html2haml up 670.01%

What a difference a year makes, was launched on 05-31-2009, and really picked up steam in October 2009. Almost 200 developers daily are using the simple tool to help convert html to haml.

Is haml picking up traction?

Recently, there was a solid debate between erb vs haml, on the new podcast Ruby Rogues.

On the show, the preference from Haml or Erb was split down the middle and both sides made compelling arguments.

More than just Ruby Users

So many other languages and frameworks have adopted the usage of haml.

What is the best? (Haml or Erb)

I think the debate will continue on for sometime.

It is clear that there are more developers converting html to haml, than a year ago on I think HAML is here to stay, whether you love it or hate it. Below are some more stats that are interesting as well.

Thanks again to Hampton Catlin, Nathan Weizenbaum, Chris Eppstein, and numerous contributors to haml and to Heroku for hosting the site.