httyd deviation

AU where the twins notice Hiccup through his flailing, disastrous attempts at killing dragons weeks before the Night Fury Incident.

They approach him with their signature, predatory grins slathered across their faces and Hiccup, like a panicked rabbit, slinks away from every attempted thrown arm-over-the-shoulder. The twins find him scarce after that.

They won’t be deterred. Not with the explosive result of a mis-aimed, oil-coated bola into the coals of a pyre still fresh in their minds from the last raid. That sort of power needs to be harnessed. Late at night, with a single candle casting ominous, reaching shadows across the walls of their shared sleeping quarters, they whisper a plan of approach.

The next day they get him while he’s eating, alone, at the corner of a Mead Hall table. As soon as they sit, one on either side, he tries to stand.

“Will you relax?” Ruffnut says, yanking him back down by the side of his tunic. “We wanted to ask you about that thing you used in the last raid.”

Hiccup’s still wary, suspicious, but he settles back down and answers their questions. They’re nice to him–no pinching or poking or making fun. They seem genuinely interested in his work.

So Hiccup allows the twins to hang around as he’s working. They’re amazed by how quickly, how smoothly, his brain comes up with methods of destruction. And he can bring them to life. Well, sort of. They offer their own ideas–most of which he dismisses immediately as purely impossible but, hey, they’ve got time.

The twins start sitting with Hiccup at meals. They invite him to hang-outs. They lift the heavier things in the shop when Hiccup’s working and Gobber’s not around. They convince Stoick to let Hiccup join the Fire Brigade. Ruffnut douses Hiccup by “accident”. Hiccup kicks the bone of her ankle the way he’s seen Tuffnut do it.They both get yanked from the path of a Nightmare flame by Stoick. Tuffnut cackles as they both get lectured about awareness; Snotlout sneers, probably following the lead of Astrid shaking her head, but Hiccup isn’t quite so put out this time around. Ruffnut’s at his side, wincing at the brunt of Stoick’s disappointment, and Hiccup makes a quip about practically being fire-proof being this wet.

Hiccup’s funny, the twins realize. He’s more–what’s the word?–reasonable than them but he’s willing to make jumps. He likes climbing things. He’s fast. He’s not completely hopeless. He doesn’t care much about rules and holy shit their future chief doesn’t care about rules.

If he makes chief. And with that, the twins decide it has to happen. Hiccup has to be chief. They take to training him. Unorthodox though they might be, the twins are still capable fighters. They play ‘target practice’ in the forest and Hiccup gets to utilize his speed and agility in a  more dangerous fashion. They make him eat more meat, carry more weapons, push more wagons full of Thorstons. He whines that they’re torturing them. Sometimes in French, so that they don’t know how nasty that whining gets. But it’s fun, he realizes through a sore body. He feels… included, at least.

Dragon training commences and Hiccup’s a part of it–shocking both him and the twins. The training turns out to be invaluable for the late-afternoon smith sessions. Hiccup knows what to focus on now (wings and tails, sound and blind-spots) and the slow honing of certain designs brings new weapons to fruition. Rather than partnering with each other all the time, the twins take to switching off with Hiccup, where they’d hiss strategies to each other. Ridiculous, hare-brained, only-try-this-if-you’re-nuts strategies. Sometimes they end in disaster, sometimes they end victorious, with a greatly annoyed Astrid scowling at their backs.

They sneak a barrel of Mead into Hiccup’s house when his father is out on the last raid and they drink and draw designs and fool around and Hiccup doesn’t think he’s laughed that much in a long time. He feels encouraged. He’s inspired now–not just with a thirst to prove himself, but with the incredible motivation that someone believes in him. It gives him a boost of confidence that makes a world of a difference. 

He perfects a hand-launcher. The twins help him in dragon training and in return he lends them proto-type weapons to use. Gobber watches, amused. Snotlout complains that they’re cheating. Astrid begrudgingly admits that it at least yields results. Fishlegs is hesitant to be a part of it. He yearns to be included on treading new grounds, but the twins terrify him. The twins, who had taken a more protective stance on their half-friend/half-investment…

Hiccup’s skill improves, as does the accuracy of his weapons. The twins in have a steady hand in his creations and Hiccup, in turn, manages to curb their more destructive tendencies. The village considers it a small blessing in the coming months, even if the initial friendship had everyone nervous. Stoick tolerates the twins, seeing how his son’s life had brightened and that Hiccup now seemed to take the overall safety of the village more seriously… even if his personal life included more tomfoolery.

