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Astrid tried not to petulantly stomp her way out of the lecture hall, but what happened in there was beyond infuriating, humiliating, and total bullshit that she maybe gave an undignified stomp as she walked. Just the one.

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anonymous asked:

Hiccup and the Gang as football members, what are their positions?

Hello there, friend! This is a really fun question. I’ll admit that, unfortunately, I’m not sure which type of football you’re talking about - if it’s football/soccer or American football. I therefore apologize in advance if I answer your question with the wrong sport. Ahhh… gotta love the lexical variations between dialects. :)

I do enjoy American football and watch my fair share of it with chips and salsa from my family’s garden (go Broncos), but I’m not very good remembering the nuances of all positions. I’m also guessing that since American football is most well-known as a male sport, and ~50% of my blog hits come from people outside of the USA, that it’d make more sense to talk about football-football (soccer)! As someone who has played team soccer for a large portion of my life and adores the sport, I can much more easily talk about positions for that sport! So talk about soccer-football I shall!

Fishlegs: Keeper

I don’t feel like Fishlegs would enjoy charging up and down the field that much, or covering someone closely in a defensive position. While Fishlegs can be a bit timid personality-wise, and we might wonder if he’d flinch around the ball instead of charge toward it like a good goalie does… I also think about Fishlegs rising to the challenge. When Fishlegs wants to stand his ground, he does. Just watch the end of “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” for one example of this!

So assuming that Fishlegs isn’t going to be afraid of the ball, I feel like he’d make a great keeper. He might not be a goalie who enjoys diving all that much, but then again, we’re not talking about the Hooligans being ridiculous professionals or anything. Fishlegs would be great at blocking, he’d have a great stance and ability to reach all corners of the net as needed, and as a powerful Boulder Class dragon lover, develop quite the powerful punt to get it down the field.

Snotlout: Sweeper

I imagine some people are surprised I’m putting Snotlout so far back on defense. It’s true that Snotlout might have some of the attitude of an offensive player. He loves bragging about his wins in “Thawfest,” which makes it easy to imagine him bragging about his goals in football. Snotlout also is someone with a “go get ‘em” attitude, where he will charge off and attack offensively even when Hiccup tells him not to (”Cast Out” is a perfect example of this).


Stick with me. There’s something about Snotlout that says “defense.” And I can imagine him as a great sweeper.

Sweeper is the last line of defense and clears up any last problems the rest of the defenders haven’t been able to do. That sort of challenge and importance would grip Snotlout, and he’d love to rush up and sweep it away. The best sweepers I’ve ever seen on a team are the intrepid individuals who will charge up and take that ball without any hesitation. My team’s sweeper was under five feet, but NO ONE got past her because she charged straight toward you like an unstoppable bull. Snotlout could do that. He’d rush right at them, no fear, no worry, just the thrill of making other people flinch and snatching the ball away from them. Another great save by Jorgenson! SNOTLOUT SNOTLOUT OI OI OI!

Given that Snotlout loves that sort of frighten people and rush at them mentality in canon when he rides Hookfang, I believe that would translate SO WELL to him being a sweeper in football.

Astrid: Outside Midfield

My position! <3 <3 <3

Now I can imagine Astrid at several positions and playing them very well. Of all the players I’m listing here, I feel like Astrid would be the most versatile and actually comfortably perform several positions per game. She’s mostly offense, I believe, and I feel like she’d be fine in center mid and any one of the forward positions. Astrid’s personality is one that would determinedly be focused on the goal, and let’s be real - she’d get goals.

The reason I am putting Astrid on outside midfield first is based on how I see Astrid fight and move on screen. Astrid is a dexterous individual. While she is strong, a lot of her strengths come in being dexterous and doing some serious quick, skilled balance and agility work. Astrid canonically is also very intelligent and knows when to fight and when to go back to defense. And that’s all midfield. Even her lithe body type will help her with the many miles a midfield runs per game - Astrid will be fit, enduring, and up to the task.

The outside midfield position (at a non-professional level) can involve a lot of intricate dribbling, quick rushes up the side of the field, quick defense against the opposing team, corner kicks, throw-ins, and sending the ball in hard toward the center for a goal (or even taking shots herself). All of this is what Astrid could accomplish well as a soccer player. After the first HTTYD movie, Astrid does not need to be straight center getting all the shots, but is more than happy to support the mission. Astrid will be that support. She’ll be the defense when she needs to be defense. She’ll be offense when she needs to be offense. She’ll get the ball up the side of the field and then send it to the center for others to make the final shot. And while she’s getting the ball up the side, she’ll be doing all sorts of awesome, complex maneuvers to get there.

I imagine her having very powerful throw-ins and corner kicks. She’s the sort of person who will score from a corner kick or will use a handspring throw-in (which, when done correctly, can literally send the ball to the center of the field - so legit).

But Astrid would also be really good at scoring, and thus she’d also enter some forward positions, as needed for rotation on the team. She’d be almost just as good as a center forward as outside mid.

Hiccup: Center Midfield

Center mids are necessary to keep everything together. Because of their position in the center of the field, they coordinate with the entire team. They have to be able to interact with basically everyone, from defense to offense, from the center of the field to the wings. If the center mid is not at the position they are supposed to be, a lot of the team’s coordination falls apart, and it’s a lot harder to get the ball up the field because the team lacks the presence of that needed focal point.

Hiccup is going to be that focal point. He’s the one who coordinates everyone on the team and interacts with them all. As the self-designated leader of the dragon riders, Hiccup needs to be in the center of the action and needs to be able to interact with everyone. Center midfield is perfect for him.

Ruffnut and Tuffnut: Right and Left Defense

The twins like destruction. The twins have some fun attacking their enemies with exploding Zippleback gas. The twins like pranking, getting the better of others, and sometimes scaring people. 

They’d make great defenders, where they have the opportunity to destroy the other team by stealing the ball away from them. Maybe it was just my teams growing up, but the defense always had that mischievous brashness to them that seems to be inside Ruff and Tuff! It’s going to be great for these Loki-lovers. And since the twins do basically everything together, and they even ride the right and left heads of one dragon, they’re going to be right and left of the same position on the football field. They’ll be able to work together to make the other team’s offense suffer.

I’ve been rewatching a lot of Pokemon lately, (for obvious reasons) and its very cute and nostalgic. I still remember waking up early on Saturday mornings to catch it (ha pun totally intended) on tv like 15 years ago. 

And a random thing I’ve noticed is that the Pokemon series (first generation) is very similar to the How to train your dragon series. They have similar episodes and the story itself is not far from each other; A young boy, wanting to prove something to the world. Befriends an animal type creature with electric abilities while exploring the world they live in with their friends. 

The only difference is that while Hiccup never wanted to be a hero, he just became one because he had too, Ash is totally set on becoming the greatest ever. Which is different and it’s cute how he tries. 

Random but I thought it was cute. 

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Ok...what am I not understanding? I thought there were 4 seasons of RTTE. That is what was posted in an article. But that one twitter post said 118? That would be an additional 2 seasons! So...we would get seasons 4, 5, and 6! Am I getting it now? Or... #whyamiconfused #hiccstridkissbetterhappen

Don’t worry my friend :) There were going to be 4 seasons at first (56 episodes) But quite recently there was a post from DWA saying there will be 118 episodes in total (Counting RoB and DoB) So in RTTE are no longer 56 episodes but 78 :) 

So yeah there will be 6 season of RTTE officially! Everyone’s really happy! :) We have still 3 more seasons to go woooo 

As for that last tag *wink* *wink*