this was easily my favorite moment of season 4. when Viggo was holding Astrid “hostage” he was telling Hiccup basically “Are you seriously going to risk your future wife, and maybe your children, for the Dragon Eye?” i absolutely loved how he worded this and it made me so freakin happy he threw it into the lava. the way Hiccup chose to throw the Dragon Eye, the thing he’s been fighting for, into the lava for Astrid just UGH. it’s so amazing and i absolutely loved this. but im wondering, did Astrid run to Hiccup and did he hold her? 🌚

“While I have absolutely adored the Hiccstrid in season 4 of RTTE, my favourite part was when the other riders found out they were together! What I’ve always liked about HTTYD is the strong friendships the riders have, even though sometimes it doesn’t even look like they like each other. Fishlegs, Snotlout, and the Twins being so happy that Hiccup and Astrid are together and happy is important to the characters and I’m glad they included it!”