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I don't know if you've been asked this before or not, but I'm genuinely curious on your take if they had Camicazi play in the film/tv series instead of Astrid? I understand that Astrid is "based" off of Camicazi and switched with her story to adapt better to the film/tv franchise, but I wonder how things would have been different if they stuck to more of the books, if that makes sense. I just find your opinions/analysis very interesting.


Quick preface: Astrid is not Camicazi, or vise-versa. I don’t care what role they’re trying to fill. Both the characters and their part, are so, so different.

Another quick sidenote: Someone once asked about introducing Camicazi in the TV show, which I outlined an episode for.

Now, you’re asking if Camicazi were to replace Astrid, not exist alongside of her? That’s something I have not talked about, as all of my movie!Camicazi adaptions exist within HTTYD-movie canon. To be honest… as far as background goes, I don’t see an immediate difference:

  • Camicazi is still a Bog Burglar, from a different tribe, an allied tribe, also battling the War on Dragons.
  • Camicazi and Hiccup both knew each other as heirs, seeing each other at the yearly Thing, always hosted by a different tribe.
  • Camicazi was one of Hiccup’s first real “friends”. She, at least, respected him for who he was (or saw opportunity in what he was capable of), and they remained pen pals through the years.
  • Hiccup was Camicazi’s first kiss from a boy. That follows whether Astrid exists or not.
  • In the movie!canon timeline, Camicazi’s dragon is a Hobblegrunt… lest a Mood Dragon come to existance, which, in this non!Astrid one, maybe we can… and it’s name is Stormfly! YEAH!

So, should Astrid not exist…

  • Hiccup is still fighting the good fight to Fit In™, just sans the Crush. But we’ll say that when no one believes him about shooting down the Night Fury, that, after he drops his “I just want to be one of you guys” line to Gobber, and forlornly shoves his way back into the Haddock Houshold, he first writes Camicazi a letter (and uses pigeon messaging? Pre-terrormail) gushing about his victory because at least she’ll listen.
  • Hiccup has already started dragon-training, met Toothless, and has slowly begun to work on the tail-fin before Camicazi assaults him mid “See You Tomorrow” montage.
    • Turns out, his letter was inspiration enough to get her to commandeer a small ship and adventure her Tiny, Tangled way over to Hooligan territory (it didn’t hurt that Hiccup’s letter mentioned his father would be away). Camicazi wants in… on whatever nonsense Hiccup is starting now (also she has her own Coming-of-Age background nonsense she’s running away from)
  • Hiccup knows, in the back of his mind, that Camicazi was just looking for an excuse to break the rules a bit more. That was the basis of their friendship after all: he had an uncanny way of finding trouble and pissing people off, and Camicazi was all for getting them out of it. She loved the challenge. But he wants a human friend in on this. And he wants more people to know about Toothless the more he uncovers dragons.
  • Camicazi loves hiding away on Hooligan Island, harassing Hiccup where she can, learning about dragons, and aiding in the magic of flight/helping-Toothless. She doesn’t reveal herself to Berk. Not while Stoick’s away. It’s her escape time.
    • she also loves whispering into Hiccup’s ear how to handle his new popularity with his peers. She knows he loves it deep down; she also knows he feels false about it. She’s there to mediate.
  • When Stoick returns, she wants to go further with Toothless. Ultimately, Stoick will receive word from her mother that she’s missing and people will be on high alert. She wants one last Hurrah.
  • That’s when they discover the Queen.
  • They decide to bring it to Hiccup’s father first after a small argument over which tribe to inform first. Hiccup’s not alone in breaking this news; both heirs need to carry the burden of truth.
  • There is no Final Exam incident. It’s the witching hour and Stoick can barely contain his rage as Camicazi (the brat was on his island the whole time; Bertha’d never let him live it down!) practically shouts over his son’s mumbles absolute hearsay: Dragon Queens and taming Night Furies and generations of ideals wrong. But in the next instant his son is gone, a shadow in the sky that left him hoarse and looking like a lunatic.
  • A week later of his son missing and Stoick certain he’d gone mad, an envoy of the Bog Burglars arrive. Bertha’s furious, talking of her daughter and his son flying around on a Night Fury of all things.
  • Apparently their children had done a Truth Bomb on the Bog Burglars as well and demanded the two tribes meet lest they want to see their heirs again.
  • It isn’t until dusk that Hiccup and Camicazi and Toothless come to Berk, remaining high, and barely visible, where they’re safe. They address the parties, and explain what they’ve seen, what they’ve learned, hoping for cooperation.
  • It’s cooperation they’re given… up front. They’re careful play isn’t as well thought as as it seems, and the adults take matters into their own hands the following morning and steal away the Nightmare (meant to be slaughtered a week earlier) to find the nest.
  • Kids follow, asses are kicked, feet are lost, in the chaos Camicazi bonds with a Mood-dragon/Hobblegrunt and helps save Phlegma the fierce (a Bog defector that was on her mother’s Shitlist)
  • Hooligans and Bogs are forced to reconcile with dragons, with Camicazi and Hiccup colluding through Terrormail in the following five years <3
    • Their meetings get hotter, let me tell you