How to Twist a Deviation's Tale

The collection of HTTYD deviation summaries as requested.

**Note, the majority of these were written before the events of HTTYD2 were known/canon

If one thing was altered in the movie, how would the rest of the story play out?  

Movie Deviations (in chronological order)

What if…

HTTYD 2 Deviations


Movie Alterations

What if…


TV Show Deviations

What if…


Movie Speculations/Scenes (with spoilers)

Feral!Hiccup AU

(A four-part tale)

Val has enough time to approach Hiccup and the dragon before Stoick runs in to startle them.  When CloudJumper leaves, it’s with Valka and their child gripped in her arms.  Stoick stands in their wrecked home, heartbroken.

Hiccup grows in the dragon sanctuary–free, healthy, and happy.  But he yearns for more human companionship. There’s something missing in his heart and he keeps flying further and further to find it on his Windwalker.  He knows where he’s from, and long been warned of the anti-dragon practices by his mother, but it doesn’t stop him from flying over Berk when he can… watching the teens his age, wishing he could play with them… 

As he grows older and more rebellious, he sprouts ideals of humans and dragons living together so that they could return to Berk.  Val grows frustrated with her son that won’t listen to her.  She warns him of how she’s tried and found it impossible.  Hiccup runs off to try it anyway.

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“A tale of nursing Hiccup, building a raft, moving them from village to village, and getting them back to safety.”

A deviation that enlightened me to a super fun story: If Astrid had to deal with a severely injured Hiccup. If she had to ferry him to the closest point of safety–barter for his care and their stay–work with him through his healing–and eventually bring them back to Berk.  Super fun.

“We’re home.”

I was a little overwhelmed as I posted the final chapter of Leith today. A year-long project of slowly cleaning up a 50k (now 100k) fic came to a nice wrap up. This is a style I’ve only dabbled in, but I figured it would be fitting to spend the last of my energy on cleaning up this moment. The sum of Astrid and Hiccup’s relationship, which, for the record, was an absolute joy to work through. Thanks again, everyone, for joining me on this adventure :)

joyfulldreams  asked:

Here's a thought for a deviation that I wonder about...what if--sort of in halfway between Hitchups and Feral!Hiccup--Hiccup leaves Berk in pretty much the same fashion as in Hitchups, but instead of going on his two-year magical journey south, almost immediately discovers the dragon sanctuary, and meets his mother?

Oh yes, I actually somewhat touched upon this here.  And this practically (and accidentally) turned into a bit of story so…)

First he’d indulge in finding his mother and their common grounds.  I mean, it would be a dragon wonderland for a while.  Mommy-son bonding.  Delight. Disbelief. Ecstatic on both ends.

Hiccup’d have both his legs, so there’s no equality or excuse to lessen the incredulity in his mother’s expression. But his relationship with Toothless would be so new that, instead of the easy going ‘what’s done is done’ attitude, Valka would witness Hiccup’s quiet guilt and Toothless’s nosey assurances.

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nightfurylover31  asked:

This just popped in the head last night, but what do you think evil Hiccup would look like? Would he be like Valka if she was kept as an antagonist, saving dragons from humans? Or something else?

(this is a little later than ‘last night’ and I apologize for that)

Now this all depends on what kind of Evil Hiccup we’re talking about.

Remember, Hiccup could have grown to be a Mildew-like member of Berk. Embittered and trapped… should he not have ran after the downed dragon. Should he have been so shamed he wallowed inside rather than defy his father once more. There’s an exaggerated twist of that deviation where (perhaps in a combination with this) Hiccup turns a more ruthless eye on his inventions. Determined to prove himself in the only way he’s seen success, he lets dreams of approval and acceptance go. He brings his game down a notch and focuses on less impressive dragons to prove his worth. He takes some prototypes–hand-held weapons of his own making–to training and they work. The second time they face the Gronkle he kills it with a coal-ignited sling-shot down the gullet. He has a scatter trigger that sprays sharp projectiles at a velocity that shredded the wings of the Nadder. He gets angry when the kids try to befriend him. They’re too late…

With a plan for results rather than grandeur, Hiccup finds a niche in the village. His skill in the smithy grows, as do his results, but he takes more pleasure in having respect and a body count to back it up than the attention of his peers. He takes pleasure in turning Fishlegs away and Astrid down. In taking the chieftainship from Snotlout, who foolishly thought he might still have a chance. No, Hiccup becomes chief of Berk (with people who overlook the dark, gaunt eyes and cold disposition in favor of safety) and he razes dragons to the ground with greater success than any single viking has before. He flaunts it in the faces of other, struggling tribes and seduces them with promises that they too could have these highly effective methods of victory… for a price. Hiccup becomes ruthless and manipulative, pulling more vikings under his control and more wealth in his pockets. He has no patience for those who don’t fall in line. He grows disdainful of old fashioned weapons and outlaw any new ones that dare to compete with his own. 

