setelah penat di lokasi pengambaran..Mia Ahmad perlawa utk htr dia blik ke rumah…sebelum dia mandi dia ingin mengajakku melepaskan benih di wajahnya…tq Mia..3 days 3 cum..

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bella ohmyfjeosockfkegod you're recieving so many asks about joeck im laughing and crying!!! is it the biggest ship since zalfie now? jaspar fandom more like joeck fandom and im here for it. i just cant get over joeck

fhsjk i knoW joeck has just blown up and im lowkey highkey wonky loving it lmao we seriously are the joeck fandom rn but i know that jaspar will soon thrive with all the htr promo coming up and put us back in our Place

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I wish I could know what's wrong. Clearly something has been who knows what. These days it feels like Josh (I know he always was) and Conor are Caspar's #1s.

I think thats because they live closer to Caspar. Joe and Caspar will be spending a lot of time together for HTR:USA so i can understand that they want to spend some time with their other friends as well.