views from the six theme by champagnebiebs

hey guys, this is my first theme i made since i remade and i thought i should bring back making themes because i just love it so much!!

this theme has:

170px x 170px sidebar image

3 links

1 main color used throughout

arrows for pagination

blogtitle w see through background

shadow box behind the posts

container for posts

please don’t remove the credit, i worked really hard on this and would like to be credited for it thank you love

static preview - code

Theme 22 by rubyluacs - preview, code

  • Selectable post width (300px, 350px, 400px, 450px or 500px)
  • Title option
  • Four sidebar links

If you remove the credit or use the theme as a base code, I’ll make my cats eat everything in your fridge.

Please like or reblog this post if using, and let me know if there’s anything wrong with the code. Enjoy. :)


Theme 12: Dérive

By: sethscodes / doctorstwelfth 

code / preview1 / preview2


  • multi column theme with infinite scroll
  • responsive design, theme adjusts amount of columns depending on screen size 
  • 250px posts
  • 5 custom links 
  • many options to chose from such as no header image, no borders, info fade in and many more
  • chose two header images, one on index page and one on permalink page
  • all colors customizable 


  • reblog/like the post if using
  • don’t remove credit!
  • don’t steal
  • feel free to edit but do not claim as your own
  • maybe support with a follow?



  • contained posts
  • pop up ask
  • captions can be displayed or not
  • every color is customisable
  • different types for borders
  • transparent container
  • faded images
  • link icons or text
  • a loooot more


static preview 1 // static preview 2 // code


Theme Maker Resources

From backgrounds and icons, to tutorials and custom scripts, this is a masterlist of everything you need to build an incredible Tumblr theme!


No Tumblr theme would be complete without a ton of images! Everybody loves stunning graphics. Here are a bunch of sites to get them from!



Icons, icons, icons. Tumblr loves icons. No theme would be complete without them. Here’s a list, including icon libraries and dedicated icon fonts.


Most Theme Makers use the build-in code editor, native to Tumblr. As most of us know, it sucks. Here’s a list of different ways to write and view code.

Scripts and Files

There are many custom scripts and HTML files that will help you create a stunning theme! 


It’ll be very hard to make a brand new theme without looking at a few older ones beforehand. Here’s a list of the best sites to browse for inspiration!


What’s the point of having all these resources without actually knowing how to build a theme? Here’s a list of tutorials that will help on your way to becoming a brilliant designer!

We hope that everything here is of help to you! If there’s something else you want to know, or something that you think should be added to this list, please tell us! 

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Theme 13: SEREIN

By sethscodes / doctorstwelfth

Preview 1 / preview 2 / code


  • 250px posts 
  • 500px posts on permalinkpage 
  • 6 custom links 
  • highly customizable
  • works with all type of blogs
  • all colors on the theme customizable
  • theme comes with many many options so you can change the theme to how you like it
  • a few examples are inverted tumblr controls or not, posts on side or in the center, like and reblog buttons or not, infinite scroll or not plus many more 


  • like or reblog if using 
  • do not remove credit
  • do not steal parts of the code
  • feel free to edit but do not claim as your own
  • maybe support with a follow?
Formatting Text on the Dashboard

Since all my themes have customizations based upon text formats I’ve decided to make a post about how to format the text in that way.

Bold: This is very easy. Type, select the text, and click “B” in the pop-up menu. (the far left option.)

Italic: Like bold, type, select the text, but click the second option, “I” in the pop-up.

Small: This is a tiny bit more difficult. Its a keyboard short-cut. Type, select the text, and click “control” “shift” and “-” all at the same time. (the last symbol, the “-“ is the minus sign.)

To format like this
and not have spaces between paragraphs
hold down “shift” when you click “enter“

To type like this
       and have spaces
              follow the instructions above for
      unspaced paragraphs
         and use the space bar to format
     Do not use the Tab button

Now for some alt tags (these are my favorites, check the link for more). Alt tags are created when you hold down the alt key and type a number.

← “1051“


→ “26“

♥ “3″

« “174″

» “175

─ “196″

▬ “22″

150628, 02:32. the best thing you can do when you’re awake at this time (i want to sleep but i can’t get my brain to shut up) is to continue the coding notes you started 3 months ago. thankfully, i had 4 hrs of sleep before this. gonna wake dad up for sahur and accompany him soon ‘cause with my cold, i probably need hydration more than i need fasting, and Allah probably agrees with me.