This Hiccup almost always has thick leather bracers and long, scarred hands. He remains spindly, though grows tall, with a rough beard and a permanent scowl. There’s a hunch to his shoulders, as he’s always either over a work table or leaning forward with his hands on his knees. He wears his father’s cloak–taken from the man, who still lives, who still struggles to speak to his own son–as a reminder that he’s now in power. His hair is shoulder length and half braided back. He never wears a viking helmet. Those are for warriors, in his opinion, not rulers.

Or is this a Hiccup that leaves Berk filled with resentment? One who embraced dragons and decides to both save them from the Queen… and then punish humans for the reprehensible decision to never “find another way”?

This one wears dark-scaled armor, finding his element in the night along with his dragon. He wears a lot of scales, in fact, as it’s important he can withstand flame, with a chest-plate and shoulder guards and knee pads. He wears a scaled helmet: fire-proof and aero-dynamic. He keeps his hair short–he can’t have it getting in the way or catching fire so he keeps it close to his ears and cares little for how fly-away or dirty it gets. When he’s among people he wears a huge cape to bulk his silhouette–it’s dark and matted and stained with blood. He’s got scarred lips and thick knuckles and a snarl that can send even dragons running.

cool-and-creative  asked:

What do you think would have happened if Astrid was abducted by Drago? I don't mean after Eret takes her and her friends to Drago, but after the Battle of the Bewilderbeast.

So you’re saying, Stoick is blasted, Hiccup/Valka/Gobber are down there, mourning, and as the rest of the gang descends to join them Drago grabs Astrid from Stormfly (and Eret) and tries to make off with her? Maybe he even shoots Stormfly out of the air with a plasma blast as she’s landing? 

There’s a lot of silly problems with this. First off being: Drago is already struggling with Toothless. He has no time for last minute knapping. He’s got the hoard, he’s defeated that annoying “Dragon Master” as well as stole his rare dragon, and he’s on his way to crush Berk… that village that had the audacity to try and build their own dragon army.

What is Drago’s motive for this? That Astrid sassed him back on his ship? That she believed so strongly in Hiccup–the same Hiccup Drago just defeated–that he wanted to punish her further? To rub it in her face? To teach her some kind of lesson in respect? That seems a bit weak.

Let’s say, against all reason, he does grab her. Astrid’s going to kick his ass. There is no way in hell Drago’s awkwardly flying away on Toothless and grabbing a passive Astrid as he goes. Astrid is Laying. It. Down. She’d sooner stab him in the eye and jump ship before allowing herself to be taken. You know she has complete faith in her friends that they’re already flying to get her. If Drago lingered at all, do you really think he wouldn’t be attacked?

Most importantly, Toothless and Drago cannot fly fast. At all. 

So, at the furthest, Drago’s dropping Astrid in the ocean (and regretting this attempt in the first place), in which Hiccup (or the dozen other people on the island) is going to get her. Eret, most readily, will fight for her.

Seriously, if he tries to take her before the control command was issued (for all dragons), Eret is still on Stormfly. And if he and Stormfly were shot down/dislodged, you know they’re getting right back on and going back for Astrid. It’s not like she’s going to be sneakily taken away.

If you’re hoping for some damsel-in-distress rescue situation, this isn’t the place for it.

anonymous asked:

I was thinking about a httyd deviation where Valka gets taken by a different dragon other than Cloudjumper, and since it happened during a dragon raid, she gets taken to the red/green death's "lair" (or it could be Cloudjumper taking her there, idk)... Hiccup then meets her in HTTYD1, and there's some sort of antag!Valka good!Hiccup interaction there (whether Valka is under the alpha's spell, or something else?) How do you think that would play out? Or do you have a deviation about it already?