(tldr; adding an outside heir would be hella sweet js)

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Viking AU? PS your blog is my entire life

Thank you! 

Mmmm, ok. (I’m basing this on the How to Train your Dragon Universe and no one can stop me because they’re technically Vikings)

also I didn’t really know how to answer this so here’s a variation of it rip 

  • all of the Dregs are dragon trainers 
  • and since they all come from different cultures guess what
  • that’s right diverse dragons
  • no two dragons alike
  • because they’re all from mythos of their riders’ respective cultures
  • Kaz has the most trouble out of all of them because he’s not used to flying with his bad leg bouncing and needing to steer his dragon in different directions 
  • Wylan fashions him a leg rest that simultaneously works as a steerer 
  • Bonus: he points his cane in the direction where he wants to go when his leg hurts too much 
  • and he does it like a conqueror on a mission to obliterate his enemies 
  • his dragon inherently knows his rider’s tendency to act #extra this way but constantly obliges him 
  • Kaz’s dragon is the only one that’s pitch black and has no official recorded name because it hadn’t been discovered by anyone yet
  • Kaz calls it Untitled like the drama king he is
  • Inej and her Balaur get along like a house on fire and no one knows how this seven headed dragon got the urge to willingly let her ride it 
  • but everyone subtly backs away Inej and her dragon the next time she’s around, because if a tiny slip of a girl can summon this giant dragon, she’s definitely got some hidden or deadly power up her sleeves 
  • the both of them do these sudden dips and spirals down to earth that scare the Dregs half out of their minds 
  • as in, the Balaur doesn’t snap out its wings until the pair of them are skimming the water or ground 
  • and that’s not even covering the acrobatic tricks and acts that Inej coordinates for them in the air
  • also all the dragons have a fondness of Inej and only she can get them to collectively calm down or slaughter their enemies
  • Jesper and his Aido Hwedo have the closest rider-dragon relationship
  • his dragon flashes off its colorful scales constantly, so when they’re in flight, it looks like they’re a moving rainbow 
  • whenever the Dregs are flying into battle, they can always depend on seeing a blur of deadly color hurtling down to their enemies and Jesper’s elated scream on the wind
  • it can bring storms to any battle and simultaneously gives them rainbows to admire afterwards 
  • he constantly compliments his dragon all the time and it purrs melodically and nuzzles its snout against Jesper’s head all the time
  • Wylan gets a Wyvern and Jesper won’t shut up for weeks afterwards about “Wy and Wy”
  • when he finds out the Wyvern’s blind Wylan trains it to fly by scent by dangling different things in front of its snout
  • also he and his dragon work out this complex touch code whenever Wylan wants to fly up, spiral across, or just fall asleep on the its back 
  • whenever Wylan does fall asleep, the Wyvern folds up its large wings to shield its rider from the night terrors and any rain or snow 
  • Nina, like the badass she is, manages to tame a Zmey Gorynych 
  • its three heads are somewhat snappy if someone stands too close to them but it has an affinity for toffee, something that Nina discovers with delight 
  • thanks to Nina, she’s the official ‘trainer’ when the dragons land together and swivel their heads toward her for treats (and when Inej’s off duty) 
  • who knew dragons all over the world liked sweet things?
  • all three heads of Nina’s dragon have differing personalities, but only she manages to calm them down whenever they’re having moods 
  • Matthias just sighs and gets on his Landvættir while his friends soar above his head 
  • but sometimes Nina orders her Zmey Gorynych to pick both of them up
  • the first time her dragon does this, both of let out inhumane screams 
  • Matthias’ dragon pretends to hate being carried out like this because it’s primarily a land dragon, but it secretly loves being in the air since it’s never flown before 
  • Matthias sets up all the obstacle courses with Wylan for the Dregs to train and he’s surprised how much fun he has when they all dodge and weave in the air and openly laughing into the sky
  • Kuwei and his Fucanglong just float above the earth and side eye each other all the time when they see their companions, human and scaly, start up their antics again 
  • look as a certified Asian™ I can tell you 1000% that Asian dragons are the chillest dragons in all the mythos of the world, so I’m completely convinced that these two watch on the sidelines and watch the drama unfold
  • they also put on collaborative fire shows, something that Kuwei’s dragon loves, because he’s found a fellow fire-starter  
  • but when someone tries to hurt the Dregs and their dragons, Kuwei’s Fucanglong turns absolutely terrifying

