Hello, Ebony here,helping you through this god awful shit spawn tumblr’s staff has thrown at us. This is mostly pointed towards rp’ers,but if you find it helpful then great! Let’s begin.

So, first you go to your activity and click on your partner’s reply, then preview window pops up

 Scroll down (if needed) and click reblog. Then that puke that tumblr likes to call the reblog preview pops up

 Y’ see the little gear at the top? Click on it. A window pops up. At the bottom there’s a line called text editor-click on rich text editor and a list pops up. Go down and click html.

 Once that’s done,the bottom window will change it’s format. You can now html code. Copy the reply from the top window then follow the following format.

<p> <a herf=“[insert url of your partner]”> [insert partner’s username]</a></p>
<p><blockquote> [paste partner’s reply]</blockquote></p>

<p> [your reply] </p>

Now the top window had a x button next to it,click it to get rid of previous reblogs (this helps from the dash getting clogged!)
as for adding images, before you close the top window (you can reopen it any time though), right click over the icon and open in new tab. Now add the following code where the icon belongs
<img scr=“[image url}”> </img src>

 Some more html coding commands
<i> </i>- italizes
<strike></strike>-strikes through text
<small></small>-makes text small
<big></big>-makes text bigger
<li></li>-adds a bullet point list
<h3></h3>-adds header
for more commands check out this blog!|| cool text generator
hope this was helpful

anonymous asked:

If it's not too much to ask, could you give me some of the codes you used? Did you use <img src=""> to get the images in your bio? And how did you get the tab's name to type out? Thanks! This blog is raeli cool! (pun intended)

(Haha thank you anon! :p Glad you like my blog! <3

However, I can’t just give you the codes on here :( I’m not allowed to distribute them like this. If you’re talking about this bio [x], just click on the little “credit” link below the text body! Alternative if you have trouble finding it, here you go. [x] It’s pretty easy to put up your own customized page, just look it up on Google or come back to me off-anon so I can help you.

If you’re just talking about my description, then no, I didn’t use that code for it. The sidebar image is a feature of the theme I’m using at the moment! Theme can be found here: [x] However, with most themes the <img src=“IMAGE URL”> works just fine, too.

The tab’s name is pretty simple. There is different styles for it, and the codes can be found all over the internet. However the one I’m using is this I think:

<!————— TYPING/MOVING TITLE ———————–><script type=“text/javascript”>
var rev = “fwd”;
function titlebar(val)
var msg = “TITLE HERE”;
var res = “ ”;
var speed = 100;
var pos = val;
msg = “TITLE HERE”;
var le = msg.length;
if(rev == “fwd”){
if(pos < le){
pos = pos+1;
scroll = msg.substr(0,pos);
document.title = scroll;
timer = window.setTimeout(“titlebar(”+pos+“)”,speed);}
rev = “bwd”;
timer = window.setTimeout(“titlebar(”+pos+“)”,speed);}}
if(pos > 0){
pos = pos-1;
var ale = le-pos;
scrol = msg.substr(ale,le);
document.title = scrol;
timer = window.setTimeout(“titlebar(”+pos+“)”,speed);}
rev = “fwd”;
timer = window.setTimeout(“titlebar(”+pos+“)”,speed);

Source can be found right here: [x])

ooc; okay i know this is getting a little hard for people, but i’ve put icons and gifs in blockquotes before and its a lot easier than it seems, trust me. so let’s say i want to put this icon in a blockquote

all ya gotta do is go to the ‘html’ code and look for where the icon is (i circled it)

when you see </figure> that is the end of the icon. so what you do is highlight over the ‘</blockquote>’ and drag it so it’s after the ‘</figure>’ (you can just rewrite it too, but dragging it over is faster)

and then you get this!

tip: and whatever you do don’t go back to ‘rich text’ because it’ll undo everything. 

i hope this was helpful and easy to understand? trust me before i knew all the shortcuts i used to mess around with the posts html a lot, so this update is one i kind of prepared myself for by accident lol. 


So I made this tutorial for those who want to improve their themes. In this tutorial you can find some basic codes which you can use in your descriptions etc.

Let’s start!

Bold text

<b> text </b>

Italic text

<i> text </i>

Strike through text

<strike> text </strike>

★ Underlined text

<u> text </u>

Bigger text

<big> text </big>

If you want to make it BIGGER and BIGGER

add more ’<big>’ before the text.