I don’t think Valka would be under the control of the Queen.  I have a hard time seeing how any of this would come to pass simply because either

A. Valka would return to Berk–as a young mother and loving wife at that time would see the source of the war (as well as dragons being abused and controlled) and wouldn’t stick around supporting the RD.  The events of HTTYD1 might unfold there… with Valka flying back on Cloudjumper, the integration starting 15 years earlier…

B. Valka would escape/find alpha/free dragons as a new lifestyle

Now, option B might result in antag!Valka.  She’s worked so hard to find dragons a safe place–with only the memory of Berk and knowing that humans weren’t safe–to allow the risk of dragons and humans living together in a community.

There could be the possibility that Httyd1!Hiccup (and Astrid) run into her at the Nest–they by accident, her on a mission–and they witness first hand what Valka’s been doing.  They might be more comrades at first, both helping each other in getting dragons away from the death.  Valka’s been draining the Queen’s reserves for years now and they could gently end the War without ever getting people involved.  

Less Danger! side…

**Astrid thinks Hiccup should tell Stoick about Valka, about the dragons, but especially about Valka. Hiccup’s reluctant. He wants to but… there’s so much that could go wrong and he can see his mother’s very passionate point about what might happen if Stoick keeps coming after the nest.  Also… he’s a tad angry with her.  It’s a lot for him… he asks Astrid to give him a night to think about it.

***The Kill Ring!  Hiccup thinks to show his father how to treat dragons gently and then break the rest of the news to his father.  It’s a disaster.  MOM IS ALIVE! Is something I think Hiccup’s going to shout at his father out of desperation to keep his dad from going to the Nest with Toothless.  That opens a whole can of worms…

Danger! side…

Hiccup might be gone for far longer than he should be (it’s his mother! and there’s a dragon sanctuary! holy crap alpha’s! Not now, Astrid, this is an experience), so he misses the Final Exam, but he knows he’ll be forgiven with the motherlode of information he’ll be returning to Berk with.

Therein lies the problem.

There’d come a moment where Valka tells Hiccup he either comes to live with her and Toothless, or he leaves Toothless with her, because he’s not going to be keeping Toothless on an island full of humans.

Hiccup and Astrid need to escape the sanctuary (with Toothless, of course).

Berk is left growing increasingly agitated with their missing heir and best trainee.


anonymous asked:

Ok but what if Toothless killed ASTRID??!??!



But you mean HTTYD2 situation, right?

So instead of directing Toothless at Hiccup, Drago directs Toothless at a freshly dismounted Astrid.  She’s still gathering her bearings from being thrown off a controlled Stormfly’s back when she gets a face full of fire.  She dead.

Hiccup’s just a step behind Toothless. He runs past the gasping dragon and gathers Astrid in his arms.  She’s all limp limbs, blackened skin and no heartbeat.  He’s cradling her and moaning to the gods.  Stoick’s the only other one who approaches, laying a giant hand against Astrid’s forehead and sighing, “Oh, yeh poor girl.  Yeh, poor, brave girl.

Toothless does as well, whining and nudging, but Hiccup shouts him away from her.  Drago takes Toothless.  Hiccup regrets it.  The funeral commences.  It’s all relatively similar to how it happened in the movie except there are two leaders alive, making split decisions and getting the ball rolling.

As they watch the flaming funeral ship fade into the horizon, and Hiccup makes a speech about the life they should have had together and how much he owed her and about the sort of man Astrid saw in him that he could never quite see himself (to which his mother chimes in, and his father, both giving Hiccup a bit of clarity to the sort of person he’s viewed as, helping him see it too), Stoick places a hand on Hiccup’s shoulder.

"Son, we have to—”

“I know.  We’re going back to Berk.”

The twins speak up about the how.  Hiccup directs them to the dragons.

They make it to Berk. They fight. They win.  Drago runs off, someday to be seen again.

Hiccup becomes chief within weeks of the clean up.  The next time his father offers (Delicately. He’s been given so much space and he can’t stand the looks of pity any longer) Hiccup accepts. He does it for Astrid. He strives to be the man she saw in him and continues to many years later–when he’s older and married with someone else’s children–he continues to keep her in his conscious.  He always remembers the girl who believed in him and pushed him and kept his head on straight.

A small statue is made in her likeness in the village square—to represent Berkians, to represent their survival, and as a reminder of the Battle of the Bewilderbeast and all that was lost.  Everyday, even as a very old man, Hiccup spends a moment or two sitting at that statue’s edge, talking or thinking or soaking up memories he refuses to let go.

setinfiretotherain  asked:

Im here to give an idea that because of reasons lit up in my head when I read this valccup thing --- Valka takes Hiccup with her -not romance... may not yet-. And thats it. All that I've got. Hiccup would be rebel and end up in Berk for accident. Idk

I think I’ve been asked to do a deviation on this before but I never found the time *shuffles pile of deviation requests further in a corner*

If Val took Hiccup with her (or had him with her), then Valcup definitely wouldn’t be happening.  She would have been a mother for 20 years and known her son. Valcup is basically based on sickness. Val’s inability to accept certain things, her lack of human interaction, and confusion.