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(1/3)I can't thank you enough for creating that Deviation for me - I love your take on the Dragons universe and how it works, and you seem to have such a great grasp of how the characters think and would act in a variety of situations. As for how injured Stoick was I definitely should have been more specific - while the thought of him being there to witness Hiccup and Toothless beating Drago is tempting (his reactions would be priceless), my initial thought was a parallel to Dragons 1.

(2/3) Just like Hiccup Stoick would have been injured pretty badly, probably broken ribs, a shoulder dislocated or a broken arm (or both!), maybe a back injury from the impact with the wall, and everyone thinking he couldn’t has possibly survived until Gobber or Valka realize he’s still breathing. From there is really where I wasn’t sure how it would go - Drago hearing he survived or not, and whether or not this would affect his decision to attack Berk anyway.

(3/3) But even with my vague wording you went so in depth with it from every angle that I’m not sure which would work best anymore! So thanks for giving it tackling it with the same depth as the other stuff you’ve done, and keep being awesome!

From This Deviation

<3 Hey man, sorry for the wait, I got whisked away for half the week. And, honestly, it was such a dramatic moment that could have gone in so many ways. It was a good thing to pick up on! And thank you so much for enjoying my take on the Dragons’ universe. The whole stupid thing weaseled its way into my psyche too deep and now I need to see it through to the end, for better or for worse, and the characters themselves are what really build it for me. Even if things are in a lull now, I’m happy to continue to play around with it and the third movie will certainly hike things up.

So Stoick is injured pretty badly. Like, unconcious, but alive. They don’t know if there’s brain-damage, memory-loss (now there’s a fun idea! holy shit…), but he’s alive and Valka is sobbing with relief and Gobber’s knuckles are white, gripping Stoick’s vest, and Astrid’s hands are rubbing Hiccup’s back whispering ‘thank Thor’ and Hiccup is fucking livid.

His face is set, his mind is made up, he’s going back to Berk not to just save his dragon, or to save his village, and his father’s village, but to take out the man who dared to put Stoick the Vast in such a… a vulnerable state. It’s nothing like Hiccup’s ever seen before and it’s shaken him to the core. He’s barely communicated his intentions to use baby dragons and he’s already stalking inside the ice cave. He’s furious, focused, not-listening and, in that moment, he looks so much like Stoick that Valka too falls silent amidst the clamor to get Hiccup to open up.

So, yes, they’re all heading to Berk on baby dragons with Gobber looking after Stoick, but now they have an added drive – to get Stoick medical attention, fast.  They win, obviously, and with Toothless as Alpha, Hiccup wastes no time in getting his dragon to influence one of the largest dragons from Drago’s army to follow them back to the Ice Caves…

Hiccup’s not chief, but he’s a renewed hero. Berk isn’t as damaged since.