Smaller text

<small> text </small>

★ Centering text

<center> text </center>

★ Break

in the line

text <br>

★ Text on the right

★ Text on the left

★ Link


★ Image as link

<a href="URL OF YOUR LINK"><img src="URL OF YOUR IMAGE"></a>


< a href="><img src="></a>



If you do reblog this make sure to reblog as a text post if you want to see the full post.

Tumblr Goodies

If you use a code I would appreciate it if you “liked” this blog
so I know & keep posting more codes :D Thanks guys! xoxo

[disclaimer: i don’t own every code - proper credit is given to rightful owners]

Disable Right Click
Sparkle/Tinkerbell Cursor
Bubbles Cursor
Page Bubbles
Infinite Scrolling Pages
Fading Effect for Pictures
Fading Effect for Links
Users Online
Scroll Box
Drop Down Menu
Put an Image in Your Description
How to get the Mini Cursor
How to Create a Small Music Player -NEW
How to Add a Banner -NEW
How to add a fav icon -NEW 

Previously Made Banners/Banner Pick-Up <- MORE COMING SOON!
First 5 Promo Banners -NEW
First 10 Promo Banners -NEW
First 15 Promo Banners -NEW
First 20 Promo Banners -NEW

Fav Icons -NEW

Request a Banner -PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION :)  

(Coming soon!) 

Click here if you have a question on how to use a code :)

Basic HTML Codes

Please like/reblog if using, 1 of 2; if you have any questions just ask!!

<b> Bold </b>

<i> Italics </i>

<strike> Strike </strike>

<big> Big </big>

*just add more bigs or smalls if you want it to be bigger or smaller

<small> Small <small>


Image embed: <img src=”YOUR IMGE URL”></img>


Text align Center </center>

<code> Computer Code Text </code>

<pre> Gray Box</pre>

<p> Paragraph </p>

Line Break <br/>

<blockquote> Blockquote</blockquote>

Image-link: <a href=“YOUR WEBSITE”><img src="IMAGE URL”></a>

<li> Bullet List </li>

Link in a new Tab: <a href=“YOUR URL” target=“_blank”>NAME OF LINK

Creative & Unique codes for your blog!

Add any of the following codes to the very bottom of your theme code. After </html>

  • Bubbles that you can pop and are filled with hearts: code 
  • Cool Exploding Hearts: code
  • Cute falling bubbles that explode when popped: code
  • Falling bubbles that explode with hearts: code

“HEARTBREAKER“ Theme #142 made by Ocehans:


            *FEATURES HERE*

like if you’re using or thinking of using please!

Basic/Simple codes

bold text: <b> insert text here </b>
italicize text: <i> insert text here </b>
underline text: <u> insert text here </u>
big text: <big> insert text here </big>
small text: <small> insert text here </small>
new paragraph: <p> insert text here </p>
insert a link: <a href=“link url”> insert text here </a>
insert an image: <img src=“image url” width=“(how wide you want your image to be)px;”>

Please like/reblog if you use! :)

Basic HTML by fashion-lookbook



Clickable link into message

<a href=“url here”>clickable text here</a>



The dreaded blink tag

<blink>TEXT HERE</blink>

Moving text horizontally

<marquee>TEXT HERE</marquee>

Change font size

<font size=NUMBER HERE>TEXT</font>

Change font color


ex: <font color=000000>TEXT</font>





Theme 14 : Reflector : by sethscodes / doctorstwelfth 

Preview 1 / preview 2 / code

So since a lot of people seemed to like this theme I thought I might release it. I’ve added a lot of options to it so you can simply turn on and off effects you want or don’t want. Which make it super easy to easy to use and style as you like!


  • 400px posts
  • 5 or 7 custom links 
  • all colors customizable 
  • the theme is very customizable through a lot of options such as
  • show header 
  • menu sowing on scroll
  • tags on index page
  • captions on index page
  • inverted tumblr controls
  • and many more


  • Like / reblog if using 
  • don’t steal parts of the code or the code
  • don’t use as a basecode
  • maybe support me with a follow? 
  • don’t remove credit or edit it please
  • and if you ever have any trouble with the code feel free to send me a message anytime! 

redtour’s theme 02!

Live Preview // Code

  • 5 sidebar links, 3 optional links
  • 150 x 150 sidebar

You can edit the theme as you please, as long as you keep the credit intact!! Do not redistribute or claim as your own.

Please like/reblog if you take, they encourage me to post more

Any questions, comments, or concerns don’t be afraid to message me!

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We will pick when this gets a decent amount of notes yay :))

“Left behind“ Theme #137 made by Ocehans:


            *FEATURES HERE*

note:  you can change the triangles in your links with any other unicode symbol that you want

like if you’re using or thinking of using please!