More HTTYD Fanart^^ I was inspired by one of my sister’s works and decided to paint it in my own style:

I’ll also upload the speedpaint on YouTube soon!

“Listen… I know you’re new to this whole Padawan thing. But I’m pretty sure going against our Masters’ direct orders is a stupid thing to do.”

“So you’re saying I shouldn’t go after them?”

“No,” she replied tersely. “I’m saying I’m coming with you. Someone’s gotta tag along to save your butt.”

PREVIEW of Clone Wars AU.

AKA I’ve kind of given up on my Star Wars AU (I mean, not completely but) and I’ve started watching The Clone Wars (tv show) again…So… new au? New au. Astrid and Hiccup, Padawan learners, fightin’ for the survival of the galaxy. Stay tuned.

Help me finish my sketchbook :)

Heyho Dragon-Dorks :)

Requests are closed again, but now I’m giving things a little twist!

This time, I’m asking you guys to draw something for me :D

@fifylou once told me about this brilliant idea wherein we would swap sketchbooks: She would give me hers, and I’d draw her a page (and vice versa).

I’ve been thinking about extending this idea. Of course we won’t be able to swap sketchbooks around the globe, but you guys could draw something for me, and I would spread your drawings in the last double page of my sketchbook.

I was thinking about making a sketchbook tour and sharing a video with you either way. I bet it would be cuter and a zillion times more interesting to see your drawings in the back! <3

So, whoever is interested and wants to draw something for me: feel free to go!

  • You may draw whatever you want! (nothing edgy though xP)
  • Artists of all skill levels may send me something :)
  • Your drawing shouldn’t have a background (and max. 2 characters)
  • I would prefer transparent pngs. However, if you are not sure how to export your drawing like that, or if you are a traditional artist, don’t hesitate to contact me!
  • Make sure your artist- or blog-name is written close and next to your figure. It would be nice to know who drew it a few months from now :)
  • Send your finished drawing to @leffie-requests (So I can keep a better overview)

This is not a contest, and I don’t want to set any serious deadlines. However, I would be looking forward to your drawings by November 1st.

If you can’t manage to draw something within that time, I’ll still give you another week or so to finish your drawing. (Or longer. I don’t bite!)

Feel free to reblog this to let our artists know ^^

I’m watching Edge of Disaster Part 1, which, along with it’s second part, are my favorite episodes of Race to the Edge, and…

Astrid’s facial expressions when Ruff is calling her out are so great.

Astrid: What am I gonna do with you guys!? Seriously, tell me!

Ruffnut: Well, you could start by being kind. Oh wait, you can’t do that because kindness is nowhere in that scrawny little body of yours.

That’s her face right after. Now, I’ve been wondering for the longest time why Ruff used the word “scrawny.” Astrid is supposed to be a model viking, right? And “scrawny” is usually a word we would associate with Hiccup. So why is she so hurt?

Now, obviously, Astrid is scrawny. So are Hiccup, Ruff, and Tuff. But in the franchise, no one calls anyone but Hiccup out on it. I can’t help but think that this is a real sore spot for Astrid and Ruff knows it? Obviously, in HTTYD, none of the teens are great friends with each other, but I do have a headcanon that they were all friends when they were little. That’s why I think Ruff knows, and why Tuff says, “Easy, sis,” right after.

Astrid: Do you know what your problem is, Ruffnut?

Now, Astrid is being defensive. And she’s attempting to insult Ruff right back. She doesn’t get to, of course, but if she had, I feel like she would have said something personal. Something that would have hurt Ruff the same way Ruff’s words hurt her.

Ruffnut: Oh you bet I do. I got a list of problems so long I can’t even keep track. The question is, do you know what your problem is, Astrid?

Astrid: My problem? Are you serious?

Now, that is fucking rude on Astrid’s part. The way she says it shows outward arrogance, even though she asked Ruff the same exact thing. She is implying that she herself has no problem, while Ruff does. To me, that is the most rude thing she says during this conversation.

Because unlike Ruff, she can’t seem to expect that she does have problems. She’s not perfect, dammit. And I’m not saying that Astrid doesn’t know it, she just refuses to accept it. What Astrid has is not just some light competitive drive, but a need to be the best. And when she can’t be, she freaks out. Just like when Tuff says, “Wow, he’s better than you ever were,” in the first movie, her gaze is murderous.

Ruffnut: Let me lay it out for you, my flaxen haired friend. You have no respect for the people around you who are just trying to help and be a part of the team. You have no respect for Fishlegs, certainly none for Snotlout, and you couldn’t have less respect for the two of us!


This hits hard. This makes Astrid think, because she knows Ruff is right. Besides Hiccup, does she actually respect anyone on the team? Does she care about them at all? Guilt hits her like a ton of bricks. Of course, this is Astrid Hofferson, so she quickly makes a defensive face again.

Then, five seconds later:

Astrid: She’s wrong, you know. I do - I…respect you guys.

