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Text Formatting for Tumblr’s Dashboard:
Add meaning and visual order to your text with these formatting styles that work on the Dashboard. Tumblr filters out some HTML tags, but these formatting examples all function on the Dashboard. Keep in mind the Dash is where you get 70 percent of your views.

Jan. 28, 2015 Update: HTML mode moved. Also, <code>, <sub>, <sup> and <hr> (horizontal rule) now work on the Dashboard.

Coding Tip — For those of you who like organization on your blog pages and like to use bullet/numerical lists but don’t know how to indent further beyond the one bullet point to create another list.

  • So something
    • that looks a lot
      • like this.

You’ll just add another <ul> to create a new list within another, but without closing the first <ul> you opened to create the first list. (You only close the first <ul> when you want to close the first list! And for all subsequent lists you create within that main one, you’ll close them off within!)

<li>Point 1.</li>
<li>Point 2.</li>
<li>Point 3.</li>
<li>Point 1-3.</li>
<li>Point 2-3.</li>
<li>Point 3-3.</li>
<li>Point 4.</li>
<li>Point 5.</li>
<li>Point 6.</li>

And there you have it, folks!

Note: On the Tumblr dashboard, you just have to press the ‘tab’ key but when you view the HTML section of your actual dash post (underneath the text editor), any lists you created after tabbing will be automatically removed when you convert back to rich text.


    「   THEME #008: 150° by angelicxi   」
    ↳ [ preview / codes ]
    ❥ the code link is in the description on the sidebar.

I’ve been meaning to do something new for a while. This is the result. 150° comes with a completely revamped style of posts (I’m personally most proud of how the audio posts look) & a fun little post info detail. It’s simple and clean, and its’ sleek look works great for personal & aesthetic blogs. I hope you will like it! ^^
& as always, if you encounter a problem/note a bug, message me.

[+] 500px posts
[+] left sidebar (295px x 450px)
[+] sidebar content on hover
[+] title & description slots
[+] home & ask + 3 extra links
[+] tags on hover
[+] webkit scrollbar (only works on chrome)
[+] plain color background (you can upload an image if you so choose, though)

    Do NOT:
       —  remove the credit
       —  steal the code / parts of it
       —  claim as yours in any way, shape, or form.
     Respect the maker’s work, please.
     This theme is optimized for Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome.
     It is best viewed on a 1366x768 screen resolution.

pining lance

where he disguises his feelings through insults

Lance: you’re hot
Keith: what?
Lance: i said you look like snot

Lance: you look pretty…
Keith: what did you say?
Lance: i said you look shitty!

Lance: …beautiful eyes
Keith: ??
Lance: supersized fries


Let’s say you want to send people secret messages. Or maybe you want to offer a translation for snippets of your text. Or maybe you want to pop a neat little footnote into the middle of you text. Did you know that all of these could use hovertext?

This tutorial is for you.

For the purpose of this tutorial, I have selected the word hacca,which is the Quenya word for–well, you’ll find out.

First, select the text you want to display a message with.

Next, go to the top bar, where you find your rich text controls, and choose “Insert/edit link”.

It should bring up a window that looks like this:

In the text box labeled “Title”, type whatever you want displayed as your hover text. Hit insert, and the text should now appear blue, though not underlined.

If you do not have rich text enabled and type in HTML, the code for your hover text is as follows:


When you post, the hovertext will appear to be normal text. However, anyone who knows to or accidentally leaves the mouse over the text will see your message. In addition, anyone who reblogs will be able to see where the hover text is, as well as in some cases on themes where font colors will change.

Now, to test it, the word below should have the English translation in hover text. Why don’t you check it out?


rgloom  asked:

on web dev class I heard some students dismiss the importance of optimizing the HTML structure for screen readers and I was curious, how do blind people handle sites that are completely unoptimized? i know not having alt texts and such would be a problem, i'm more curious about how one would handle messed up text structure. (sorry if this is too technical)

Hi there!

Unfortunately, I really don’t know enough about HTML and coding to really answer this question well, If you can give some examples of what some things do to the page I may be able to help a bit more, but otherwise I’m afraid this may not be my area of expertise lol. I’m hoping to someday learn some HTML and coding and programming myself, but ironically even finding platforms and methods of learning this can be difficult because even teaching tools don’t think about accessibility. Someday I will have the background knowledge to answer these questions and help developers and programmers incorporate accessibility into their things… Someday…

His Throne [KSJ]

Genre: Smut, some angst, some fluff

Word Count: 4,413

Summary: You, a maid for the royal family, have sex with the irresistible prince Kim Seokjin on his throne.

Tags: degradation, some praise, choking (kinda?), prince!Seokjin, dom!Seokjin, thigh riding

Version: Hoseok | Jimin | Jungkook | Namjoon | Yoongi | Taehyung

A/N: This is the first smut I’ve ever written so I’m sorry if it’s bad TT. PCs to vikttoria16.

You’d been working for the royal family for over a decade now. You knew every nook and cranny—every secret passage and hidden room in that palace. It was practically your home. You took care of it, constantly sweeping and dusting and mopping.

You also took care of Kim Seokjin, the spoiled prince residing in it. You always cleaned his room, washed his clothes and made his meals. But then somewhere in the mess of everything, you began taking care of him in a different way.

You always had a close friendship with the prince but that’s all it was—friendship. Until one day, two years ago, he approached you. That’s when it all began, your secret relationship with the seductive prince.

No one knew about your relationship, everyone always assumed it was purely friendship. No one ever expected the handsome prince to fall for a lowly maid like yourself, which made the relationship all the more perfect, in a sense.

At least twice a week you two would meet up for discreet, eager sex, and today was one of those days.

“Come ride me,” Jin demanded sternly, eyes already mentally undressing you. He sat in his gold throne with his crown sitting crookedly on his head. His robe fell around him, engulfing him in a pool of black fur.

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