Hello again, Cat Hustlers! Today, we continue our character introductions with the big boss himself:


Graves is the brilliant but absentminded proprietor of A Cat’s Paw. He has a fickle interest in the day-to-day of running a business, so he’s neglected a lot of important aspects of management that would otherwise make the cafe a lot more successful than it currently is.

Much of Graves, and what he does, is a mystery. It’s often hard to tell if this is part of a carefully manufactured image, or if he’s actually up to something.

One thing is certain, though: Graves loves the cats in the cafe more than anything else. He will do anything within his power (and sometimes outside of it) to make sure they are happy, healthy, and comfortable. His employees, though…not always as much. It doesn’t seem like he works out of any sense of malice, though– Graves is just that forgetful.

We know you’ve been pining for more Hustle Cats, and your wishes have been answered! We’re going to continue the character introductions with the wonderful dreamboats that Avery can date! 

Starting off the pack is:


Landry is the second-in-command at A Cat’s Paw, though it’s debatable whether he was actually appointed this title or if he assumed it for himself.

Landry is quick to make friends, and his warm and sunny disposition will make almost anyone smile. He adores and dotes on the rest of the staff– perhaps worrying about them and their lives a little too much sometimes.

Landry is great with his hands and takes great pride in the things he builds. He loves nothing more than tackling a challenge head-on, but sometimes he can be overzealous in his problem-solving. He has a terrible habit of taking on more than he can handle, and though it usually works out for him in the end, there’s surely only so much strain he can balance on his broad shoulders.

We’ve hinted, but now the cat’s out of the bag!

To get into the spirit of E3 and projectindie3, we figured it was about time to start formally introducing you to our upcoming game, Hustle Cat!  


You are Avery Grey, the newest hire at a cat cafe in a new city. Your co-workers seem nice, but you notice some of the cats are acting strangely. Before long, you’re starting to feel a little cat-like yourself…


Pictured above is the hero of our story, Avery!

Avery tries their best, but is ultimately kind of a flake. They have a bad tendency of making big plans and never following through. They’re also notoriously bad at doing basic things like cleaning their apartment, or leaving the house, or eating real meals…

They don’t have a lot of friends because they don’t go out much, but when push comes to shove, they care a lot about others- perhaps more than they do about their own well-being.

Others find Avery to be very warm and friendly, and are drawn to their honest, gregarious nature, in spite of all their other flaws.

Players will have the ability to choose between two avatars and three pronouns (he/him, she/her, they/their) for Avery. The narrative and paths are not affected by these options.

Join Avery as they traverse the mysteries of A Cat’s Paw, and get to know (and possibly romance) their coworkers!  

And join us for more character introductions and news in the upcoming weeks!

We meet again, lovely Date Nightos! Every week, we have the urge to call a character “one of our favorites,” but that applies to all of them! This week, we’d like to introduce you to one of our seven favorites:


Mason is A Cat’s Paw’s chef. To most in the cafe, Mason is a woman of very few words. Her stature and gruff demeanor scare most out of talking to her, and she likes it that way. Mason sometimes has trouble expressing herself, and doesn’t always realize her reputation makes different statements than she intends.

For all of her scowling, Mason loves her job. Cooking is a great passion of hers. She loves baking above everything else, though she would never admit it to you directly.

We meet again, Hustle Friends! I hope you’re ready for a new mystery date, because it’s time for the next catfriend!

Today, we’ll be talking about:


Finley is Social Media coordinator/waitstaff for the cafe. She adores her job because she loves the Internet. Really though, there isn’t much that Finley doesn’t love– she’s full of joy and isn’t afraid to show it. She fearlessly barrels full-tilt into all of her passions, which can change at the drop of a hat.

Finley also manages the social media/videos for the Internet sensation Jelly Donut, a cat who performs tricks while balancing a donut on her head. Occasionally Jelly Donut comes to the cafe for publicity events, and this may be one of the only reasons A Cat’s Paw gets customers in the first place.