Haha, but yeah, I can see Hiccup loving dragons but yearning for more human companionship (flying over Berk, watching the teens his age, wishing he could play with them). And as he grows older and more rebellious, spouting ideas of humans and dragons living together so that they could return to Berk–Val being frustrated that Hiccup won't listen to her and how she’s tried and found it impossible–Hiccup runs off to try it.

Maybe he shows up during a raid, flying around shooing dragons and stopping vikings from killing them.  Maybe he barrels into Toothless–a dragon collision–maybe a viking threw a bola at them, tangling them together, and they both go crashing down. Hiccup’s injured but manages to cut them both free from the bola. He notices, with some horror that the night fury is injured as well.  With vikings running towards them (it’s dark out, no one can really see) Hiccup manages to help the Night Fury up and into the forest.

And that’s how Hiccup ends up hiding out in the cove with an injured Night Fury, on an island of Vikings. He shoos the dragon he arrived on back home, because he can’t abandon the Night Fury and… he kinda wants to stay on Berk to see what he can accomplish.


frostystuffs  asked:

Okay, I know that in Fem!Hiccup's universe, she prays to Loki and then the eggs come along and stuff but what if she hadn't prayed to Loki? What would her future be?

Oooo! Fem!cup deviation! Okay!

She would, actually, very likely get married.  Stoick would keep on her about that, and it’s quite possible she’d marry an elite from another tribe. Not an heir or chief, but a relative. Someone of a “Snotlout” position.  Maybe a kid or two in the future.

Of course… as chief, she could also–possibly–marry whoever the hell she wants (especially after this fun post of education) in which case… ERET?  Ho ho ho :’>  

But I really, really gotta see that movie, and Eret in action, before I ever get too deep in that kind of speculation.

inhonoredglory  asked:

Oooh how about... If Hiccup actually killed Toothless?

Deviation meme:

Hiccup has the Night Fury’s blood on his hands and he feels like he’s killed a part of himself.  He stands up. He can’t catch his breath.  He can’t grasp his surroundings. He might be having a panic attack.

“I did it.  I’m a viking. I’m a viking…!” he says and tries to instill pride in himself.  It works, to an extent. His overactive imagination springs to life and he smiles despite his squirming gut and pulling brow.  Despite the sickness and self-loathing.

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Eret Goes for a Spin

Stoick doesn’t leave immediately after Hiccup. He’s desperate to stop his son from ever encountering Drago, but in their efforts to stop the colossal barn door from closing at the last second, heeding Stoick’s shouts to stop!, a cog breaks loose. They’re temporarily trapped. Vikings are rushing around, attempting to fix the door and Stoick is losing his mind with worry. Every delay matters.

So when Hiccup’s crouched by Toothless, offering to show Eret the loyalty of dragons (and Eret has already been exposed to a perplexing bond that goes against everything he’s clung to as a trapper by people, not attacking him, but talking to him) with a goading “I can change yours, right here, right now.” followed by a more courteous, “May I?”

Eret considers it. He has the time to.

He looks behind him and one of his crew members has taken up throwing the fire-sword away from the Nadder in a game. The fearsome Night Fury is content under a human’s hand, staring at him with large eyes and a calm gaze, and these people, these strange people who’ve returned to him after he had attacked them, were telling him this was normal behavior for the beasts. Something is amiss. It rings him.

“Go on,” the girl insist.

He’s tempted to remain defiant, but Eret says ‘fine’ and ‘if he tries anything know I’ve taken dragons out mid-air before’ and, under the watch of his crew, gets on the fabled Night Fury.

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anonymous asked:

I think people have run with this before but... How do you think things would have played out, had Hiccup freed Toothless, but the Night Fury hadn't been crippled and could fly perfectly fine? (These deviations are addicting; thanks for doing all of them! :D)

HTTYD deviations

I think Toothless might have roared in Hiccup’s face and, instead of bounding into the forest, flown off, back into the sky.

Going with the “mind control” theory, he might have taken pause in his flight back to the nest and realize—he didn’t have to go back.  I think he would spend the day flying around, regaining his senses thinking back on all that happened.

