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Did someone say more flower crowns? Probably not but here you go anyway.
Gwyneth Paltrow rehearsing scenes for Avengers 4
Though it has yet to be confirmed that the Oscar winner will be joining Avengers 4, the cover girl was seen rehearsing a scene with co-stars Robert Downey Jr and Mark Ruffalo in NC.

Now I read the entire thing, it seems the ring is the “engagement ring” Tony gave her in “Spiderman Homecoming” In this there’s a photo and seems the same to me…

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How did you set up your little pinterest widget on the side of your blog?

1. Go to your pinterest and find the ‘Make A Widget’ button! 

2. It will take you to this! Just click on the kind of button or widget you want to use! I use the ‘Profile’ one! You’ll get a little preview of what it’s going to look like!

3. Then you’ll get your html! 

4. Then you just copy and paste it! 

Note: It will depend on what kind of theme you use! The theme I use already had a space for a Twitter Widget so I just replaced it with a Pinterest Widget :)

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I've heard Stars Wars appropriates a lot from Central Asia and indigeneous peoples. What are your thoughts on that?

i’m not asian so i can’t definitively say what is or is not appropriation here. some of the most common subjects of debate are the following: the force borrowing from taoist principles, the jedi being based on samurai & buddhist monk culture, the naboo queen costume being just traditional mongolian dress, and the fact that “a new hope” by george lucas’ own admission borrows heavily from akira kurosawa’s film “hidden fortress” as well as kurosawa’s general film oeuvre

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Hi~ Can you please release the language code for use on other themes? It's a great customization! I'd love to see it on more blogs you create too. Thank you!

yes, id love to! glad you like it

here is the code to put the language bar in your theme, but please be aware that every theme is different and i only put in the bare minimum. you will have to be able to customize it in order to make this fit your theme. it probably wont fit perfectly without some editing

also, please dont delete credit, or at least give me credit somewhere on your blog

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You flicked your wrist, hoping that somehow you might be able to summon the fire that Magus had suggested. But, despite your intention, nothing happened. You deflated slightly, allowing your hands to fall to your sides.

‘Try it like this,’ said Magnus, drawing your attention towards him. He did the same as you – with obvious added flourish. A bluey flame flickered at his fingertips.

Trying to replicate the movement, however, gained the same results as before.

‘I’m never going to the hang of this, am I?’ you asked, your voice low as you looked towards the floor. ‘I might as well –’

‘Of course you are,’ Magnus assured you, resting a hand on your shoulder.

You looked up at him slowly, surprised to see that there was such a sincere look on his face.

‘You just need practice. And that’s why I’m helping you with this. Now –’ he clapped his hands together once before waving a hand over another spell book ‘– we’ll try one of these for now. Give fire a break.’

You heaved a deep breath before nodding slowly, glad that you had Magnus to help train you.

A/N: Gif credit goes to the respective owners; I just found them on Google (added the links in the captions).