And Stoick is back… But how much he’s back is another deviation in itself because there is the chance of… dun dun dun… memory loss! How original! (but fun, so fun). Where his mind jumpstarts back to its previous trauma… to five years earlier. 

Stoick awakens in his home, warm under furs, in a moderate amount of pain, with a parched throat and the meaty smell of Gobber’s stew filling the room. Gobber only makes that stew when someone’s sick or sad; its enough to jog the most recent events to memory: his son accidentally destroyed one of their stocked ships and allowed a good bit of their livestock to be taken by freed dragons. They made one last, desperate bid for the nest before the ice was to set in; a hail freya of a prayer to avoid any more raids in the winter. They entered the layberinth of fog… there was dragons, fire, men screaming, the splintering of wood, and then…

Ah. So he was injured in that failed expedition. Enough men must have survived to get him back to Berk safely, but he shudders to think of what was lost in the attempt.

Stoick lets loose a painful cough that tells him his ribs were in delicate condition. He swears he hears his son call to him, but when he opens his eyes its a towering, young man who greets him. He looks both familiar and a stranger and all too comfortable in his house.

Stoick attempts to speak when his wife, dead for fourteen years, steps into his rapidly tunneling vision…

AU where the twins notice Hiccup through his flailing, disastrous attempts at killing dragons weeks before the Night Fury Incident.

They approach him with their signature, predatory grins slathered across their faces and Hiccup, like a panicked rabbit, slinks away from every attempted thrown arm-over-the-shoulder. The twins find him scarce after that.

They won’t be deterred. Not with the explosive result of a mis-aimed, oil-coated bola into the coals of a pyre still fresh in their minds from the last raid. That sort of power needs to be harnessed. Late at night, with a single candle casting ominous, reaching shadows across the walls of their shared sleeping quarters, they whisper a plan of approach.

The next day they get him while he’s eating, alone, at the corner of a Mead Hall table. As soon as they sit, one on either side, he tries to stand.

“Will you relax?” Ruffnut says, yanking him back down by the side of his tunic. “We wanted to ask you about that thing you used in the last raid.”

Hiccup’s still wary, suspicious, but he settles back down and answers their questions. They’re nice to him–no pinching or poking or making fun. They seem genuinely interested in his work.

So Hiccup allows the twins to hang around as he’s working. They’re amazed by how quickly, how smoothly, his brain comes up with methods of destruction. And he can bring them to life. Well, sort of. They offer their own ideas–most of which he dismisses immediately as purely impossible but, hey, they’ve got time.

The twins start sitting with Hiccup at meals. They invite him to hang-outs. They lift the heavier things in the shop when Hiccup’s working and Gobber’s not around. They convince Stoick to let Hiccup join the Fire Brigade. Ruffnut douses Hiccup by “accident”. Hiccup kicks the bone of her ankle the way he’s seen Tuffnut do it.They both get yanked from the path of a Nightmare flame by Stoick. Tuffnut cackles as they both get lectured about awareness; Snotlout sneers, probably following the lead of Astrid shaking her head, but Hiccup isn’t quite so put out this time around. Ruffnut’s at his side, wincing at the brunt of Stoick’s disappointment, and Hiccup makes a quip about practically being fire-proof being this wet.

Hiccup’s funny, the twins realize. He’s more–what’s the word?–reasonable than them but he’s willing to make jumps. He likes climbing things. He’s fast. He’s not completely hopeless. He doesn’t care much about rules and holy shit their future chief doesn’t care about rules.

If he makes chief. And with that, the twins decide it has to happen. Hiccup has to be chief. They take to training him. Unorthodox though they might be, the twins are still capable fighters. They play ‘target practice’ in the forest and Hiccup gets to utilize his speed and agility in a  more dangerous fashion. They make him eat more meat, carry more weapons, push more wagons full of Thorstons. He whines that they’re torturing them. Sometimes in French, so that they don’t know how nasty that whining gets. But it’s fun, he realizes through a sore body. He feels… included, at least.

