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Hiccup is downright terrible at naming things

If all I knew was that he had two dragons named named Toothless and Sharpshot…

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…I’d think that I knew for sure which was which. Those poor, confused people meeting him for the first time.

Astrid, please never let him name your children.

TBH I sometimes just want to call them Toothless and Windwalker, in that order.

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Okay i saw some drama blow up over this new blog called @badhttydfanfiction which was made by a friend of mine AS A HUMOROUS BLOG TO MOCK OUR OWN BADLY WRITTEN OLD WORKS. It was never intended to point fingers at anyone (hence the no linking to the original works or the authors), and people can anonymously submit their own writings that they particularly find funny and/or embarrassing. I myself have been planning to put my older stuff up there so WE CAN LAUGH AT OURSELVES. I apologize if this was not made clear to people, but that’s what it is.