Not only do the audience and Tuff know she’s lying, Astrid knows too. She knows she’s a rude brat, it’s just been pointed out to her for the first time and now she’s poorly defending herself. It’s quite petty, but she just lost, and she doesn’t know how to handle it.

I loved this part so much. So much. I can relate to both women here, and it was so refreshing to see someone put Astrid in her place.

  • Saturday evening at Astrid's house. A quilt in front of the living room's TV set with a bunch of cushions, and two pillows. Hiccup and Astrid were sitting up straight with a sky-blue blanket over their legs. Both wearing pajamas. Hiccup holds his laptop on his lap while Astrid writes down on a worksheet--using a book as support underneath.
  • Astrid:Never thought words felt tension.
  • Hiccup:It's called word stress, and yes they do.
  • Astrid:This is stupid.
  • Hiccup:No, it's language.
  • Astrid:No, it's stupid because words don't have a sense of humor or capacity to deal with life's shit. So no, they shouldn't be called 'stressed words.'
  • Hiccup(chuckling):Well, they will haunt you down until finals. So deal with them for the time being. Besides, not everyone gets the chance to have a tutor to help out.
  • Astrid:Like you?
  • Hiccup:Exactly. *glances at her worksheet* how is it going?
  • Astrid:Good. Only two left.
  • Astrid's dad peeks from the stairs. Tip toes downstairs and sneaks up behind them.
  • Mr. Hofferson:You too seem quite focused there. I thought you'd be watching a movie.
  • Hiccup:We have deadline this week.
  • Mr. Hofferson:Ah, I see. Pity, I was just about to ask if you'd like me to join you for a movie or game.
  • Astrid:Hiccup has to leave soon. It's getting late.
  • Mr. Hofferson:Tsk, I'm sure Stoick won't mind if he stays for a short round of Monopoly.
  • Astrid:Dad, Monopoly is all but short. It's a three to five hour game!
  • Mr. Hofferson:Well, he's already in his pjs so...
The Prince and the Duke: Chapter 3

Chapter 1 | HTTYD Fic Masterpost | Previous Chapter

Prince Hiccup of Berk has a dilemma. And that dilemma is Duke Aster of Meathead Island. Duke Aster is athletic, attractive, charismatic, suave, and has a sort of… swagger. Pretty much all the women of Berk are swooning for him. And not just the women… Hiccup is reluctantly finding himself swooning for the duke as well. But is there more than meets the eye with the young duke? And is ‘he’ keeping a secret?

Aster proved to not only excel in physical feats, but in intellectual ones as well. Hiccup studied the board, narrowing his eyes. Across from him, Aster also gazed at the board, but gazed at him just as much. Hiccup wasn’t sure if this was some tactic to perceive his next moves, or if the duke knew how flustered Hiccup became whenever the duke looked at him.

Hiccup’s eyes rose slightly to meet Aster’s blue ones. The duke raised a golden eyebrow challengingly, and Hiccup swallowed quickly, returning his gaze to the board. No wonder the ladies of Berk were so smitten with him, he thought, the duke had a face like an angel. A haughty, piercing, gorgeous

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I Knew You Were Trouble: Chapter 7

Modern AU. Jerkcup/Nerdstrid. After getting knocked out, Astrid could only hope that she was beginning to imagine things. Because being stuck with Hiccup Haddock for a week HAS to be a delusion…right? Rated T for language and sexual references.

Chapter 6

The last time Hiccup had been to the zoo was when he was five, and it was one of the most horrible experiences he had ever had. It had been a field trip, and this was when he only hung out with Snotlout, because they were cousins. Only recently had Snotlout begun to respect him; when they were kids he had shoved Hiccup’s face in the lion cage and told him that lions would eat him.

Hiccup shivered. Even today he was scared of lions. He was not looking forward to this trip.

Astrid’s attire consisted of a blue T-shirt and jeans, along with a short skirt. He had worn his signature red leather jacket, with a black shirt inside. Not missing his co-worker’s scowl, they all piled into one of the vans the orphanage owned, where Barf and Belch sat in the middle two seats, and the other four squeezed in behind, with Stormfly sitting on Toothless’s lap.

And then there was the who-would-drive debate.

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do you even realize that we COULD be only six days away from knowing when the next RTTE season comes out?

I remember the show’s writer in the interview saying that an early release is possible (november/december).

Even though I doubt it will come out next month, it’s still possible.

Either way, it’s been 4 months already since the last season. Can you imagine??!

Originally posted by coopersreactions

If it does not come out in november, it WILL come out soon. PREPARE. That cliffhanger will finally be resolved!!



mini animation meme | [1/6] relationships
hiccup and toothless

“Toothless? Hey, it’s me, bud. It’s me. It’s me, I’m right here, bud. Come back to me. It wasn’t your fault, bud. They… made you do it. You’d never hurt him. You’d never hurt me. Please, you… are my best friend, bud. My best friend.”