Dragon training commences and Hiccup’s a part of it–shocking both him and the twins. The training turns out to be invaluable for the late-afternoon smith sessions. Hiccup knows what to focus on now (wings and tails, sound and blind-spots) and the slow honing of certain designs brings new weapons to fruition. Rather than partnering with each other all the time, the twins take to switching off with Hiccup, where they’d hiss strategies to each other. Ridiculous, hare-brained, only-try-this-if-you’re-nuts strategies. Sometimes they end in disaster, sometimes they end victorious, with a greatly annoyed Astrid scowling at their backs.

They sneak a barrel of Mead into Hiccup’s house when his father is out on the last raid and they drink and draw designs and fool around and Hiccup doesn’t think he’s laughed that much in a long time. He feels encouraged. He’s inspired now–not just with a thirst to prove himself, but with the incredible motivation that someone believes in him. It gives him a boost of confidence that makes a world of a difference. 

He perfects a hand-launcher. The twins help him in dragon training and in return he lends them proto-type weapons to use. Gobber watches, amused. Snotlout complains that they’re cheating. Astrid begrudgingly admits that it at least yields results. Fishlegs is hesitant to be a part of it. He yearns to be included on treading new grounds, but the twins terrify him. The twins, who had taken a more protective stance on their half-friend/half-investment…

Hiccup’s skill improves, as does the accuracy of his weapons. The twins in have a steady hand in his creations and Hiccup, in turn, manages to curb their more destructive tendencies. The village considers it a small blessing in the coming months, even if the initial friendship had everyone nervous. Stoick tolerates the twins, seeing how his son’s life had brightened and that Hiccup now seemed to take the overall safety of the village more seriously… even if his personal life included more tomfoolery.

Eret Goes for a Spin

Stoick doesn’t leave immediately after Hiccup. He’s desperate to stop his son from ever encountering Drago, but in their efforts to stop the colossal barn door from closing at the last second, heeding Stoick’s shouts to stop!, a cog breaks loose. They’re temporarily trapped. Vikings are rushing around, attempting to fix the door and Stoick is losing his mind with worry. Every delay matters.

So when Hiccup’s crouched by Toothless, offering to show Eret the loyalty of dragons (and Eret has already been exposed to a perplexing bond that goes against everything he’s clung to as a trapper by people, not attacking him, but talking to him) with a goading “I can change yours, right here, right now.” followed by a more courteous, “May I?”

Eret considers it. He has the time to.

He looks behind him and one of his crew members has taken up throwing the fire-sword away from the Nadder in a game. The fearsome Night Fury is content under a human’s hand, staring at him with large eyes and a calm gaze, and these people, these strange people who’ve returned to him after he had attacked them, were telling him this was normal behavior for the beasts. Something is amiss. It rings him.

“Go on,” the girl insist.

He’s tempted to remain defiant, but Eret says “fine“ and "if he tries anything know I’ve taken dragons out mid-air before” and, under the watch of his crew, gets on the fabled Night Fury.

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Feral!Hiccup AU, part II

★Part I★

Hiccup nurses the Night Fury back to health. Soothing it, feeding it.  His mother is better at prosthetics and healing, and he promises the dragon that they would care for it properly when she arrives. In the meantime, they play.  Hiccup is delighted by the Night Fury and names him Toothless for the surprising discovery of retractable teeth. He gushes over how his mother would positively adore the dragon.  He talks of his home–of the alpha and the safety and the peace.

Hiccup ducks in and out of the cove to visit the village.  He watches those his age and wets his lips–he’s never seen them so close before

One is rather near–squat and brawny, like a gronkle.  The viking is mucking sheep stalls and muttering, rather unhappily, to himself.  Hiccup creeps closer, feet silent against the ground, and prepares to call out.

The he hears it.  A booming voice calling for “Snotlout”.

Hiccup springs backwards into the shadows as a mighty man–tall as some dragons, with heroic red hair and an unmatchable beard–waves over the boy.

His father.  Exactly as his mother described him.

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“We’re home.”

I was a little overwhelmed as I posted the final chapter of Leith today. A year-long project of slowly cleaning up a 50k (now 100k) fic came to a nice wrap up. This is a style I’ve only dabbled in, but I figured it would be fitting to spend the last of my energy on cleaning up this moment. The sum of Astrid and Hiccup’s relationship, which, for the record, was an absolute joy to work through. Thanks again, everyone, for joining me on this adventure :)

Feral!Hiccup AU

(A four-part tale)

Val has enough time to approach Hiccup and the dragon before Stoick runs in to startle them.  When CloudJumper leaves, it’s with Valka and their child gripped in her arms.  Stoick stands in their wrecked home, heartbroken.

