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Information about myself.

So seeing i haven’t been active for ages and in the past never really disclosed a lot about myself I’m going to now release some info, this will be updated over time as things change.

Basic info.

  • Name-Jack
  • Zodiac-Aries
  • Age-666
  • Country/State-Australia-Victoria
  • Hair color-Blonde
  • Eye color-Grey
  • Height-5.8
  • Weight-62kilos


I’m a gamer and always have been, cross platform both Xbox and PC.

I study I.T and Chemistry and I’m very passionate about both.

I love coding and pen-testing i speak Bash/HTML.

I am extremely passionate about safe drug use and the education of those who are naive/ignorant.

I enjoy hiking and being outdoors as much as i enjoy sitting inside behind a terminal.

I’m a musician and spent 3 years studying music theory, for a brief period of time i was a guitarist at a jazz college, I’ve helped produce and mix local bands music as well as gigged my local area for the last 2 years.

I’m a Vegan and happen to be pretty militant on the matter.

Fairly obvious by my love of coding that i am an advocate of Internet privacy and freedom.

I am a bookworm and have read a plethora of books both fiction and non-fiction, although non-fiction is my personal favorite so if you know of any great books on drugs please feel free to recommend them to me i would much appreciate it.

I also love writing and will most likely write several pieces on different drugs.

Character Traits.

I’m a fairly realistic person although i do have spiritual views.

I am easily irritated by things such as noise.

I’m a very focused person and i enjoy being organized.

I try to look at things from other peoples point of view, although that does not mean i suddenly agree with said point of view.

I’m pretty quite and tend to be anti-social in person.

I do not take shit from anyone and won’t be pushed around.

 (Just a few of) My favorite drugs.



3.benzodiazepines i.e Xanax/Oxy



Favorite Musicians/Bands/Groups. (Just a few)

John Frusciante. (both solo and with the RHCP)

Pink Floyd.




Jimi Hendrix.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

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I don’t know how long this has taken me, but I finally figured out how to make info page about myself! After spending endless hours on

I finally figured it out. I know it may be easy for some people but html codes and stuff wasn’t the easiest thing in the world for me to understand. I’m just so glad I finally got it to work, it turns out I was missing the tiniest little detail, and once I figured out what it was it worked :) So here is my story for all you lovely followers.

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How do you change the “alignment” of text in your blog posts? like I want to change the left alignment to justified. HTML codes aren’t working for me at all. Left alignment’s fine, I just find it, a bit messy. I personally prefer justified alignment. :)