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Hiccstrid I’d like to see in Race to the Edge Season 5

We still have TWO WHOLE SEASONS people! 26 more episodes! How much Hiccstrid will be packed into there???? Oh I just can’t wait!!!!

Anyways, here are some things I’d love to see progress in the next season, and the one following that. 

1: Astrid braiding Hiccup’s hair

2: Hiccup or Astrid- or both- talking to Stoick about one another. 

3: Berk finding out that Hiccstrid is a couple.

4: Would love to see Astrid’s parents reactions, but since they haven’t become part of the franchise I doubt that’ll happen.

5: The terms “babe” and “milady” taking place. <3

6: Hiccup braiding Astrid’s hair.

7: Astrid having to take care of Hiccup.

8: Kisses on the cheek.

9: Another romantic flight together on Toothless.

10: The two of them starting the map.

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Who wants to share a slice? This Gronckle inspired pizza was made by the talented and creative @chakuufoxdragon, and no worries we were assured no Gronckles were harmed in the making of this pizza!

HTTYD 3 is COMING! Here’s a theory...

Gah, all the updates and stuff saying that HTTYD 3 IS COMING…. it’s got me terrified and excited all at the same time. And all the theories going around!

But the biggest one is this: “The movies seem to be following a pattern. Hiccup loses something in each one. HTTYD 1, he lost a leg. In HTTYD 2 he lost his Dad, so in HTTYD 3, he should also lose something. And of course that someone, as we all know, will most likely be Toothless.


Yep! There’s a but! XD BUT, he also GAINED something in each movie so far. In HTTYD 1 he gained friends- including a best friend- and his Dad. In the second movie, he got his mother back. The point is, he’s gained something in each movie, just like he’s also lost something in each movie.

So what will he gain in HTTYD 3? *wiggles eyebrows* 

Just something to think about….