Hiccup grows in the dragon sanctuary–free, healthy, and happy.  But he yearns for more human companionship. There’s something missing in his heart and he keeps flying further and further to find it on his Windwalker.  He knows where he’s from, and long been warned of the anti-dragon practices by his mother, but it doesn’t stop him from flying over Berk when he can… watching the teens his age, wishing he could play with them… 

As he grows older and more rebellious, he sprouts ideals of humans and dragons living together so that they could return to Berk.  Val grows frustrated with her son that won’t listen to her.  She warns him of how she’s tried and found it impossible.  Hiccup runs off to try it anyway.

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What do you think would have happened if in the beginning of the breast hat scene, Stoick never cuts off Hiccup's desperate attempts to explain about Toothless with his booming laugh? Would Hiccup spill far too much or would he catch himself in time? Thoughts? :)

“So.  Let’s talk… about that dragon.”

“Dad I—I’m so sorry. I was going to tell you, I just didn’t know how to, uh—”

Hiccup’s shifting his papers around on his desk, fumbling over his words, and Stoick puts a little extra effort into holding back his laughter. His son was so cute. He tortures the boy a bit longer with his silence.

And so Hiccup continues.

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I think people have run with this before but... How do you think things would have played out, had Hiccup freed Toothless, but the Night Fury hadn't been crippled and could fly perfectly fine? (These deviations are addicting; thanks for doing all of them! :D)

HTTYD deviations

I think Toothless might have roared in Hiccup’s face and, instead of bounding into the forest, flown off, back into the sky.

Going with the “mind control” theory, he might have taken pause in his flight back to the nest and realize—he didn’t have to go back.  I think he would spend the day flying around, regaining his senses thinking back on all that happened.

He could fly back to his home but… the rage he felt for being enslaved by the Death would fester, and his curiosity towards the human hatchling that freed him—physically and mentally—would grow. Rage and curiosity. That’s what’s kept him around Berk.

So when Hiccup goes back to his ruined bola, contemplating “So why didn’t you?”, Toothless is waiting for him. Watching from the trees. The hair on the back of Hiccup’s neck raises, he looks around. He eventually spots the dark mass high in the boughs.  He shrieks and scrambles away.  Toothless follows Hiccup, gliding from tree-branch to tree-branch, as the boy sprints back to Berk.

Toothless cuts Hiccup off just before he can make it out of the forest and into the safety of his Viking-saturated village.

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Okay, so I thought of this a while ago, but I was too nervous to tell you, for some reason XD But I was looking at the feral!Hiccup tag and I had an idea for a feral!Hiccup Tangled AU-type-thing (I know...). So you know how Hiccup has that long braid?Well, maybe it had healing powers (like Rapunzel) and antag!Valka could use it to heal the dragons and stuff and she won't let him leave the sanctuary? Astrid as Flynn, probably. What do you think?

feral!Hiccup + antag!Valka?  Oooh lo lo…

Astrid is finally, finally making a name for herself.  The most promising Viking of her generation.  She graduated dragon training at the top of her class.  She’s heading raids and hunting trips.  She’s allowed to go on her first Nest hunt.

The hunt is hazardous and bloody, but she swears they make some headway in the labyrinth of rocks.  They lose two ships before they decide to head back—with an updated map at least!  But just before they break out of Helheim’s gate their last ship is attacked by dragons.

The survivors are scattered.  Astrid gets washed ashore on an island farther south than she’d ever been.  There are dragons there and she’s lost her weapons, supplies, and support.  For a couple days its a scatter for survival—fashioning weapons, dodging dragons and battles she knows she can’t win, and foraging for food.  Eventually she’s cornered in a cave by a couple of Snaptrappers and things are looking grim…

That’s when she meets Hiccup.

