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Name:  Madeleine

Star sign:  Virgo 

Height:  5′7″ or 1.70m

Average hours of sleep:  5-6 recently, I think!

Lucky number: 15!

Last thing I Googled: HTML code…

Number of blankets I sleep with: I sleep with a duvet and that’s it. My body has it’s own central heating system, and if I’m too hot I can’t sleep at all, so I’d rather be cold!

Favorite fictional characters: Too many to count, but characters I’ve thought of recently: Sherlock Holmes (Original/Elementary/Guy Richie) Clint Barton / Hawkeye (Marvel), Barry Allen / Flash & Dick Grayson / Nightwing (DC), James Grey (Ars Moriendi), Harry & Thomas (Dresden Files) Hiccup & Toothless (How to Train your Dragon)

Favorite novel(s)Novels you’ve enjoyed recently: Harry Potter 1,2,3 & 4 by J.K. Rowling, Ars Moriendi by Amelia Mackenzie, A Court of Thorns & Roses by Sarah J. Maas, Blood of the Delphi by me (Yes, I’ve included my own book. Because I’m editing it, and have been re-reading it over and over, and if I didn’t enjoy it, there would be a problem.)

What are you wearing right now?  A Supernatural t-shirt, tracksuits, my partner’s jumper, and a pair of ridiculously fluffy socks. 

When did you start this blog?  Oh God, like 2011 or something? I’m oooold.

Amount of followers:  305

Do you run any more blogs?
Yes! My authorblog @mevaughan and my podcast blog @dissectingdragons!

Most active follower? @bisexualbetheanian & @milliebee11 (It’s a bisexual convention, hooray!)

What made you get a tumblr? My brother @chiefindicajesus is entirely to blame. He got me onto tumblr the holiday I was desperately trying to revise for my philosophy A-Level. Thanks Chew. 

Do you get a lot of asks? I do on my Author blog occasionally, yes! It’s great when people engage with what I’m posting, and want to know more! Makes me smile every time. :3

Why did you get this URL? It was an inside joke between myself a few friends, who believed that I was some nefarious criminal mastermind who ran the world’s largest brothel out  London. The brothel’s name:  

I tag:
@milliebee11 @chiefindicajesus @katbattt @kaylapocalypse @jaironside @berniewhiskers @bisexualbetheanian @noobchic @scparrisofficial @biancafallen @cleottabella @aerothoughts @geeeetttt-dunked-on @bassplayerforever @ever-roaming @interestedpasserby @bibliophilicwitch @biblioqueen @lackadaisy @trinareadsbooks

btw 10 minutes ago my computer made a noise like a dying cyborg goat and everything went all matrix html code status up on my screen and shut the fuck down i was so scared i almost believed caleb rivers broke through our dimension to fuck with my computer on account of me being completely underwhelmed with spaleb

Tumblr Goodies

If you use a code I would appreciate it if you “liked” this blog
so I know & keep posting more codes :D Thanks guys! xoxo

[disclaimer: i don’t own every code - proper credit is given to rightful owners]

Disable Right Click
Sparkle/Tinkerbell Cursor
Bubbles Cursor
Page Bubbles
Infinite Scrolling Pages
Fading Effect for Pictures
Fading Effect for Links
Users Online
Scroll Box
Drop Down Menu
Put an Image in Your Description
How to get the Mini Cursor
How to Create a Small Music Player -NEW
How to Add a Banner -NEW
How to add a fav icon -NEW 

Previously Made Banners/Banner Pick-Up <- MORE COMING SOON!
First 5 Promo Banners -NEW
First 10 Promo Banners -NEW
First 15 Promo Banners -NEW
First 20 Promo Banners -NEW

Fav Icons -NEW

Request a Banner -PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION :)  

(Coming soon!) 

Click here if you have a question on how to use a code :)

Basic HTML Codes

Please like/reblog if using, 1 of 2; if you have any questions just ask!!

<b> Bold </b>

<i> Italics </i>

<strike> Strike </strike>

<big> Big </big>

*just add more bigs or smalls if you want it to be bigger or smaller

<small> Small <small>


Image embed: <img src=”YOUR IMGE URL”></img>


Text align Center </center>

<code> Computer Code Text </code>

<pre> Gray Box</pre>

<p> Paragraph </p>

Line Break <br/>

<blockquote> Blockquote</blockquote>

Image-link: <a href=“YOUR WEBSITE”><img src="IMAGE URL”></a>

<li> Bullet List </li>

Link in a new Tab: <a href=“YOUR URL” target=“_blank”>NAME OF LINK

“HEARTBREAKER“ Theme #142 made by Ocehans:


            *FEATURES HERE*

like if you’re using or thinking of using please!

Creative & Unique codes for your blog!

Add any of the following codes to the very bottom of your theme code. After </html>

  • Bubbles that you can pop and are filled with hearts: code 
  • Cool Exploding Hearts: code
  • Cute falling bubbles that explode when popped: code
  • Falling bubbles that explode with hearts: code
Basic HTML by fashion-lookbook



Clickable link into message

<a href=“url here”>clickable text here</a>



The dreaded blink tag

<blink>TEXT HERE</blink>

Moving text horizontally

<marquee>TEXT HERE</marquee>

Change font size

<font size=NUMBER HERE>TEXT</font>

Change font color


ex: <font color=000000>TEXT</font>




Theme 15 by edithscrawley: live preview + code

Some info:

  • The posts are 500px or 400px.
  • The sidebar image is 200px.
  • Four sidebar links.
  • Almost everything is customizable.

Rules (please read):

  • Don’t remove or edit the credit!
  • Don’t move the credit to another page!
  • Don’t steal!
  • Don’t use as base code!
  • If you do any of these things, I’ll make an opera singer sing very loudly every time you try to say something for the rest of your life!

Please like or reblog this post if using.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions, and please let me know if there’s any problems with the theme. Enjoy! :)



preview 1 / preview 2 / pastebin / freetexhost

A theme that’s fairly simple and easy to customize! With customizable colors, 3 posts options (250px/400px/500px), and six links.

Sidebar images should be background sized. It will change size depending on the size of your monitor so that it always takes up a certain percent of your screen, so I can’t give you definite numbers. But anything that’s desktop background HQ should work and look good!

Please like or reblog if you are using!

“Left behind“ Theme #137 made by Ocehans:


            *FEATURES HERE*

note:  you can change the triangles in your links with any other unicode symbol that you want

like if you’re using or thinking of using please!


I don’t know how long this has taken me, but I finally figured out how to make info page about myself! After spending endless hours on

I finally figured it out. I know it may be easy for some people but html codes and stuff wasn’t the easiest thing in the world for me to understand. I’m just so glad I finally got it to work, it turns out I was missing the tiniest little detail, and once I figured out what it was it worked :) So here is my story for all you lovely followers.


How do you change the “alignment” of text in your blog posts? like I want to change the left alignment to justified. HTML codes aren’t working for me at all. Left alignment’s fine, I just find it, a bit messy. I personally prefer justified alignment. :)