He could fly back to his home but… the rage he felt for being enslaved by the Death would fester, and his curiosity towards the human hatchling that freed him—physically and mentally—would grow. Rage and curiosity. That’s what’s kept him around Berk.

So when Hiccup goes back to his ruined bola, contemplating “So why didn’t you?”, Toothless is waiting for him. Watching from the trees. The hair on the back of Hiccup’s neck raises, he looks around. He eventually spots the dark mass high in the boughs.  He shrieks and scrambles away.  Toothless follows Hiccup, gliding from tree-branch to tree-branch, as the boy sprints back to Berk.

Toothless cuts Hiccup off just before he can make it out of the forest and into the safety of his Viking-saturated village.

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francaisfillehttyd  asked:

So I saw you feral Hiccup fic which I thought was pretty interesting. But what do you think would have happened if Astrid had been raised by dragons instead, a feralstrid if you will?

I’ve never really had Hiccup raised by dragons (that’s Hiccup II from the books, I believe). He’s raised by his mother—amidst dragons—and therefore  isn’t technically feral.  I think I just picked up that term from Hiccup’s “feral vigilante lady”

So the real question is—who raised Astrid?  Was she taken as a baby and literally raised by dragons?  Was Valka taken a bit later and found Astrid and helped raised her (her suspicions about dragons confirmed in seeing that they cared for an infant)?

I honestly prefer the latter the most.

Astrid, being a fussy sleeper, was taken out for a late night walk by her mother/father/uncle whathaveyou.  Then the raid hit.  Too far from the safety of her family home, she was hidden in an empty barn—the livestock was being moved elsewhere, as was the fight, she should have been safe.  But a dragon goes in there following the scent of sheep—finding nothing but the cries of a cold child.  So it takes Astrid, and the cold air and sensation of flight (applying my theory of human proximity and dragon control) lull her to sleep.

Imagine coming back to that barn after all the fighting is done and not finding a baby? Ouch.

So there’s a tragedy for Berk.  Valka’s a new mother and just hearing about it devastates her.  Seeing Cloudjumper a couple months later standing over her own child gave her pause and hope because… maybe baby Astrid wasn’t killed?  Then Stoick comes—blablabla—Valka’s taken.

Naturally, Valka would definitely return Astrid to her family should she find the child in the Alpha nest.  Unless, in the days following Astrid being taken, her mother went on a voyage to the Nest, determined to get her child back against all hope and odds, only for that ship to return in ruins—Hoffersons killed.

OKAY! So now we have orphan Astrid and Valka—Valka’s watching this child play with dragons, growing to love them, and she’s struggling to think if her own could have been the same or if it’s too late and he’s just like his father.

This is fun because:

  • Mommy!Valka and daughter!Astrid bonding all day ‘err day
  • Astrid growing up rough-housing with dragons
  • Astrid learning the truth of her parents when she’s older—that they died by dragons—and going through a phase of lashing out at them… but eventually forgiving them.
  • Astrid falling to her influences’ doctrine, because that’s a strength/weakness of hers, and being completely against mixing humans and dragons (knowing dragons killed her parents doesn’t help.  She believes Valka when Valka says that humans and dragons shouldn’t mix—for the good of both)
  • ASTRID MEETING HICCUP AND TOOTHLESS as Hiccup is just learning to master Toothless’ tailfin
  • Astrid attacking Hiccup for seeing him have a Night Fury in a contraption
  • Toothless protecting Hiccup and forcing Astrid to re-evaluate her opinion of the situation
  • Ooooh lolo
  • Hiccup being excited at meeting someone else who likes Dragons.  Astrid getting frustrated at Hiccup for insisting that humans and dragons can live together.  She thinks Hiccup and Toothless must be an exception but Hiccup is relentless.
  • Hiccup begging Astrid to bring him to this ‘ice cave’.  Hiccup deciding to go on a vacation forever upon “winning” dragon training and having no one to stop him BUT having an idea of where to go…
  • OOO OOOH lolo

I could go on forever and ever but I have a life

lehsyi  asked:

Do you still take deviation memes? Dragons are strong, fearsome animals while humans are more or less fragile compared to them. Any accidents that Toothless could have done unintensionally and harm Hiccup? Perhaps even accidentally killing him?

Deviation meme:

Toothless didn’t mean it.  That’s what Hiccup tells himself as he cradles his broken arm and curls in on himself on the ground.

It was an accident. They were play-wretstling with some dragon-nip and Toothless bit down too fast and too hard.

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