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okay so, it's cliche, it's trite, but I simply must hear your input on it anyways since i've yet to see anyone pull it off in a good way in the fandom so far, and you're kinda like, captain commander brigadier general of httyd deviations.: Hiccup gets amnesia and the last thing he remembers is going to sleep the night before the raid he shot toothless down in. Obviously set shortly after hhtyd because the culture shock of suddenly winning puberty seemingly overnight would be too much for him.

HTTYD deviations

When Hiccup wakes up, it’s to a world of pain.  He knows something’s wrong.  Indisputably wrong.  It’s in the lower half of his body.  The leg.  His whole body’s stiff—

Something’s licking him.  Something large and unfamiliar.  Hiccup’s cry of alarm turns into a scream of horror when he fully registers the dragon.  The beast cries out as well and bounds away.  The reaction might have seemed odd, but Hiccup’s in a wild amount of pain and confused and there’s a dragon

Stoick barges into the house and Hiccup has a shaky finger thrown at the black winged beast scaling the rafters.  How did it get in? Gods above, he was unconscious and it was practically right on top of him! Is it…a Night Fury?

Hiccup doesn’t know and he can’t seem to care at that moment.  Something’s wrong—so wrong—

He can’t catch his breath.  He can’t calm his heart. The fire still shoots up his leg and, in the chaos of Stoick ushering out a dragon and the crowd gathering at the door—Hiccup peels back the covers.

He can’t tell if he’s screaming or if someone else is.  Nothing makes sense.  He remembers shock and horror and dizziness and darkness. 

Next time he wakes up his father is around and the dragon isn’t.

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So I saw you feral Hiccup fic which I thought was pretty interesting. But what do you think would have happened if Astrid had been raised by dragons instead, a feralstrid if you will?

I’ve never really had Hiccup raised by dragons (that’s Hiccup II from the books, I believe). He’s raised by his mother—amidst dragons—and therefore  isn’t technically feral.  I think I just picked up that term from Hiccup’s “feral vigilante lady”

So the real question is—who raised Astrid?  Was she taken as a baby and literally raised by dragons?  Was Valka taken a bit later and found Astrid and helped raised her (her suspicions about dragons confirmed in seeing that they cared for an infant)?

I honestly prefer the latter the most.

Astrid, being a fussy sleeper, was taken out for a late night walk by her mother/father/uncle whathaveyou.  Then the raid hit.  Too far from the safety of her family home, she was hidden in an empty barn—the livestock was being moved elsewhere, as was the fight, she should have been safe.  But a dragon goes in there following the scent of sheep—finding nothing but the cries of a cold child.  So it takes Astrid, and the cold air and sensation of flight (applying my theory of human proximity and dragon control) lull her to sleep.

Imagine coming back to that barn after all the fighting is done and not finding a baby? Ouch.

So there’s a tragedy for Berk.  Valka’s a new mother and just hearing about it devastates her.  Seeing Cloudjumper a couple months later standing over her own child gave her pause and hope because… maybe baby Astrid wasn’t killed?  Then Stoick comes—blablabla—Valka’s taken.

Naturally, Valka would definitely return Astrid to her family should she find the child in the Alpha nest.  Unless, in the days following Astrid being taken, her mother went on a voyage to the Nest, determined to get her child back against all hope and odds, only for that ship to return in ruins—Hoffersons killed.

OKAY! So now we have orphan Astrid and Valka—Valka’s watching this child play with dragons, growing to love them, and she’s struggling to think if her own could have been the same or if it’s too late and he’s just like his father.

This is fun because:

  • Mommy!Valka and daughter!Astrid bonding all day ‘err day
  • Astrid growing up rough-housing with dragons
  • Astrid learning the truth of her parents when she’s older—that they died by dragons—and going through a phase of lashing out at them… but eventually forgiving them.
  • Astrid falling to her influences’ doctrine, because that’s a strength/weakness of hers, and being completely against mixing humans and dragons (knowing dragons killed her parents doesn’t help.  She believes Valka when Valka says that humans and dragons shouldn’t mix—for the good of both)
  • ASTRID MEETING HICCUP AND TOOTHLESS as Hiccup is just learning to master Toothless’ tailfin
  • Astrid attacking Hiccup for seeing him have a Night Fury in a contraption
  • Toothless protecting Hiccup and forcing Astrid to re-evaluate her opinion of the situation
  • Ooooh lolo
  • Hiccup being excited at meeting someone else who likes Dragons.  Astrid getting frustrated at Hiccup for insisting that humans and dragons can live together.  She thinks Hiccup and Toothless must be an exception but Hiccup is relentless.
  • Hiccup begging Astrid to bring him to this ‘ice cave’.  Hiccup deciding to go on a vacation forever upon “winning” dragon training and having no one to stop him BUT having an idea of where to go…
  • OOO OOOH lolo

