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A Good Concept: 

Charlie Weasley, Rubeus Hagrid, and Newt Scamander, all sitting on a couch, watching How To Train Your Dragon.  

Every time Stoick the Vast appears on the screen, Charlie pokes Hagrid and says, “that’s you”

Hiccstrid I’d like to see in Race to the Edge Season 5

We still have TWO WHOLE SEASONS people! 26 more episodes! How much Hiccstrid will be packed into there???? Oh I just can’t wait!!!!

Anyways, here are some things I’d love to see progress in the next season, and the one following that. 

1: Astrid braiding Hiccup’s hair

2: Hiccup or Astrid- or both- talking to Stoick about one another. 

3: Berk finding out that Hiccstrid is a couple.

4: Would love to see Astrid’s parents reactions, but since they haven’t become part of the franchise I doubt that’ll happen.

5: The terms “babe” and “milady” taking place. <3

6: Hiccup braiding Astrid’s hair.

7: Astrid having to take care of Hiccup.

8: Kisses on the cheek.

9: Another romantic flight together on Toothless.

10: The two of them starting the map.

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We simply cannot get over how cute this little Changewing is! Drawn by the talented ScarfyWings it takes this week’s spot on Fanart Saturday, congratulations!

I would like to say a word about the new season of Rtte.

Usually, I don’t tell what I feel on Tumblr but this is getting on my nerves since the release. I know I will not have many friends after but I don’t care, I’m not affect by insults on the web.

Anyway, here something I wanted to talk about first:

After the release of the first three season, all we were able to say was “more hiccstrid”, “more more more”. This season we got a lot of Hiccstrid, but like a looooooot more of Hiccstrid. And a few months ago, the producers said that they signed for two more seasons of Rtte.

Yesterday, I went on tumblr and I saw posts about complain. The people who are complaining, are complaining about they didn’t like the Hiccstrid, the kisses, the story, the characters and else. They said that the producers could do better for Hiccup and Astrid and I don’t know remember what else but ANYWAY, they don’t like how the show is going.

Guys, if you don’t like it then stop watching it. And seriously, they gave us all we wanted to have. I mean come on, for two months, we were getting the producers on their nerves because some fans wouldn’t stop asking them why they are not posting the date of the release and now we told them that they made a bad job?! Hey, they are doing everything they can for US. The show is a wonderful sigh for our eyes, animation like story. Our questions are getting answered, we getting what we hope for and each seasons is better than the previous.

These guys deserves some respect, they are the creators of the story of race to the Edge so as a fan, we must agree with what they decide to put in the show, like it or not. You can not like it, it’s your choice, everybody have a choice. But please, don’t say they could do better because they already trying to.

That was just something I needed to clear but now my thoughts on the new season:

As I said, we got a lot of Hiccstrid but that’s only in the three last episode. The others ones were incredible. Twintuition makes me laugh until my ribs hurts, Midnight Scrum was so intense with all these guys hunting Hiccup, Not Lout was so cool because we saw Snotlout having nightmares about getting bullied and I personally recognize myself in him.

Okay so I will finish on Hiccstrid. We got three kiss with a really passionate one for the first that make their relationship official. We saw the worry, the compassion, the dragon rider, the support in Astrid that we saw in httyd2 so that’s a proof that the show is following the movies. She is always the one getting hurt, that’s true but I think that’s normal and understandable cause she’s the one with Hiccup that have a true sense of leadership and she is a really stubborn girl and independent woman so she wants to do stuff for proving herself and to the others she is worth it like in Blindsided and in Astrid’s team. And that’s why she is my favorite character. For the next seasons, we are going to see them grew as a couple and that’s something I and the fans hoped so much to see cause we are getting the close Hiccstrid we have in the sequel movie.

The dragons: Toothless was so terribly cute and OH MY THOR, he acts EXACTLY the same as my cat (I should put a video for comparing those two). I love the way he putted his tail around Hiccup and Astrid when she laying on the floor in Blindsided, a true little family. I can only hope to see more moments with only him and Hiccup, but I’m not worry, we have to see how Hiccup came up with the “automatic” tail. Stormfly was also super cute and the way she protected Astrid is why I love the most, a true complicity, gods so amazing. The Triple Strike, one of my favorite dragon ever, we could saw his moves and so honking cool!!

And for ending this post, Heather and Dagur: I love Heather, she is so cool and the best friend I dream to have. I love relationship between siblings so when she finally bonded with Dagur, it made my heart race and I was so happy. The way they fighting with the riders is so awesome, I love that!!

So that’s it. Sorry if it’s a little messed up for an opinion post but I really wanted to explain what I felt about all I see on Tumblr and the show, and mainly make my self clear. Race to the Edge or the movies, it’s Httyd in general (and I will not talk about how they changed and saved my life for the good cause it’s personal). I will never thank Dreamworks enough for creating this story with Cressida.

It will always gonna take an important place in my heart (that’s why I’m getting tattooed the Night Fury logo soon) and whatever they will do for Dragons, I will always respect it, be a supportive fan, and be there for it.

I’m a Dragonite after all ✌🏼😉.

Take a look at this gorgeous depiction of a Scauldron and their Viking under the sea! Congratulations to @chameshida for being part of Fanart Saturday!

Normal Conversation vs. Viking Conversation

Minor Injury


“Hey, hows your leg doing?”

“Pretty okay, but it still kinda hurts.”


“Hey, how’s your leg doing?”

“Well it’s gone, so…”

Talking About the Furture


“When I grow up, I wanna be a doctor.”


“When I grow up I wanna be a dragon trainer!”

Hanging Out


“Lets go to the park.”


“Lets run through the Whispering Death tunnels.”

Shower Thoughts


“I wonder what I’m gonna do today…”


“I wonder where Hiccup’s other leg is…”


Snow Day


*snows 12 inches*

“Ugh, how the heck am I supposed to shovel all of this?!”


*snows thirty feet*

*entire house covered in snow*

*climbs through chimney*

“How in the name of Thor… SVEN, GET THE SHOVEL!” *mutters* “Gods help is all.”


HTTYD/TrollHunters xover

James “Jim” grew up in the Northwestern of the Archipelagoes: Arcadia. Arcadia didn’t suffer fire and Dragons. They suffered cold, and rock, and trolls.  Trollhunting was revered, much as dragon hunting was to the south, as serpents were to the seas…

James, himself, wasn’t particularly passionate about trollhunting, even though it was a revered art, even though his own missing father was rumored to have been one of the greats, even though the weedy heir of a southern island had more talent and skill for it than he. James would have much rather spent his time cooking. He just wanted to cook, and spend his time in the warmth of a kitchen. He wanted to explore the southern and western and eastern lands and find new ingredients. He certainly didn’t want to stumble across an amulet that would overturn his world.

So James learns that peace between humans and trolls is entirely possible and it might just fall on him to bring it about…  Along the way, he has a couple altercations with a familiar heir, now turned Dragon Rider, who had always had an upstart talent for trollhunting in his youth…

In another life they may have gotten along, but some people are almost too similar.

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Annabeth and her Stormcutter, Mímir, for my PJO How to Train Your Dragon AU

I was planning to stay away from “canon species” of dragon, but I felt that a Stormcutter was fitting for Annabeth with all of their owlish traits and such.

I’m excited with the response my other Viking!AU posts have gotten, and I do plan to make more of the PJO cast!! As for now, >> Nico is here <<

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Who wants to share a slice? This Gronckle inspired pizza was made by the talented and creative @chakuufoxdragon, and no worries we were assured no Gronckles were harmed in the making of this pizza!