of pure concern on her face and rubbed gentle circles into his back.

“I think we might be done with the drinking portion of the weekend. Some of us don’t recover as you do.” There was a hint of humour in her voice but kindness too. She laughed with him, never at him.

“Can’t talk. Busy dying.” He groaned but it managed to get a giggle out of her. The feeling of her hand on the skin of his back was heavenly, better than any painkiller he couldn’t keep down.

“Do you remember anything from last night?” Hiccup had known Astrid for a long time and loved her almost as long. He knew there was a point to her question but the night before was nothing but hazy, incandescent blurs and he didn’t know what she wanted him to remember.

He shook his head and he saw her expression fall for just a second. She drew her hand away and moved to sit in the edge of the massive spa while he got up and brushed his teeth. Just as he was about to spit she drops the bombshell.

“We got married last night.”

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Hiccup/Httyd Cosplayers in general


I dearly hope you read what I have to say and I hope you share this with all of your followers because it is very important to me, and I’m sure it’s important to a lot of other people as well.  

               When the fandom “claims” someone as a certain character, it seems to disregard that fact that there are hundreds of other cosplayers that are getting discredited by the fandom as a whole. I was wondering if maybe we could work together to change this idea that one cosplayer is better than the rest of them. We could really help the fandom open up to accepting all cosplayers. I think that this might help the even bigger picture with all cosplaying. The idea that one person is better than the other in costume is kind of ridiculous, and I think that if we work together to destroy this concept, we could really make a difference in our fandom and hope that carries over from fandom to fandom, cosplayer to cosplayer. I really hope you feel the same way about this and I hope that we can really make a difference. I’m coming to you because you have the fandom on your side and you aren’t afraid to show who you are to them, and I think that’s a great quality. I hope that you do get back to me on this, it’s really important to me and to have your help with this would be unbelievably amazing!