I could go on forever and ever but I have a life

anonymous asked:

Love your dead!Hiccup AU series. Would love to read even more, maybe something Toothless focused.

Dead!Hiccup AU

A part of him was missing.  Toothless knew it before his mouth cooled and the taste of smoke had left his tongue.  The sudden crush of loss tore him from the alpha’s pull with crippling brutality.  Shadows dance before his eyes; a frantic hazy memory of desperation.  Echoes of Hiccup’s screams and pleads rang in the silence.

The following clarity killed him.  His boy, twisted and static, with no rush of blood or beating heart.  The scent of death thick and wafting.

Toothless screamed before comprehension fully took him.  He accepted Stoick’s anguished hail of punches and ignored Valka’s shaking fingers and fell deaf to Astrid’s weak, insincere coaxing.  He moaned and nudged whatever part of Hiccup he could get at and grew sick at the scent and evidence of his own flame.

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Fics and Drabbles

**Hi! **In the recent event of tumblr messing up–no matter what I try–my story collection page, I’m just going to circumvent that nonsense and make a post!

Edit: I’ve since figured out that it simply doesn’t like the sheer number of links I have–be it page or post. So now it’s separated into 2 posts. (Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find ALL the links :/)

If you haven’t noticed, I really like to write. These are most, if not all, of the stories I have in the #My Fics tag. Some are prompted, others are by whim. Some will take you to my fanfiction account. Most are right here.

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How to Twist a Dragon’s Tale (A HTTYD deviation series)


~ Hiccup

~ Fem!Hiccup


~ Toothless


~ Astrid


~ Ruffnut/Tuffnut/Twins


~ Camicazi


~ Hiccup and Toothless


~ Haddock Family


~ Hiccup and Astrid

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Do you think toothless and Hiccup ever found the other half of his tailfin? It would probably take a while to decompose fully, what with dragon skin and all, and it's not exactly the type of thing an animal would scavenge unless it was seriously starving.

I dunno, dragon skin, scales and bone are all pretty useful things.  I think they’d be prime for nest building, at least.  Let’s assume it’s mostly picked clean by the time a year passes.

Beyond that, however, we can say that they did find it.

Hiccup and Toothless spent a couple weeks—give or take—goofing off and getting to know one another.  They travelled around Berk and nearby islands as they hopped around learning to fly.  It’s entirely possible that they stumbled upon the tail remains.

Maybe they’re running through the woods. Playing tag.  Hunt-and-tackle.  Find the Fishbone.

Then Toothless makes an alarming noise.

Perhaps he smelled it first, saw it first, snorted, growled, snapped at Hiccup, then bounded back to the cove.  Hiccup is left bewildered until he takes a few paces forward and sees what set Toothless off.  It’s shredded and bent, torn between several bones, but wholly recognizable.  Relatively untouched.  There’s even the remnants of black, crusted blood around the edges.

It’s a henious buzzkill.  Hiccup decides to bury it (in part out of respect for Toothless, his own remorse, and avoiding other vikings from finding it).  He stumbles after Toothless, finding him in the cove, pacing and feral, then coaxes him with apologies and soothing words. I’ve been asked before when the Talk happened.  I suppose that would have been as good a time as any. Get it all out in the air.

“A tale of nursing Hiccup, building a raft, moving them from village to village, and getting them back to safety.”

A deviation that enlightened me to a super fun story: If Astrid had to deal with a severely injured Hiccup. If she had to ferry him to the closest point of safety–barter for his care and their stay–work with him through his healing–and eventually bring them back to Berk.  Super fun.